How to See Private Account Photos on instagram 2020 (Tips & Tricks)

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How to See Private Account Photos on Instagram 2020 (Tips & Tricks): Download Instagram+ Apk file | how to View Instagram Profile photos| Follow Step by Step | how to see a private Instagram without following | View private Instagram no survey – Short Description of Topic.

How to See Private Account Photos in Instagram 2020 (Tips & Tricks)

Instagram is one popular application in Play store. Most of Android users use Instagram. This Social Media apps is very entertaining and Many peoples shares their Photos, Videos, Funny video, Exercise tips videos and more other videos but one Disadvantages is that you can only watch these videos and Photos, You does not download these videos, photos. Today we are sharing the Tips & Tricks How to Download Pics Videos and Tricks How to View Private Instagram Profiles. Just Follow the Simple Instruction Below :

How to See Private Profile of Instagram: Follow Steps

  • First of all, Uninstall your Instagram Application from your Smartphone
  • Second you :

    Download Instagram + Apps

    , It’s Similar Like an Instagram Same user interface

  • After Download this Setup :
  • Setup you Login ID & Password
  • Now you can View anyone Private Profile info: If you want to see anyone Private profile of Instagram, Search and view
  • Instruction: You have Only 5 Second to View that Private Account Profile Photos. When you tap on the Photos of (Private Account) You can take the ScreenShot first. Then you see the Photos

Second Method:

If you want to see the private account of anyone but you can not do it and you don’t know how to see the private Instagram profiles. So don’t worry I will show you how’s we can see anyone’s private account details, photos.
Step 1: Go to PlayStore.
Step 2: Search for Application: instantDP.
Step 3: After installation, Open the App and Enter the Username of that Instagram account which private account you want to see.
Step 4: After processing, the System will provide you all details of entered Instagram Account.


How to View Private Instagram Profiles: Tips & Tricks

The most popular photo-sharing social networking account Instagram has to turn into the most eminent social network wherever masses of people are active over and done with eye-catching photography. After the most usable apps like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram became the next prevalent one. But yeah, like other social networking sites it has also its full set of privacy that will protect your profile from uninvited eyes. You must be feeling sad when you cannot have a look at your friends and girlfriends/boyfriend’s photos. This is for what they might have kept their privacy on their account, so people can’t see their posts except they allowed it. And if you are unable to see someone’s photo means either you are not following him or her or the account has its own privacy that leads a private Instagram profile.

With a private Instagram profile, the others expect of your followers can’t able to see your posts or photos. But yeah if there is a problem means there also a solution exists. So if you want to see a private Instagram account, then you should go with the following some tricks:

How to see private Instagram profile Tips and Tricks:

Tricks no. 1:  This is the most authentic and honest way to see a private account on Instagram. If you want to see one’s private Instagram account then without hesitating you should ask the account holder directly. This is a genuine and hassle-free approach to reach one’s private account. Moreover, you have to follow some of the simple phrases to reach out to the person. If you want to follow somebody or ensure the plea to view the private pictures and posts of someone, then the best approach is to send a follower request to that particular person. And if the other side person has a public account your follower request will be accepted directly when you click on the follow button. But if that person has a private account, then the person will get a notification and if he/she knows you or wish to accept your request then only you can see his posts and all. Here you can send a message to him/her by introducing you. Just be factual and genuine.

How to Get More Instagram Followers: Follow the Instructions

Trick no. 2: Secretly inside the Anyone Instagram Account:

  1. Create a Fake ID
  2. Choose the Girl profile for this and Setup it like an original-looking girl profile picture.
  3. After creating an account and Upload the Picture every day one or two for 5days or more than 15days
  4. When you are achieved, 150 followers
  5. Open the Picture of that person and LIKE IT ALL and Comment only one few pictures, not on all pictures and Wait for some time, I am sure that person send you the following request
  6. If he/she doesn’t send you a request >> You will send it and I am sure that person accepts it.

Trick no 3:

This is a fast tip, and eventually, it might not get you far-off in your expedition to find out some info on your Insta-love or your boyfriends/girlfriends, however, it’s worth a pot-shot anyway.

  • You have to log into your Insta account and have a look for the target you want to the inquiry.
  • Once you find there into account, you will be able to see the username.
  • It won’t create any problem to find the username if that person’s account is private too.
  • Just you have to click on that username and copy it to your device clipboard.
  • The next task is to open your browser and go for any of the search engines you like and paste the copied username there.
  • Every so often, the photos forwarded on Instagram have in fact been shared somewhere else, making it cool to find your target id’s photos by using their Instagram ID.

Tricks no 4:

  • The last preference to view private Instagram profiles devoid of following your target account is by trying Instagram profile viewer tools.
  • But it is an unsafe method. If you will Google this, you will get numerous online free/paid methods/tools where you can view your target’s private Instagram account simply.
  • But it will be totally your own risk as most of the sites are fraud and doing scam to hack your personal info in an illegitimate way.
  • For this, you have to go to Instagram profile viewer apps and go ahead as per the instruction and there you will get the photos of a private account.
  • But still, I am saying it is your own risk.


If you Want to see the Profile Picture of Anyone Instagram Account: Easy Trick

Step 1: Open the Instagram Account.
Step 2: Top right side, you will see the 3 DOTS, Click on it.
Step 3: Copy the Link of that Instagram profile.
Step 4: Go to Brower, Paste the Instagram copied URL and search for it.
Step 5: After Paste and Go, You will be seen the Instagram Account.
Step 6: Long Press on Instagram Profile Picture, Click on the Open in the New Tab.
Step 7: Open the Tab which is running background.
Step 8: Now you will do Some Changes in URL, Go to Edit URL bar, Erase the one thing ONLY from URL (320 x 320).
Step 9: Click on Go, System will show you Full resolution private profile picture.


Sarahah app is very popular in 2018. Do you know what is the real work of the Sarahah app, if you know it good, If you don’t know Don’t worry? I explain you in brief detail. Sarahah is basically designed for short feedback to your friends and companies detail. It’s very popular for messaging too. Today i will show you how to Sarahah app increase your facebook profile personality. I will show you How to Link Sarahah to Facebook: Step by Step.

Step 1: Login your Facebook ID.
Step 2: Go to Edit Profile, open it.
Step 3: Click on Edit your About info.
Step 4: Click on Contact info.
Step 5: Click on Add your website.
Step 6: Now Type on the Website Address bar.Example: My Profile Name.
Step 7: Click on the Save button. After save your Facebook account is successfully link with your Sarahah account.

The trick to Share your Sarahah Profile on Facebook:

  • Open the Sarahah App.
  • Click on Arrow Icon (Share icon).
  • Now Pop will open And select Facebook Click on Share. Now your Sarahah profile Successfully Shared.

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