Instagram Live, a function on the platform for social networking Instagram that lets users broadcast live videos live to followers. It was launched in November 2016 and has since grown into an increasingly popular tool for businesses or influencers as well as individuals to interact with their audience through an interactive manner.

To join Instagram Live, users simply must tap the camera icon in the top left corner in the Instagram app, and then choose “Live” in the choices on below the display. When they have started the live stream, the followers will be notified in an email and will be able to join the stream to view and interact with the content.

During live streams, viewers are able to interact with their viewers through a variety of methods that include responding to comments by making use of filters and effects to invite guests to participate in the live stream.

Instagram Live also lets viewers save streams on your Instagram Story for 24 hours after the broadcast ends.

Benefits from Instagram Live


Instagram Live offers a variety of advantages for business, users and influencers. Here are a few principal benefits:

  1. Real-Time Interaction: Instagram Live provides a possibility for users to interact with their users in real-time. This allows for instant feedback and interaction. It creates an authentic and memorable experience.
  2. Increase Your Reach: Instagram Live sends a message to all users’ followers, increasing the chance of reaching a bigger number of people. Additionally, it lets users collaborate with other influencers and companies, further increasing the reach of their posts.
  3. Affordable: Instagram Live is free to use, which makes it an economical way for influencers and companies to reach out to their fans and build their brands.
  4. Improves the Visibility of Your Posts: Instagram Live broadcasts can be saved to an individual’s Instagram Story, which increases the visibility of their content and may attract new followers.
  5. Creates Connections: Instagram Live provides a method for users to interact with their followers on a personal level. This can help to build relationships and boost loyalty.
  6. Offers Insight: Instagram Live provides insights like the number of users who are viewing, the number of comments and engagement rates. This helps users assess their performance and enhance their content strategy.

Instagram Live is an incredibly powerful tool that anyone who wants to connect with their target audience and establish their brand via social networks.



Instagram Live chat is not concealed, but you can disable it in case you don’t wish to be able to view it or interact with it in the live-streaming. These are the steps to disable Chat in Instagram Live:

1, You can begin with your Instagram Live stream by tapping on the camera icon located in the upper right corner in the Instagram app, and then choosing “Live” among the choices on the right side of the display.


2. After your live stream has begun, you can tap the icon with three dots at the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

3. Choose “Turn off Comments” in the drop-down menu which pops up.

4. A pop-up window will show confirmation that you wish to Turn Off commenting. Click on “Turn off” in order to verify.

5. When you’ve turned off comments, the chat box will not appear on your screen, and viewers won’t be able to post comments in your stream.

It is important to note that turning off comments can prevent people from joining in with your stream on your livestream. If you’d like to engage with your viewers, You can turn off your commenting on again at any point by following the same procedure and then selecting “Turn on Commenting” instead.