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We all have different levels of concentration and IQs. The human brain is designed to perform without chaos. Any small distraction affects the senses and reduces the concentration span. Though the levels of attention and memory may be weak, there are ways you can boost them. Here are some few techniques that could go a long way.

Choose your environment wisely

trouble concentrating

For you to focus, you should select an ideal environment. Get a place that is calm that has minimal distractions when you are planning to work on a project or handling assignments. Consider the lighting and choose a comfortable seat to avoid a lot of movements. Lay down all your working materials and bring along a snack or water bottle to avoid getting distracted by hunger or thirst.

You can also minimize noise that may distract you. For instance, ensure that your phone is silent so that you don’t keep on checking messages on notifications when working. You can also use earplugs to cut back on noise for you to enhance your concentration levels.

Come up with a time plan

Setting a time plan tunes your mind to concentrate on your work until you achieve your goal. Get a time target that is realistic and comfortable for you to avoid rushing into things and making errors. You can stretch your attention span even when you feel exhausted by developing mental endurance.

Take charge of your thoughts

During work, try to minimize wandering thoughts that distract your mind. Replace irrelevant thoughts with relevant ones that help you complete the task at hand quickly. Avoid declaring to yourself that you cannot concentrate for long. The brain perceives such thoughts and makes it hard to focus.

Stay away from multitasking

trouble concentrating

According to experts, handling a lot of tasks at a go lowers your IQ. Though multitasking is seen as a strength by many, it affects your concentration and memory. This is the reason why some corporates focus on mono-tasking for employees to give their best at one specific task at a go.  

Identify your interests

Developing an interest in something is what enables you to give your full attention to it. Instead of performing tasks out of obligation, indulge in things you are passionate about. This prevents you from losing focus all the time. You can also learn how to persevere with tasks that are not interesting.  

Try to understand your task

You can sharpen your memory and improve your concentration by trying to understand the task at hand. Do not begin working on something if you don’t understand the basics fully. For instance, if you are working on a test, try to manipulate information by summarizing it in your own words.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

trouble concentrating

Your brain responds to your lifestyle choices. A healthy lifestyle ensures that your brain is receiving sufficient oxygen and blood to prevent you from medical conditions that cause the loss of memory.

Maintain a balanced diet and practice regular training. The right nutrients enhance the functioning of your brain while exercise increases your metabolism. A good sleep cycle also improves your focus by eliminating issues such as fatigue.

Avoid the use of drugs such as Xanax which affect your attention and lower the ability of the brain to retain information for long. Get Xanax abuse treatment today to save your memory and enhance your concentration levels. This treatment will also prevent you from getting addicted to drugs.

Avoid procrastination

A lot of us are into the habit of procrastinating things. This has an impact on your level of concentration since it is easy to lose interest in the things your delay working on. Come up with a rule to always finish your tasks on time without succumbing to the urge of procrastinating. The benefit of this is that the more you proceed, the more motivated you are to complete it.

Divide your tasks into small groups

Overwhelming your brain with a lot of responsibilities can reduce your focus. Divide what you have to accomplish into small chunks and work on each aspect gradually. This makes work easier and prevents you from distractions. Go slow on the tasks without feeling any pressure to complete them.

Identify your peak time

Some people focus more in the morning while others find it easy to concentrate at night. This is what is referred to as the peak time. Identify when your brain is more active and take advantage of this peak time to accomplish complex tasks. You can achieve a lot during this duration and focus for hours.

Practice concentration exercises

Different concentration exercises can increase the coordination of your body and mind to enhance memory preservation and concentration power. Write down distracting things and check them up during your breaks after you are done with your task.

You can also exercise your brain muscles by memorizing things. Use mnemonics to link complex information to simple visual images that help you remember. Rehearsing and reviewing information also make it easy for you to memorize things.    

Training games to improve your attention also exist. They activate your brain to boost mental agility and memory. N-back is a famous training game that is used to enhance working memory.

Use relaxing techniques

Mindfulness meditation is a useful tool for improving your focus levels and relaxing your mind. It acts as a magnifier since you will have to put your concentration in to start meditating. Once you get started, it works on increasing that concentration span.

You can also try concentration music that calms the waves in your brain and relaxes your mind. It also puts you in a focused mode. Such music includes jazz, instrumentals, wave music, and natural sounds.

Final thoughts

If the mechanisms above are not working, a doctor can help you identify the cause of a low attention span. Some drugs can impair your concentration. A doctor can prescribe medication for memory loss and give you effective techniques according to your condition. All the best!

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