When singles go to an online dating to search for a prospective partner, the tools are there for them to interact with a diverse range of individuals, eventually narrowing down the possibilities to whoever they feel a particular rapport with.

As this chemistry develops, an exciting world of possibilities opens up. Fast-forwarding, once their online relationship has developed into the passionate ‘real-life’ version, they might start considering places to visit for a romantic break.

If you’re looking for somewhere exotic, pulsating with life and fantastic destinations, what about the world’s second-most-populous country, India? Here are the top seven must-see attractions for couples according to dating experts from Flirtycuties.

Nainital’s Serene lakes

If you’re seeking tranquility and wonderful scenery, you must visit India’s Lake District, Nainital. What better way to commence your visit to this enchanting land than cozying up with your partner on a boat trip across a kidney-shaped Nainital Lake? Surrounded by verdant hills, dotted with houses, your guide will explain the locals once believed bathing in the lake’s waters would bestow divine powers. The nearby Shervani Hotel is the perfect place to stay, surrounded by the foothills of the towering Himalayan Mountains.

Kodagu – Shades of Scotland

Formerly known as Coorg, Kodagu is located by the Western Ghats, a mountain range running parallel with India’s west coast and covering 140,000 square kilometers. This has long been a popular destination for honeymooning couples, as you are surrounded by teak and sandalwood forests, scented with alluring flowers and aromatic tea and coffee plantations. There are acres of rainforest to be explored, teeming with unusual birdsong and monkey calls.

Ooty – beautiful surroundings

While many are drawn to the vibrancy of India’s metropolises – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore – the perfect setting for a romantic getaway is to avoid the urban chaos and get immersed in the dreamy landscapes of the beautiful countryside. The Ooty Valley cleaves through the Blue Mountains, thickly carpeted in pine and eucalyptus trees. Originally a summer resort founded during the days of the British Raj, there is still a working steam railway.

Turquoise waters around Andaman

For a truly memorable Indian experience, catch a flight from Chennai to Fort Blair, the capital of the Andaman Islands. Located in the Bay of Bengal, these idyllic islands contain long stretches of golden sands, and palm tree forests. You and your partner could go snorkeling over coral reefs abundant with rainbow-colored fish shoals, while lugubrious sea turtles cruise by. As the sun sinks into the horizon in the direction of mainland India, enjoy cocktails.

Lonavala – Still dams and Casading falls

Situated around 100 kilometers to the east of bustling Mumbai, Lonavala is another popular visitor spot. But avoid this area during the weekends when it can become thronged with daytrippers. Instead, head out here during weekdays when you can take full advantage of the peaceful surroundings. Visit the 100-year-old Valvan Dam, or explore the natural waterfalls that make for a spectacular attraction.

Taj Mahal – the striking resting place

Translating as ‘Crown of the Palace,’ the Taj Mahal is one of India’s most iconic attractions. A striking mausoleum constructed from ivory-white marble, this must rank as one of the most-photographed buildings, originally built by a 17th-century Mughal Emperor for his favorite wife. The centerpiece of a 17-hectare complex overlooking the River Yamuna, there are tranquil walled gardens to stroll around.

Amer Fort – The Amber Palace

Jaipur’s main tourist attraction, this 16th-century hilltop fort is remarkably well-preserved given its age. Constructed from red sandstone and marble, overlooking Maota Lake, there are intricate cobbled pathways, walled gardens, and courtyards to be explored. After stepping back in time, head to one of the local hotels for very reasonably-priced refreshments.