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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hidden Features,Galaxy Note 8 Tip and Tricks| Note 8 secret hidden tricks|How to enable these Option & S Pen and Camera Hidden features- Short Description about the Topic.
Recently samsung launch one amaizng smartphone : Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Peoples loves this device too much because device has really very amaizng features. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has an amaizng hidden features and tips and tricks. Let’s over view some unique features of Note 8 and all unique feature is connected with one hidden feature.
1) Infinity Display
2) S Pen
3) True Dual camera.
Follow the steps : If you want to activate this hidden features in Galaxy Note 8.

First unique feature is Infinity Display of 6.3inches :

We are showing you which feature is hidden inside the infinity display:
Apps Pair :
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has large display, on the bigger screen we can do only one feature, NAAAAA!!. With the help of App Pair we can do two works at same time.

For Example : I love to watching video songs while chating with my friends.

  • How to App Pair : On the main screen of Note 8 >> Swipe Left to right your Edge feature panel >> You will be seen the ( + ) icon >> Click on it >> Click on Create a pair >> Select the 2 apps which you want to use at same time >> Click on Save OR ok >> After done all process Swipe your Edge panel >> You will be seen the one new App pair which is created by you >> You just single click on that pair >> 2Apps launch at same time on bigger screen of Note 8.
    How to apps pairing in Note 8

  • Second Unique feature is S Pen :
  • Samsung Note series is specaility is S Pen, S Pen is actually very usefull and after buy these device you don’t need a notepad or pen because you will be note down your notes in samsung notes.

  • We are showing you which features or hidden feature inside the S Pen of Note 8.

  • Off screen Memo : Off screen memo is one of the best feature which i loved in Note. In the feature you will be note down your all important works list and set it on Always on display of Note 8.
    How to Do : Off screen >> Simply take the S Pen out from the device, Write your Today important works on off screen >> Create a list of works >> After create a list, Top of screen >> click on PIN icon >> Set it on Always on Display.
    Other Example : Sometimes anyone tell to write a number, our first action to find out the pen and paper, Write emergency and important notes on off screen.

  • Live Message : Beautifull and creative feature in Note 8.
    Old ways to wish someone Happy brithday. Send him/her one photo of cake and one message Happy brithday and also share the OLD EMOJI to express your feelings but with the help of Live Message : Draw your own emojis, make animated GIFs, or write handwritten messages on photos. Live message allows you to express your feelings and send them to people you care about.
    How to Do : Simply take the S Pen out from the device >> Hit the grey pen icon that pops up >> select “live message.” >> Write the Live message share it with your lovely friends.
    Live Message in Note 8

  • Translate : Translate is one of helpfull feature in this device. This Feature works online only, Translate is actually your assistant because you just simply take the S Pen out from your device, Select the input language >> Select the output language which language do you want to be translate.
    You just take your S pen and click on that word or senstence which you want be translate and In addition to translating text and converting currency on the device.
    How to Use : You just take your S pen >> click on that word or senstence which you want be translate >> S pen automatically translate the word and sentence also.
    Translate feature in note 8

  • Create 100 Pages Notes : Limit of One note is 100 Pages and also great thing is that you can easly set page on Always on Display.

  • Bixby : Actually Bixby is similar like Google assistant and also like Siri. It’s artificial digital assitant, gave command to bixby and it done your work.
  • Screen Write : When you click on screen right, Note 8 automatically capture screen shot of your smartphone just take your S Pen and start writing on screen.

  • Smart Select : Perivious users of Note series is know about this feature but they are only know that Smart select is used for crop the some part of screen right but in Galaxy Note 8 one more thing has been add which is video smart select.
    How it work on Video : Suppose : you are listening your favourate video song, In the video song your love one amazing scene that scence your want to be share with your friends. With the help of S pen you can do it easily without using any app.
    How to Do : Open your videos >> Don’t play the video >> Just take your S pen out from the device >> Don’t click to play with S pen >> Just S Pen flow on the screen >> System automatically play the video >> You just select the part or scene of the video >> >> when you select the video timer will be turn On automatically and create clip of 15 seconds maximumly >> and Note 8 automatically convert it into a Gif file and share with your friends.
    Smart select in note 8
    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 : Brillant Things

  • Third Unique feature is True Dual Cameras :
  • Samsung create something unique in this device because cameras of note is too much powerfull and too much features in it. We are show you the full features and operation of note 8 cameras.

  • Live Focus : Live focus is real quality of samsung galaxy note 8 because live focus is gave really like perfessional camera photo. The camera lens quality of this device is amazing because you can adjust blur according to you before capture a photo, Waoo!!!!
    How to use it : Open the cameras of your Note 8 >> Click on Live Focus >> After Click live focus you will be seen the option of blur Increase or Decrease line >> Just focus on object, increase the blur of background or Decrease the blur of background.
  • Note 8 has two cameras but capture only one picture that’s not fair. One more thing inside Live Focus is that Dual Capture >> Open Live Focus camera >> on the Top, will you we seen 2 box icon that is Dual capture, Just enable it >> After enable this, Go to live focus and capture a picture >> Open the picture at right down side One option is Normal Picture >> Click on it >> After enable Dual capture >> System capture two photo at same time >> One with Blur and Second with Wide angle automatically. Which one you like share it with friends.
    Note 8 blur adjustment

  • Front Camera has Selective Focus : Open the camera >> swipe left to right >> Click on selective focus >> it’s camera same photo like Live focus but you cannot be adjust focus before capture the photo.

    – Swipe right to left for amazing filters
    Filters in note 8
  • How to Send direct Live message in whatsapp and more other social apps :
    – Go to message box >> take out S pen from your device >> Click on MIC icon >> System open the S pen all features >> Clcik on Heart icon (Live message icon) >> Draw your feelings and write a message >> Send it with your friend.
    Direct Live message
  • How to enable full screen App Mode :
    Note 8 has a beautifull large screen but most customers face this problem, In Note 8 most of application doesn’t works on full screen. If you see black bars on the top and buttom side of your phone, Don’t worry. we are show you how to enable full screen app mode for full screen viewing expirence.
    How to Enable : Go to settings >> Click on Display >> Click on Full screen apps >> Enable those which you want to full on full screen. Enjoy.
  • How to Increase or Decrease the screen resolution :
    The resolution of Note 8 display is 2960 x 1440 Quad-HD but sometime it’s default set on FULL HD (2220 x 1080)display resolution. Follow simple steps to increase your smartphone screen resolution.
    How to Do : Go to settings >> Display >> Screen resolution >> increase it.

    But we are suggest you, Set your smartphone screen resolution on FHD because it less use your smartphone battery.

  • How to Secure your Personal Data :
    Secure Folder : This feature is latest feature in Galaxy ON NXT and Galaxy J7 Prime , In this feature user can create our secret and secure folder, In this feature user can store our secret photo, document, Apps and more other things.
    How to Enable it : Open the Secure Folder >> Set your Fingerprint Sensor >> Create a new Samsung Account, If you don’t have OR login your Samsung Account >> After Login Secure Folder is Activate >> Ready for Store Secret Data.
  • S Power Planning :
    S Power Planning application is design for reserved some battery and use reserved battery in emergency.
    – Reserved Battery : This Application help for reserved battery for important.
    – Extend Battery Life : This Application helps for extend battery life.
    How it Enable it : This application has 3 levels and By Default extend battery set on Level 2.
    If Customer want to increase battery life : You will be change into Level 3, In 3 Level your smartphone will be increase more than 17%. HELPFULL FEATURE.
  • How to Enable Multi-Window :
    – Click on recent apps button >> Click on top 2 boxes >> After click 2Boxes your smartphone screen divided into two partitons.

  • How to take Screenshot :
    – Press Power button and Volume down ( – ) button >> Press these 2 buttons at same time >> system automatically take a screenshot.

  • How to customize Notification Bar or Navigator bar :
    Step 1 – All you have to do in order to access this bar is to pull down, from the top of the screen, using one finger.
    Step 2 – If you pull down with two fingers, you’ll get to a more extended menu, known as the Quick Settings menu, that generally covers most of the screen.
    Step 3 – If you want to customize what you see on the Notification Bar, you must first access the Quick Settings menu or Long Press on any icon of notification bar, system automatically enable : Edit options.
    Step 4 – Drag and Drop the options which you want to first,second,third,fourth and adust all according to you.

  • How to Reset Note 8 :
    – Go to setting >> Search “Reset” >> first search resut is Reset and Backup >> Click on it : What you want : Reset all settings or Reset all data.
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