Everybody has at the very least one song we do not like as it brings up embarrassing memories or floods of unneeded emotions. To me, Astronaut In The Ocean is one of them since I’m done with slithering to the bottom of the ocean. It’s also the only one I’ve removed in the playlist on my Spotify playlist!

Similar to that, I’m not able to assist you in removing your music however, I’ll help you hide music in Spotify on both the iPhone as well as Android. Once you’re done listening again, you can open the hidden folder and listen to them once more.

How to Hide the Song in Spotify

How to Unhide a Song on Spotify

It’s impossible to hide music on Spotify for the desktop or web version. So, here’s how to block songs that aren’t available on Spotify on both Android and iOS.

If you want to hide songs from the Spotify app You can accomplish this in just two steps. The first step is to open the song by searching for it or using an album.


  • Tap the Home button
  • Then click on the Settings button.
  • Under Playback, turn Playback on and off.
  • Then, return to the playlist and click to”Hide” again “Hide” button again.
  • Your track is no more being hidden


  • Click on the Home button.
  • Then hit the Settings button.
  • Under Playback, toggle Hide non-playing tracks off.
  • Go back to the playlist and click to”Hide” again “Hide” button again.
  • Your music is no longer secret.


  • Simply click on the Arrow to the left “\/” and then Settings.
  • Within Display Options
  • Select Show the playlists that are not available.
  • Then, return to the playlist and click “Hide. “Hide” button again.
  • The song will no longer be obscured.

Bonus Tip: Adjust Other Settings on Spotify

Additionally, there are other settings that relate to the offline mode or data saver mode that could also render your music unavailable on Spotify. To resolve this issue and find out how to hide songs from Spotify’s iPhone and Android apps it is possible to modify the following settings.

Start Spotify then browse to your Library and then tap the gear icon at the top to go to the settings.

First, ensure have the Data Saver mode is disabled so that even high-quality tracks can be downloaded via your device. However, this could cause an increase in the load on your cell data.

In addition, you can also turn off” Offline Mode. “Offline Mode” option so that you can stream music with no internet connection. In this scenario, your music will not be hidden even when you’re offline and not online.

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