Ontario is Canada’s most populated province, with 14,951,825 residents.

Canadians have always opted for an eco-friendly approach in every way possible, which also applies to their homes. The demand for metal garages in Ontario is increasing significantly for several reasons.

You will probably feel overwhelmed when trying to find a garage kit Ontario.

The popularity of steel garages has steadily grown over the past few years, making choosing the right one a bit difficult. In this article, you will learn about various factors that need to be considered before buying a metal garage.

Location of Installation

One thing that you need to think about is where you want to place your prefab metal garage. The first question that will arise is, how do you want your home? For example, prefabs can be attached to homes or in the backyard.

They can also be attached to another structure, such as a house or riding arena. With all the options, deciding where you want your garage is essential.


The cost of a prefab metal garage varies by its type. The lower-priced options are usually more about appearance and aesthetics rather than performance.

For example, if you just want a place to store your outdoor items, not necessarily for security purposes, then a regular steel building might be the best option for your needs.

However, if you want to keep items safe and secure, you should consider buying an economical locking or double door option.

You can also find many other types of steel buildings and have them installed in unique ways, like a built-in BBQ station or wine cellar.

The average cost of a prefab 60″ x 100″ garage kit in Ontario is around $120,204.00, depending on its design model and location.

Reputation of Manufacturer

Most metal buildings produced in Ontario are prefabricated because they are easy to construct and require minimal labor. Increasing interest in these types of buildings is leading to a rise in manufacturers in the province.

It is important to figure out what kind of reputation your manufacturer has. Do they have a good reputation for being on time when delivering and installing their products?

What is the company’s history?

You should find out these things before you purchase a prefab metal garage because it will affect how well the product is made and if it will hold up over time.

Delivery Time

Considering the delivery time of your prefabricated metal garage is also important. Some manufacturers can take anywhere from two weeks to three months to deliver your item.

Of course, those longer time frames are for custom items like those with a green roof or open doors.

The price might be better if you wait, but if you don’t have the time, consider buying from a manufacturer that delivers faster.


A warranty is one of the best things you can get when purchasing a metal garage because it will provide protection in case anything goes wrong.

Some warranties will cover labor, and some will cover both parts and labor. The kind of warranty you receive depends on the manufacturer, so read through your warranty options before finalizing your purchase.


The benefits of metal buildings cannot be overstated as they save a lot of money over time. Garages, commercial buildings, warehouses, farm structures, etc., are some of their popular types in Ontario. Make sure you invest in a high-quality building provided by a reputable manufacturer.