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How can I Repair Battlefield 2042 “Couldn’t Start the Game” Error 10022?

The highly anticipated game Battlefield 2042 was launched on November 19th, 2021. The game was created by the DICE studio and released via Electronic Arts, the franchise was first released in 2002, and has since been adored by millions of gamers across the globe. However, as time went on as new games were introduced but it was not just that the quality of the game decreased, but the game was being plagued by more and more technical issues.

Battlefield 2042 was received primarily negatively, with many complaining about the lack of maps, weapons, and other features that were available in previous games. Additionally, players faced a variety of problems with the game, which included difficulty getting around because of being stuck in the game, issues in the visuals, and other problems. But, despite these issues, there are plenty of players who enjoy the game and are eager to participate.

Battlefield 2042 Error Code: 1022 “Couldn’t start the game” is yet another problem that players have to deal with. In this case, the players aren’t in a position to start the game, which makes the situation even more challenging. This error is also identified by an additional number, which is 0xC0030004, which stands for the Simple Anti-Cheat code.

In certain situations, it is possible that the issue occurs when a player purchases the game’s codes elsewhere and then transferred them to Origin. Origin platform to redeem which means they can’t start it. In other cases, players have said that it was fun for some time without issue and then on the next day, they would be confronted with the “Couldn’t start the game” Error Code 10022″‘” error.

Battlefield 2042 is out now however, since its release numerous bugs and problems have been reported by gamers either during the launch or when engaging in games. The most common error that disrupts the game is Battlefield 2042 Launch Error the error code is (0xC0020015). It is currently being examined. This error can be the result of interference from third-party antivirus programs or the overloading of servers. There are many other reasons for the problem. Before you start to search for solutions to prevent the error from happening it is essential to conduct an examination of the possible causes in detail. We will review the most frequent reasons:

Service Outages Another possible reason could be the overloading of the server, or issues with outages which could cause problems for the game, and hindering it from playing. Therefore, it is important to check for issues regarding server status on official sites or on your EA website for status. If you encounter any issues with servers the only thing you’ve been waiting for is for the game’s creators to have resolved problems with servers.


Security and Firewall Interference: 

In certain instances, this error may be caused by third-party security programs or an internal firewall may be blocking games from running. Also, ensure that you’ve installed anti-virus software and disabled your antivirus including Battlefield 2042 to your whitelist can help.


A Weak Internet Connection or One that is Unstable:

This issue can result from the internet connection not working properly or being unsteady. For a seamless and smooth game, it is crucial to have a stable connection as issues with internet connectivity can hinder the game from beginning properly. Also, check to see if you’re experiencing issues with your connection or contact your ISP to determine whether your internet connection is speedy. You can join the web via Ethernet cable.


Utilizing VPN

Utilizing VPN in certain instances the problem is due to the VPN connection you’re connecting to a different location. The VPN connection will prevent your game when you’re playing. If you are making use of this VPN service, turn it off the VPN and try a different web connection.


Cache Corrupted

Another possible cause that could cause the issue is a corrupted console cache that is kept on a local device. For fixing the problem, you need to clear the console cache or switching off power supply can assist in removing temporarily stored files.


Error Code 2002g solutions to Battlefield 2042

There is no solution to the problem. However, there are a variety of alternatives you can try to solve the issue.

Be Sure to be Online

1. Make Sure You are Connected to the Internet

Another way to get around this problem can be to check your Internet connection. If the connection isn’t working properly and you’re not sure why, you may have to reset your modem to get rid of this error.

Try switching off your Internet connection and reconnecting to determine if the issue is resolved. Try making connections to other networks before joining the game.


Turn Off Crossplay in Battlefield 2042.

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If players encounter the “unable to load persistence data” error in 2021, the solution that worked was to switch off crossplay from the Game’s Settings.

Here’s how you can switch off Battlefield 2042 cross-play on PC and PlayStation:

  • Go to the Main Menu
  • Select Options
  • Head to the General tab
  • Select the Crossplay option in the Other section,
  • Turn Crossplay off

Here’s how to do this with Xbox consoles.

  • Hit on the Xbox link
  • Start your Options menu.
  • You can visit the general area. General section.
  • Select Online Safety and Family
  • Head to Xbox Privacy
  • Open View Details and Customize
  • Select Communication and Multiplayer
  • Select to block beneath”the “you can join the cross-network play’

This includes the different ways you can eliminate the “unable to load persistence data” error in Battlefield 2042. We hope that some of them help players. In the case it doesn’t then you’ll need wait for the developers to develop an answer.

Start the Game by Using Origin

This is targeted at PC players, but If you’re playing with a console, you could try using Battlefield 2042 using the Origin service. According to many gamers, using it combination with Steam for instance, lets players experience the game at their own pace.

Disable Firewall

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It’s more of an end-of-the-line gamble and is an extreme alternative that may be risky for the security of your computer. However, If none of the recommendations above are working, it’s worth trying it.

There have been indications that the firewall could hinder the connection between the server and your computer. Therefore, disabling it for a short period of time can aid in determining whether this is the reason.

Verify that the Easy Anti-Cheat Service is Running

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In order for the game to begin the game, make sure that the Easy Anti-cheat program is installed.

  • Enter HTML0 into the “Services within Windows search box” and hit enter.
  • Continue scrolling down until you find entries for easyAntiCheat entries.
  • Double-click to open Properties. Double-click to open Properties
  • Under the Startup Type Select Manual. Manual
  • Click Start, Apply, and OK.

Install the Game


This procedure could take some time, as playing the game in a speedy rate isn’t feasible if you have an internet connection that has a slow speed. However, it can be enough to solve the issue since it also reinstalls easy anti-cheat.

  • Look up Control Panel in the Windows search box, then press the Enter key.
  • Click here to go to Programs Uninstall a program
  • Find it on the webpage and click it to right-click and select uninstall.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions until you’re done.
  • If you’re playing with Origin and Steam You can uninstall the game using these launchers.
  • Once you’ve finished, redownload and install the game’s duration.


Repair EasyAnticheat

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In some cases, the error might result from an unreliable installation file that is linked to EasyAnticheat. EasyAnticheat program. If there are corrupted or damaged files it could cause issues in the launch of the game and result in an error in the code.

To correct EasyAnticheat Follow these steps:

  • To begin, you must begin by opening File Explorer by pressing Win+E Then, navigate to the Battlefield 2042 installation directory.
  • Now, open the Easy Anti-cheat folder and find the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe file.
  • After that, right-click on the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe file and press the Run as administrator option.
  • It is the next thing to choose the Repair option in order to repair by installing Easy Anti-cheat.
  • When the repair is completed Try launching the game and check if the issue has been corrected or not.

Hopefully, this strategy will fix the problem the issue for you. If not attempt the next approach to resolve the problem.

Disable Overclocking

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When none of the above solutions work for you Try disabling overclocking to determine whether the issue has been solved or it is not. The reason that you may get this error message is because of the overclocking software installed on your system. Therefore, switching off overclocking may aid in fixing the issue. You could close any program that is running overclocking to check if the issue has been fixed or not.

Troubleshoot the Boot in a Clean State

Use Manual Method to Fix

It’s also possible to attempt an unclean boot to fix the problem. In certain instances, the error may be due to conflict or interference caused by a third-party program running on the background. Also, try restarting Windows in the state of the clean boot. Then, you can determine whether the error is repaired or not.

These are the steps you must follow for an unclean boot on Windows 11/10.

  • Next, you need to open the Run Dialog box with the assistance of Win+R. After that, type “msconfig” into it to show the window for system configuration.
  • Navigate to the service tab, and then select the checkbox that’s connected to the hiding ALL Microsoft Services selection.
  • Click on then switch to disable the buttons, and then hit”Apply.
  • After you’ve done this, click on the Startup tab and then click the Open Task Manager option.
  • in Task Manager, users have the option to switch off all programs that run during Windows starting up.
  • Reboot your Windows and then play the game to check if the issue has been resolved.

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