How Technology has Changed our Lives & Technology affects society

The times have changed remarkably and the computers and the mobiles, nowadays, are the main part of the daily life of great part of the society. The technology influences society in areas as varied as agriculture, education, communication, politics, work or transport. It is a tool that has modified the way in which society develops. In the previous centuries, technological advances were used by a few, mainly by the most affluent individuals.

However, today technology is available to almost everyone. Let’s think about the fact that how technology affects society.

The new tech as related to our environment, are streamlining, optimizing and perfecting some activities we do in our daily lives. Communication today is something that has advanced a lot, a communication that is much faster than before. An example of current communication, specifically through the Internet, in the case of transmitting messages, images, videos and all kinds of documents from different parts of the world during the 24 hours a day is something that has definitively displaced the sending of documents by other means, such as the conventional postal service.

With this, it is observed that the use of technological devices has become practically indispensable. In fact, technology is so ingrained in human organizations that some authors even claim that this is the heart of modern society.

How technology affects human beings

Technological inventions in one way or another have improved our quality of life, but the most important thing is that along with this technological development the mentality of millions of people has changed, perhaps with a new vision of the world, no longer hoarding ideas and knowledge, but to share and perform them in common. So one must aware how technology affects society.

Technological development, after all, is the fundamental engine of progress in our society and this will always depend on the use and manipulation that we provide. That is why it is the society itself that is called to have a more active and committed participation in its development and generalized impact.

Main aspects affected by technology

Human beings use technology to communicate, to travel, to learn, in short, to facilitate our life. On the other hand, it is the human beings themselves who produce technological advances based on the observable needs of society.

Undoubtedly, technology plays a fundamental role in the development of human organizations, as it intervenes and shapes the economy, education, industry, interpersonal relationships, among other aspects of daily life.  But sometime we don’t know how technology affects society. Below we explain of this

1) Agriculture

Technology has revolutionized the methods used in agriculture. Technological advances in this area allow the cultivated space to be maximized. Artificial fertilizers are also an example of how technology affects this area. Thanks to these products, soil conditions are improved. Another aspect that shows the influence of technology in agriculture is the existence of genetically modified crops.

These grow faster than regular agricultural products and can be manipulated to create resistance to certain diseases and pests.

2) Communication

Previously if you wanted to talk to someone who was in another country you should send a letter. The waiting time between sending and response was a problem. Communication technology is one of the most advanced. This is evident in the existence of devices such as Smartphone’s that have hundreds of tools to facilitate the exchange of information at a distance.

3) Education

Many educational institutions are including information and communication technologies in their daily activities. The interactive nature of the technological devices favors the teaching-learning process and attracts the attention of the students.

It has been shown that the use of audiovisual media in the classroom facilitates the acquisition of knowledge in subjects such as mathematics, physics, biology, and geography.

Previously, this type of courses was done through postal mail, but nowadays it can be carried out through any platform available on the internet.

4) Policy

Technology represents power. An example of this is the space race that took place in the 20th century, in which the United States and the Soviet Union competed for who would be the first to reach the Moon.

Another example of the relationship between politics and technology is that States encourage the development of technology that allows them to increase the operation of their military forces.

5) Work

The work has been positively influenced by technology. The use of computers, smartphones, the internet, and social networks makes the workload of employees less.

Currently, working is no longer something that has to be done in an office. Anyone can work from the comfort of their home through a computer.

6) Transportation

Automobiles, trains, planes, motorcycles, ships, among others, are technological advances that intervene in the transport industry.

7 ) Personal life

This allows us to perform easier tasks such as cooking, making coffee, washing clothes, moving from one place to another, communicating, among others.

Hence Technology plays a very important role in the world from the moment you create an innovative “something” that we all want to have as soon as possible. We all want to be fashionable and boast of having the latest in the market.

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