Social media culture has almost conquered our world and its rapid growth leads to extreme AR application development. Social media agencies are cooperating with the best tech companies to create and implement the unmatched physical experience for users. Augmented reality developers are focused on developing the location-based services for mobile devices, supporting iOS, Android and other platforms. To transform the gaming experience for owners of smartphones augmented reality app development company combine the capabilities of GPS, AR headset, glasses, highly focused cameras. And this synergy propels the increase of the market in commercial and retail segments. All the elements of augmented reality “hardware” are integrated under a single platform. Augmented reality iPhone app development and augmented reality Android app development are very important for retail market as customers are using apps to find locations or products with directions and maps. Retailers use AR apps to differ from competitors and to send personalized messages to their potential clients. Using of augmented reality applications is the advantage on the highly competitive market and driving force to getting revenues.

Target Audience of Augmented Reality App Development Company

As augmented reality and virtual reality have successfully integrated in all industries, we can hardly ever imagine educational process, shopping, healthcare as far as agricultural sector without using these innovative solutions. Target audience of AR development companies can be classified as following:

·         Product manufactures

·         Raw materials and manufacturing equipment suppliers

·         Technology investors and technology standard organizations

·         Investment communities and government, financial institutions

·         Semiconductor foundries

·         OEM technology solution providers

·         Original design manufacturers

·         Research organizations

·         Analyst and strategic business planners

·         End users.

Augmented Reality Application Development Market By Application

It’s definitely well-known fact that AR market is not only about entertainment, but if we talk of application, consumer segment can be subdivided as following:

·         Consumer: gaming and sports; entertainment: museums, parks, theaters, art galleries and exhibitions, entertainment applications.

·         Commercial: sightseeing and tourism, E-learning, E-commerce and retail: beauty and cosmetics, furniture design, footwear, jewelry etc.

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace and Defense

  • Healthcare: fitness management, patient care management, surgery, medical care and education

  • Construction

  • Logistics and transportation

  • Public safety

  • Telecom and IT centers

The main players of AR market are tech titanic corporations, struggling to hold the leading positions by developing newest technologies, merging smaller companies and integrating in all possible markets. Major players of augmented reality market are: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung, Apple, Qualcomm Vuforia, Metaio SDK, Sphero, Total Immersion, Sony, Nintendo etc.

Augmented reality app development has highly influenced the healthcare field. The technology plays an important role in the future of medicine, especially in surgery, where Google Glasses, skin cancer app, blood infusion instruments and VR devices are used to simplify surgeries and offer safe environment to and experience to patients. AR technologies reduce chances of medical problems, which can arise. Augmented reality plays vital role in redefining of health care industry.

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