Now Android Apps are Working on Latest Windows 11 : Full Guide & Details

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Which Android apps would you love to see on Windows 11?

Windows 11 has been released. Windows Insiders have the opportunity to test the first preview of Windows 11.

Android Apps are Working on Latest Windows 11

A Brief overview of Android on Windows

Since a while, the topic of Android app support in Windows is being discussed. It has been discussed for some time. In particular, it has been there for six and a half years. Microsoft announced ambitious plans in January 2015 to integrate apps into the Windows Store (now known as the Microsoft Store).

Redmond also announced four bridges, in addition to the Universal Windows Platform. Project Centennial was a strategy for packaging Win32 apps through Windows Store.

Project Islandwood was an attempt at recompiling Objective-C code into Windows apps. However, it was not popular and was eventually made open-source. As you can see, there has not been much in the way of Android apps for Windows over the years. Project Astoria was different from Islandwood. It didn’t require you to recompile the apps. These were straight-up Android apps that ran on Windows 10.

Project Astoria was canceled before Windows 10 was launched. This contrasts with the other bridges. Microsoft canceled Project Astoria before Windows 10 launched.

However, it was eventually removed before Windows 10 shipped. WSL 2 was created. This is a real Linux kernel which ships with Windows 10.


Project Latte was the codename for which Android apps were brought to Windows 11 by Microsoft. It uses the Windows Subsystem of Android. It runs on amd64 machines and uses Intel Bridge technology.

This was a long-term effort. This has been a long-term project. Microsoft even partnered with Amazon.


Why do we need Android Apps for Windows 11? What apps would you like to see?

Android Apps are Working on Latest Windows 11

It’s been six years since I last thought about Android apps on Windows. In Project Astoria’s days, Android apps could only be run on Windows phones during the preview period. Not laptops. This was possible due to the absence of Windows phone apps at the time.

However, I’m still not sure what to expect from Windows 11 when it comes to Windows 11. Windows 11 is a great opportunity for Windows 11 enthusiasts.

In the previous version of windows, no facility to receiving the apps and apps setup but the in new windows 11 has the support of this facility. The users are crazy for android apps on windows 11, we are excited about Android apps. Android apps will not get Windows users the same support they have. We can only hope for more touch-optimized applications.

Android Apps are Working on Latest Windows 11

Many people work on Windows through the browser. Personally, I have around a dozen tabs open at once. Many of these are things I could use native apps for, but I don’t. Two email tabs, Twitter, and many other things are included. Skype, OneNote, and Microsoft To-Do are some of the native apps I use. Chromebooks have shown us that we can do most work via the browser. Chromebooks have Android support to compensate. However, we don’t have native Windows apps that can make up the difference.

Although I cannot think of many things that I would get from Android apps, I can think about some. Amazon’s Comixology and Kindle are the two most obvious. Yes, those are available. There are two web apps for Kindle, one native to PC and one for Comixology. The tablet experience with either one of these apps isn’t great.

Some users think that Microsoft addon Google play services in windows 11 but this not possible because of this, not an Android device. Microsoft just offers android apps support. Google Photos and Google Maps are not required for a great experience. All of them can be accessed through their respective web applications. Some apps may not work correctly. For example, Twitter uses Google for notifications. I am fine with this.

What are you most looking forward to in Android apps for Windows 11?

Microsoft Target some Popular Apps app that you are looking forward to having on your computer. Are you looking forward to having easier access to future Android applications.

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