CSGO cases are virtual “crates” filled with items (weapon skins, stickers, graffiti). To open a container, you will need to purchase a special key on the Steam marketplace or get it from other users, but this way to open skins is not as profitable as using the specialized online case opening simulators.

Sites like this one https://bloodycase.com/ offer an excellent selection of unique cases, a transparent Provably Fair system, and the most loyal prices for cases.

Here’s your full guide to opening CSGO cases!

Opening Cases in the CSGO Game

To open the cases, you will need to have the case itself and the suitable key to unlock it.

The case drops randomly at the end of the round after increasing your rank (although, there are many more ways to get cases in the game), and you can get the key to it by purchasing it on the Steam marketplace.

Here is How You Open Cases:

  • go to Inventory;
  • choose the item you want to unlock and click on it;
  • in a window that opens, press the “Open case” button;
  • the roulette will start to spin, after that you will get the dropped skin, sticker, or graffiti — it will be displayed on the main page;
  •  then, the item will be added to your inventory.

When opening cases in the CSGO game, the probability of getting some exclusive items (especially cool knives) is quite low: everything depends only on your luck.

Just check out any ingame case opening videos and it will become clear that one player may open 300 cases and get nothing while the other one will manage to get two $300 knives in a row from two cases.

For Your Comparison:

  • chance to knock out a knife – 0.25575%,
  • items of “Covert” quality – 0.63%,
  • “Classified” items – 3.1%,
  • all other items have odds of 15 to 79%. That is, the real probability of paying off from the case is so small that it is absolutely unguaranteed. Therefore, it is almost impossible to earn money on this.

How to Open Cases on Special Sites

How to Open Cases on Special Sites

In addition to buying cases on the Steam marketplace, many different third-party CSGO sites are offering some exclusive items.

They work similarly: first, you pay some money, then you spin the wheel and, after you unlock the case, you get a chance to gain some expensive items.

Such case opening websites are actively promoted (including promotions by streamers) and offer quite profitable promo codes for deposits.

It’s worth mentioning that to open cases, you do not need to download anything – you do everything online, in your browser.

The Pinciple of Operation of Such Sites is Simple:

  • register on the site;
  • replenish the balance;
  • open cases inside the site, spin the roulette wheel, win prizes (pay off the cost of expenses) – and then spin again.

The Advantages of this Method Are the Following:

  • thanks to many bonus programs, promotional codes, and discounts, you can open cases with valuable items with virtually no investment;
  • the visualization of opening cases perfectly copies the original procedure in the game. Some sites have such useful features as a counter for money spent and a counter for items you have gained. Other useful features include the ability to reset statistics and start over;
  • security: the most important thing is to find a trusted website. On such a site, your rights are always protected, and the site will not require your Steam account details, so it will remain safe, and attackers will not be able to access it.

Case Opening Tips and Lifehacks:

Case Opening Tips and Lifehacks:

  • all servers have the same random drop logic;
  • the more players on the server, the greater the probability of dropping items;
  • if you play often, then the chance is significantly reduced — the chance counter is updated every Thursday;
  • approximate analytics of drops: 2 boxes, +-3 skins, and 1-2 stickers or graffiti drops out in 1 week;
  • if you want to collect as many cases as possible, then you should try playing on IDLE servers;
  • do not pay for opening cases if you do not intend to win a knife: as a rule, the cost of the case and the key is higher than the cost of the skins from the case;
  • cases and weapon skins are more expensive at the moment when the collection is released, but after a while, prices drop several times;
  • do not use third-party websites that promise a 100% chance of winning expensive items: most often, these are scammers.