How to Charge Apple Watch Without Charger : VERY EASY PROCESS

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How to Charge Apple Watch Without Charger: Have you ever been stuck in a position where your favorite Apple Watch’s battery is depleted but you’re unable to locate the charger?

This is a very stressful time when you’re traveling or away from the comforts of your own homeBut don’t fret because there are a variety of innovative methods of charging the Apple Watch without a standard charger.

In this article, we will explain how you can recharge an Apple Watch Without a Charger for charging the battery in the Apple WatchAlso, ensure that you go through this entire article.

How to Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

How to Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

1) Utilize a Wireless Power Bank For Charging

Wireless Power Bank For Charging

Utilizing a Magnetic Wireless Power Bank can be among the most efficient ways to recharge your Apple smartwatch without a charger.

The built-in magnetic charger in the device seamlessly links up with your Apple smartwatch. Just position the device atop the battery, and wireless charging will commence effortlessly.

The Wireless Magnetic power banks are typically slim and light.

An external power battery pack offers the perfect solution for charging your Apple Watch, eliminating the need for an original magnetic charger.

It is possible to check these Magnetic Wireless Power Banks:

  • ZEROLEMON Magnetic Portable Power Bank
  • BoostCharge Pro Power Bank For Apple Watch
  • VRURC Magnetic Wireless Power Bank.

2) Use the Hidden Port Trick

Hidden Port Trick

If you own one of the Apple Watch and want to find out how you can recharge the Apple Watch without a charger first, let’s find out the history behind this initial.

An unnoticed port was found inside the band at the bottom of the Apple Watch. Apple Watch soon after its launch.

When you remove the cap there is a port with six pins that appears to have in no way.

But, Apple experts will be in a position to utilize it if you encounter issues with your device. Apple uses this device to help configure and improve your Apple Watch software.

It was also shown that it could charge your watch more quickly in 2015 as some realized it was capable of more than this. In this head, Reserve Strap created the first band of batteries for Apple’s Apple Watch that would charge your phone while wearing your watch as a way to help make this happen.

This allowed them to show that the Apple Watch was charged six times faster by using conductive charging via the diagnostic port than it was with the standard Apple Watch charging.

The product was eventually withdrawn by Apple, citing health issues related to sparks and overheated areas along with the dangers associated with charging via the wrist.

As of now, Apple has not made any progress with the patent application for the battery bracelet that could be recharged on the wrist.

3) Solar Chargers

Solar Chargers

If you’re an outdoorsman or are frequently at places that don’t have access to electric power, solar-powered charging devices can help a lot —

Solar Charging Cases

Solar charging cases protect cases that fit your Apple Watch with integrated solar panels. They use solar power to power the Watch, making it ideal to take on outdoor excursions.

The Solar Charger adapters

These adapters connect to a current Apple Watch charger and use solar power to charge your watch.

Solar Power Banks

The solar power bank is a portable charging device that uses solar power to power its batteries inside. These can be utilized to recharge the battery of your Apple Watch when needed.

4) Use MagSafe Duo Charger

MagSafe Duo Charger

MagSafe Duo Charger developed by Apple is a flexible magnetic charger to charges the Apple Watch effortlessly. You can purchase this charger through an Apple retailer and then put the Apple Watch on the disc for chargingThe Watch will start charging without charging the Original Watch charger.

The MagSafe Duo charger is also equipped to charge an iPhone (2-in-1 charger) in the same way, which makes it the perfect accessory for you.

It is compatible with charging for all of the Apple Smartwatch Series including Apple Watch Ultra and SE. The users will not need the boxed charger to power up your watch.

If your charger for your Apple Watch is broken or simply want an additional charge option on the Apple Watch, this portable Charger is the ideal choice to use.

5) Make Use of the MagSafe Wireless Charging Stand

MagSafe wireless charging stand

MagSafe Wireless Charging Stand The MagSafe Wireless Charging Stand is a fantastic alternative to a traditional charging station for your watch.

It offers a simple way to recharge an Apple Watch without the need to use its magnetic charger. Simply set your watch down on it and it will begin charging instantly.

Apart from charging your iWatch the wireless charger on the desk also lets users easily charge both their iPhones as well as AirPods simultaneously at simultaneously.

The purchase of the MagSafe charger stand can be an excellent option in the event that your charger for your Apple Watch has been damaged or lost, as it offers a safe solution to recharge your Apple Watch with no charger.

It can also serve as a portable charging station that can charge the devices.

There are numerous wireless charging stations available on the marketplace. The most popular are:

  • Anker 3-in-1 Cube that includes MagSafe
  • Mophie 3-in-1 Stand to hold MagSafe Charger
  • Belkin BOOST CHARGE Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charger Stand.

What is the Regular Way of Charging An Apple Watch?

The most popular method for charging an Apple Watch is by using the charger magnetic that comes with the device.

When you attach the charger magnetically to the device, you are able to recharge it at the table in your bedroom, the kitchen, or any place where there is an outlet.

If you charge regularly your Apple Watch These are the actions you must follow:

  1. The first step is to take your Apple Watch from your wrist and take care. Then, take the USB adapter, and connect the dock or charging cable to it.
  2. Then, connect to connect the USB adapter to an electrical outlet or source of power. If the device is a portable charger, then all you’ll need to do is connect it to the source of power using a USB output.
  3. Place the side of the Apple Watch on the charger.
  4. The charger’s magnets should be aligned to the magnets on the magnets on your Apple Watch to secure it securely in position. After it’s properly connected it will charge instantly.
  5. The screen will show a green flash appear across the monitor. This means that it’s charged.
  6. Wait until your battery has been charged up to 100. The full charge can take about two and a half minutes.
  7. When you are sure that your Apple Watch is fully charged it is time to remove it from the charging device.

Apple Watches are usually charged using this method. We’ll now look at seven methods to use to charge an Apple Watch in various situations you’ll be in.

How To Extend Apple Watch Battery Life

How To Extend Apple Watch Battery Life

It’s the Apple Watch is a powerful gadget, however, it comes with an insufficient battery.

Although this isn’t ideal, however, there are simple ways to prolong the battery life of your device and make the most of it over the long term.

Below are a few of our best tips to extend the life of your battery on the Apple Watch:

1. Turn Off Unnecessary Features

One of the most significant batteries that drain an Apple Watch is unnecessary features that you do not make use of.

If you’re not using any features such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi location services, you can turn these off using the menu for settings.

This can drastically decrease the battery power on your watch and also allow you to get the most from its battery.

2. Lower the Brightness

A different way to help save battery power is to decrease the brightness of the display of your Apple Watch.

The more bright the display will be, the more power it uses, and changing the brightness can make a difference in the time that the watch will last.

In the settings, adjust the slider for brightness to a lower setting for the best battery efficiency.

3. Disable Notifications

Notifications are another significant cause of power loss for the Apple Watch, so it’s crucial to pay attention to what notifications you’ve enabled.

If there are any notifications you don’t want or make use of, turn them off in the menu for settings.

This helps reduce the wearer’s energy consumption and prolong its battery’s life.

4. Use Power Saving Mode

The Apple Watch comes with an integrated Power Saving Mode which is turned on to increase the battery further.

This will decrease the watch’s power as well as limit its power consumption to help conserve power when it is needed.

Just go to the settings menu and turn Power Saving Mode to turn on to maximize battery performance.

5. Reduce Wake Screen Time

The display of the Apple Watch is among the top sources of power consumption. It’s therefore crucial to cut down on your wake screen duration as much as you can.

It means that you should limit the frequency you make use of the functions on your watch as well as not turning on the display for too long.

It is possible to lower the time for wake-up by turning off your never-off display or by removing the wake-to-wake feature.

If you are in such a situation in these situations, it’s possible to turn off the tap-to-wake activity whenever you want to make use of your device.

Avoiding Common Charging Mistakes

Avoiding Common Charging Mistakes

For the best chance of extending the life of the battery of your Apple Watch Be aware of the charging mistakes that follow to ensure the longevity of your battery

Regularly Cleaning the Charging Area

The accumulation of dirt and other debris could hinder your charging experience. Cleaning the charging region in Your Apple Watch regularly to maintain an unbroken connection.

Avoiding Extreme Temperatures

Do not be exposed to extreme temperatures. Apple Watch to extreme temperatures which could adversely alter the performance of your battery.

Not Overcharging the Watch

In excess charging your Apple Watch can lead to the battery’s condition in time. It is best to unplug the device once it’s charged in order to ensure the health of your battery.


That’s it for charging your Apple Watch without a charger. But, to summarize remember in your mind that using the hidden port on your Apple Watch is the only method to charge it. It’s not there is no other choice to do it. So, we’re done to the point. Hope this guide was helpful for you.

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