Showtimeanytime.Com/Activate with Easy Steps on Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, Apple TV, iPhone

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Visit to activate Showtime Anytime on your streaming devices or Smart TVs by entering a special code.


In order to activate SHOWTIME Anytime for your smart TV or streaming Device it is necessary to have an existing SHOWTIME subscription with the participating TV supplier or streaming services, with an internet connection that is high-speed. Start by opening the SHOWTIME Anytime application (not just the SHOWTIME application) to the Smart TV or Streaming Device.

Upon logging into the application, you can proceed to the program and then choose either “Play” or “Activate” from the settings menu.

Opting for ‘Activate’ will display the distinctive activation code on your screen.

In order to complete the process of activation

Two Ways to Proceed: 

You have the option to visit on your computer’s web browser or utilize the SHOWTIME Anytime app on your mobile device.

Whatever method you decide to use, go to the ‘Activate Devices’ area in your mobile or browser, and type in the activation code displayed on the screen of your Smart TV or Streaming Device.

Press ‘Submit‘ for the next step.

If you’re not logged into SHOWTIME Anytime You’ll be asked to log in by using your TV service provider’s or stream service username and password. 

After you’ve successfully signed in and have entered the activation code the confirmation message will show up on the screen of your Smart TV or Streaming Device display.

After activation has been completed, you are able to begin enjoying SHOWTIME Anytime and enjoy an array of programs as well as movies as well as other programming available on the service.

Be sure to ensure that you’ve got your SHOWTIME subscription is activated as well as you’ve got internet access to use the service in a seamless manner.

The steps to activate it may differ a little bit based on the specific television provider and device These steps will assist you in the procedure smoothly. Enjoy streaming!

Various Method to Install Showtime Anytime

Showtime Anytime involves downloading it on various platforms, including Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast Google TV, LG TVs, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, and Xbox One. These are the essentials that you’ll require to use Showtime Anytime.

  • The provider of your satellite or cable has to be part of the Showtime program and be licensed to provide the service.
  • It is necessary to have an active Showtime subscription through the satellite or cable provider you use.
  • You must have a valid Showtime Anytime account prior to activating the service for your device.

For creating your account, visit the website of Showtime and follow the sign-up instructions. Your provider will need to sign up, for example: Time Warner, DirecTV, Dish, or others.

How to Activate Showtime Anytime on My Streaming Device or Smart Tv?

For you to enable SHOWTIME Anytime for your smart TV or streaming Device to activate SHOWTIME Anytime, follow these steps:

  • Install the SHOWTIME Anytime app (not the SHOWTIME app) on your Smart TV or streaming Device.
  • Open any application and choose ‘Play’, or you may choose “Activate” from the Settings menu.
  • When you click ‘Activate’, an activation code unique to you will appear in your display.
  • To activate, open a web browser on your computer and go to, or use the SHOWTIME Anytime app on your mobile device.
  • On the browser for the web or the mobile app navigate to the Menu > Settings > Devices to Activate.
  • The activation code will be displayed on the Smart TV or Streaming Device and then press Submit.
  • If you’re not logged into SHOWTIME Anytime as of yet then you’ll be asked to sign in. Make use of your username and password that is associated with your provider of TV as well as your streaming provider account.
  • After activation is completed A confirmation message will be displayed on the Smart TV or Streaming Device display.
  • Now you can start using SHOWTIME Anytime for access to your most-loved shows and other content.

Activate Showtime Anytime on iPhone/Android App

The quickest method to sign up for the Showtime Anytime account is through the application. This is the hyperlink to Android Users, and the one to iOS Users. The procedure for activation is identical on both platforms.

    1. Open on the Showtime Anytime app.
    2. Click on the video that you’d like.
    3. Select Play.
    4. If you are prompted, select the streaming provider or service you use. If asked, sign into your provider account or your account on the service.
    5. Capture the activation code. Make a note of it.
    6. Initiate a web browser on your computer and visit

Activating Showtime Anytime on Apple TV: Follow These Steps

If you’re interested in watching Showtime Anytime shows through your Apple TV, here’s what you’ll need to know.

    1. Launch Apple TV, go to the Showtime Anytime channel, pick a show you desire, and press “Play” or “Activate.”
    2. Choose your preferred TV or streaming service from the options on the screen of activation.
    3. Take note of the activation code displayed on your screen. Following that, open the web browser on your computer.
    4. After that, you can launch the browser on your computer.
    5. Check out the official site of Showtime Anytime.
    6. Follow the activation instructions.
    7. Log in to your account and input the login credentials for your satellite or TV account. Next, enter the activation code on your Apple TV.
    8. If you get the successful message appearing on the screen you’ll be able to go back to the Apple TV and start watching your most-loved programs through Showtime Anytime.

How To Activate Showtime Anytime on Roku

To turn on Showtime Anytime on Roku:
  1. Locate Showtime Anytime on the Roku main menu, or pick it from the Movies & TV section in the Channel Store.
  2. Access the channel and opt for the activation option in the menu.
  3. Choose your television provider.
  4. An email will appear; utilize it to enable Showtime Anytime.
  5. If you are using a web browser you can go to showtime whenever activate #/settings/activate.
  6. Log in using your cable account or TV Password and username and password.
  7. Select the Roku streaming player in the drop-down menu
  8. Input your activation number Select submit.

How To Activate Showtime Anytime On Smart TV by Using Showtimeanytime.Com/Activate

For activation of Showtime Anytime on the smart TV:
  1. Open the Showtime Everytime app on your smart TV
  2. Select any program, then click ‘ Play‘ or click ‘Activate’ in the Settings menu
  3. A code to activate the activation appears in your screen
  4. Visit showtime any time in a web browser with a mobile or computer device
  5. Input the code shown in your Smart TV that you want to turn on and then press “Submit‘.
  6. If you’re not registered with Showtime Anytime and you are requested to log in with your username and password to access the streaming provider you use or your service account.

Where do I Enter my Showtime Anytime Activation Code?

Whichever way you want to stream Showtime Anytime, you’ll need access to the specific URL on the Showtime website. Then, follow the link in your web browser. This can be done by using your smartphone (with the application) as well as a PC or tablet.

It’s Showtime!

Showtimeanytime.Com/Activate: Make sure to review the list of software and hardware platforms that are compatible with Showtime Anytime before registering an account. Check out the list of approved providers. If you have any issues either during activation or following it, you should call the Showtime Help Center. Showtime Help Center.

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