At ground level, big data and artificial intelligence have a mutually beneficial relationship where both feed and feed off each other.

On the one hand, big data uses AI to improve its data analysis capabilities, while on the other, AI acquires a massive vat of data and information where it can learn from and improve its decision-making processes. 

However, before we get into the nitty-gritty details, we must first understand what these two technical terms mean, so let’s get to that first.

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What is Big Data?

When you combine data that is complex in structure, massive in scale, and high-velocity, you get big data. As alluded to above, big data forms the fuel that accelerates AI’s decision-making capacities.

One can explore and analyze big data for useful information and insights. 

Big data analytics involves putting into use processes and technologies that include AI and machine learning (ML) to simultaneously combine and analyze massive datasets in order to identify patterns and develop actionable insights, helping you to reach better decisions faster and make them more data-driven so that you can boost revenue and efficiency.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

At its core, AI refers to technologies that help computers to simulate human intelligence.

Examples of artificial intelligence include, but are not limited to, speech recognition, image recognition, and autonomous driving. 

AI also enables augmented analytics tools to become more powerful and accessible.

This helps a user to explore and sprawl unstructured data to acquire more clarity and understanding of the many factors influencing their business.

Synergistic Relationship Between Big Data and AI

Now that we have an understanding of what big data and artificial intelligence are, let’s delve deeper into how these two technologies come together and work in tandem to deliver better results.

With big data AI-powered analytics, users can be empowered with intuitive tools and resilient technologies.

It can be used to extract high-value insights from data, nurturing data literacy across an organization viz-a-viz enjoying the benefits of becoming a bona fide data-driven organization.

Why You Should Convert Your Business into a Data-driven One

  • To Outperform Your Competition

In a post-pandemic world where there is even more competition than there ever was before, businesses can use the slightest bit of advantage that they can get their hands on to ensure that they stay ahead of the curve.

A data-driven company can get insights into what its competitors are doing and change their tactics accordingly. 

  • To Retain Your Customers

As much as knowing and understanding what your competitors are doing is important in business, there is nothing more important than delivering what your customers want. 

With that in mind, you can leverage big data and artificial intelligence to make sure that you know all the insights into the patterns of your customers’ demands to that you can deliver as per their needs. This, in turn, will help you retain your customers better.

  • To Identify What Your Business Needs

Big data and AI, and the combination thereof, can be utilized to figure out what your business requires at any given point in time as well.

It can so happen that your organization is going through a bit of a slump.

If enough information is fed to the AI, it can combine very well with big data to identify patterns and give you solutions as required.

  • To Envision Success

Nothing tastes sweeter than success, but until you can taste it, the mere image of it can help your organization and everyone within it to be inspired.

This, again, is where big data and AI becomes useful. 

These two technologies can be combined to create a clear picture of what the mission and vision of your organization should look like.

Everyone in the company can be fed that information, and you will see how they start to work towards the collective goal in unison. 


As mentioned before, in the cutthroat business world that we live in today, no stones can be left unturned to extract every last bit of advantage that can be leveraged.

Big data and AI are two such pieces of advantage, and if you want your business to succeed in every possible way, make sure that you are on the bandwagon of using these two technologies.