What is Dogpile Search Engine and How does it differ from Google

Dogpile is the metasearch engine unlike Yahoo, Google, Rediff, and Bing. This Search engine is not famous like these search engines, but it is gaining popularity day by day. This engine was founded in the year 1996 by Aaron Flin.  It is owned by Infospace Corporation and has also joined hands with the University of Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania State. Dogpile fetches most of the information from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many others. Dogpile has its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington in the United States of America

The meaning of Dogpile is – A number of people who jump on top of the other so as to form a heap. Basically over here dogpile is referred to dogs to who pile on each other.

The definition of Dogpile- It is a heap of people or thing or we can say it is a search engine which fetches results from various search engines.

How do Dogpile work It searches all the desired information from various Search engines and Directories and gives the combined results and best results  Side by side it also eliminates unwanted information. Dogpile uses Metasearch technology.

Logo of Dogpile The dogpile has primarily dog in its logo. The dog holding the letter O in its mouth. This O indicates that dogpile gives good clues and information about the asked information. The basic colors used in this logo is blue and white. There is also a house made on the homepage.

Advantages of  Dogpile

  • Dogpile helps in running the business more successfully by bringing both business and information together.
  • It helps to drive relevant and timely information.
  • It is user-friendly and not complicated to understand.

Features of Dogpile

Dogpile has received award J.D.Power Associates awards for best residential Online search engine. It has many good features.

Features of Dogpile

  • Image Search
  • Audio and Video Search
  • News Search
  • Meta Search features
  • Advance search

Aside from these, there are also other features like

  • Category link
  • Yellow pages
  • White pages
  • Web search box
  • Search button
  • Preferences
  • Spelling Correction
  • Search filter
  • Statistics bar
  • Favorite fetches 
  • And recent searches

Image Search– 

Dogpile searches good images and also gives suggestions.

Audio and Web Search– 

Dogpile gives very good results in the case of audio and video search. It fetches this information mainly from Yahoo and Singing fish. It also gives many suggestions regarding this. It shows some audio and video for some seconds and in some of these, it shows the whole length.

News Search

Dogpile searches news from ABC, Fox News, and Topix according to relevance and date. One can also get information through Business name and Individual name.

Meta Search Feature

Dogpile search engine is user-friendly. It gives good results. In comparison, its search engine demo shows the working of Google, Yahoo, and Bing through the Venn Diagram and how their information overlaps each other.

Advance search

Dogpile do an advanced search by going through big search engines. It also gives good suggestions than other search engines.

Category Link

 Dogpile also provides links of news, Audio, etc. By giving the link it simplifies the search of the users to search.

Yellow Pages

Dogpile allows the users to search using Yellow pages.

White Pages

Dogpile can search using both yellow and white pages. White pages are the most reliable directory of  Dogpile. Unlike Google, Yahoo people also like using white and yellow pages. In white pages people can see the Phone number, Address, Public check, background check report, arrest records. 

Web search box

It the box where the user asks for the required information by typing the keywords and then pressing enter.

Search Button

It is the button besides toolbar where we press enter.


In Dogpile we can customize the search engine settings according to our choices.

Spelling Correction

Dogpile also suggests the spelling of the words which are misspelled or it corrects the wrong spellings enter by the user automatically.

Search Filter

Dogpile has also the feature of a search filter in preferences.

Statistic Bar

It shows how many numbers of results were obtained from the information asked by the user.

Favorite fetches

This tool shows what does other people mainly search.

Dogpile Private Search

The searches done through this can only be made private.

Recent Searches

This tool shows the 15 most recent searches through this toolbar.

Differences between Google and Dogpile

Google is a very well known toolbar as compared to Dogpile.

Google and Dogpile

One can only search the required information on Google by typing the exact words but on Dogpile it is not necessary.

Latest news about Dogpile

The Dogpile has launched its advanced version with advanced features added on the toolbar. These new features will help to provide the user with timely and correct information. Its tool will be more convenient for the user to use. The toolbar will be installed in seconds. 

The new features added to it are

Scrolling New ticker

Pop up add blocker 

 This toolbar will stop the add blocker from popping up while doing searching on the internet. 

Cursor search

People and business finder

This toolbar will help to find people and business easily.

Customization on toolbar

The toolbar will be installed easily.

One can get more information about Dogpile by going through website www.dogpile.com.

Revenue of Dogpile

Dogpile earns $10 million in revenue annually. It the product of Infospace Corporation. The customer experience in Dogpile is good. In order to earn revenue. Dogpile shows lots of paid ads and commercials. One can also download games from Dogpile.

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