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How to delete Steam account | How to delete steam games

Steam is an application which provides users with different types of games. From steam one can play games online, offline and also play a game by purchasing. Like from play store we download different types of apps like paytm, Amazon and many others, the same is the case with steam. From here also we can download all types of games.  Any game which has not come in the market yet we can see the logo and trailer here. This software is the product of Valve Corporation.

Valve Corporation is an American video game developer company. Its main products are steam and Half-life. Science steam had launched it is gaining very much popularity. People are spending too much time on downloading games.

How to install steam account

Step1: Go on the website :

Step2: Click on install steam now.

Step3: Now click on steam setup wizard and follow prompts and then finish.

Step 4: A create account wizard will appear and type in it email is ad follow prompts.

Step5: Now steam is completely installed.

Step6: Now login into your steam account and you can see various games which one can purchase or play for free.

There are many advantages to installing a steam account.

  • One can get all the games under one roof.
  • It is a good place to time pass, one doesn’t require a friend. Here one will get many players themselves.

In spite of all these advantages, there are disadvantages also.

  • The major disadvantage is that people are being disconnected from the outer world on other hands they are facing lots of problem on the steam account.
  • Games on the steam account are automatically upgraded without letting players know about it. Thus virus is entered into one’s device, damaging their device.
  • Sometimes games are unable to start, irritating others.
  • Games are many times not fully downloaded while installing and updating the game.
  • If any problem comes in the game, the customer support people ask the people to solve the problem themselves instead of helping them. Thus leaving the problem unattended.
  • Steam servers are most of the time unavailable and busy, thus waisting the customers time and energy.
  • Error code 53.
  • If any game is crashed in steam, one has as to start their pc again and again.
  • There is the threat of steam account being hacked.
  • Lack of support from customer service.
  • Facing these types of issues the customers are How to delete the steam account.
  • Steam is also very sensitive to other software that is previously installed in your pc. Thus creating problems afterward.

How to delete Steam account

Method 1:

Mail the Customer support of steam account to delete their account permanently by providing them a valid reason. It is important that one can only get his steam account deleted if there were no games downloaded In their account. If one has downloaded any game then he/she is not allowed to delete their account.

If you have not used the account for a long time and it is lying inactive and there is a game downloaded in it. The account holder will not be allowed to delete the account. The account will become dormant.

Method 2: Other ways How to delete Steam account is by

Step1: Go to the windows start option.

Step2: Go to the control panel.

Step 3: Click on steam option.

Step 4: Click on uninstall option.

Step 5: Select option uninstalls programme now the software will completely delete or uninstall steam software from your computer.

Method 3 : For how to delete the steam account.

By deleting all the games and following all the instruction of method 1.

Method 4

The third method for How to delete Steam account is by not playing any game for a long time. Thus the account becomes inactive and dormant. This will lead the company to delete your account itself.

Instead of deleting the account, on the other hand, one can delete the games if don’t want play or leave the game unattended for a long tong.

How to delete the game from one’s account.

One can delete an unwanted game and unplayed game from the steam account.

Step1: Go on to the Steam website.

Step2: Go over there on support option which is under help option.

Step3: Click on the game one wants to remove from steam account or library.

Step4: Now click on” I want to permanently remove this game from my account.”

Step 5: Now click on Ok.

Now your game is permanently deleted from your account. Thus Leading to how to delete steam account.


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