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Proxibid Based in Omaha, NE, Proxibid offers the auction business an all-inclusive live Internet bid solution that is suitable for businesses that are of any size.

From personal account managers to hands-on support for marketing we collaborate with auctioneers to bring live Internet bidding to a worldwide public on the Internet.

We’re dedicated to supplying auction professionals with top-of-the-line technology, while constantly analyzing the needs and wants of auctioneers, auction companies as well as their clients.

We aim to develop cutting-edge and sophisticated Web applications that meet the demands of auctioneers.

We’re dedicated to delivering the most reliable level of as well as support and service to our customers.

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How to Login Proxibid?

To sign into Proxibid to log in, follow these steps:

  1. Check out the Proxibid site on
  2. Click the “Sign In” link located on the upper right-hand part of the web page.
  3. If you’re on a mobile device, just click the three lines located in the left upper right corner for the “Sign in” button.
  4. Input your username or email for your account.
  5. Input your Password.
  6. Click “Sign In”.

How to Reset My Password for Proxibid?

For a reset of your password on Proxibid, you must follow these steps:

  1. You can visit the Proxibid website at
  2. Click “Sign In” or click on the “Sign In” link located at the top left part of the web page.
  3. If you’re on a mobile device, simply click the three lines at the upper left-hand part of the page to open the “Sign in” button.
  4. Go to “Forgot Password”. Click on the “Forgot Password” hyperlink.
  5. When you arrive at the Password Reset page, enter the email address that is associated with the bidder’s account. Click “Request Password Reset E-Mail” and then click the “Request Password Reset E-Mail” button.
  6. A confirmation message will be displayed in the email account you want to access. The email should come from [email protected] and will have the message subject “Proxibid — Password Reset Request”.
  7. In the email, press in the email, and click on the “Reset Your Password” button. It will take you to an encrypted page on Proxibid to create a brand-new password. If the link does not function, the email has a link in full that could be copied and copied into a browser window.
  8. On the Reset Password page, enter the new password you want to use into the New Password field (ensuring that it complies with all security requirements for a password) and click the “Reset Password” button. To see the password in the order it is being entered click on the Eye icon located in the New Password field.
  9. An email confirmation will be displayed. Fill in the email you used to sign up with (or username) along with the new password after which hit the “Sign in” button.

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About Proxibid

Inception and Early Years

Proxibid was founded in the year the year [insert date], was established as an innovator in auctions on the internet.

Since its inception, it has marked a dramatic departure from traditional auctions making bidding more accessible to the world of online auctions.

Evolution and Growth

In the past, Proxibid has evolved to satisfy the ever-changing demands of its customers.

The constant improvement in the field of technology as well as the user experience have been the main factors in its continued increase.

Proxibid Features

User-Friendly Interface

Proxibid offers user-friendly features, which makes it easy for both experienced buyers and those who are new to the market. Its intuitive interface makes it easier to navigate auctions.

Bidding Process

Bidding on Proxibid is easy. Auctions allow bidders to take part at any time, creating an engaging and dynamic atmosphere.

Payment and Shipping Options

One of the most notable features offered by Proxibid is the variety of choices for shipping and payment. The flexibility is geared towards the world’s population and helps to build confidence and ease of use.

Industries Using Proxibid


Proxibid is now a must-have site for car enthusiasts. Proxibid hosts auctions of vintage cars, unique finds as well as modern cars that connect buyers and sellers across the globe.

Art and Collectibles

Art lovers and collectors will find their way to Proxibid. Proxibid’s wide reach permits the exploration of rare pieces including paintings and vintage collectors’ items.

Heavy Equipment

Within the industrial industry, Proxibid plays a crucial part in the purchasing and sale of large machinery. Contractors and construction companies use Proxibid for transactions that are efficient.

Advantages of Using Proxibid

Global Reach

Proxibid’s website’s presence is beyond geographical borders, creating a global marketplace for sellers and buyers. This opens up possibilities for both businesses and consumers alike.


Transparency is the foundation of Proxibid. The detailed listings, the live bidding and crystal clear communications make for a reliable and open auction.


The ease of use provided by Proxibid can not be understated. Users can take part in auctions in the comfort of their homes, removing any requirement to attend in person.

Tips for Successful Bidding

Research the Item

Bidding on a well-informed basis starts with a thorough study. Understanding the specifics of the product you’re looking for will help ensure an organized and secure bid strategy.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget before participating in auctions is essential. This prevents quick actions and guarantees a well-controlled bid experience.

Stay Informed

Being aware of auctions that are coming up or market developments, as well as Proxibid’s latest updates makes you an expert buyer. It is crucial to be knowledgeable in the ever-changing market of online auctions.

Proxibid Against Competitors

Comparative Analysis

An analysis of comparatives provides a way to set Proxibid above its competition. Innovative features, a broad customer base, and an impressive track record of success in auctions are what distinguish Proxibid from other platforms.

Unique Selling Points

Proxibid’s distinctive selling points like its international coverage, transparency, and user-friendly interface contribute to its advantage in competition. Knowing these aspects aids customers in making informed decisions.

Case Studies

Noteworthy Auctions

The study of specific auctions sheds light on the effect Proxibid has affected buyers and sellers. The case studies offer insight on successful transactions as well as valuable knowledge.

Impact on Sellers and Buyers

The impact of Proxibid on sellers as well as buyers can be profound. Examining the case studies of Proxibid reveals Proxibid’s importance in connecting companies with the people they want to reach.

Community Engagement

Forums and Discussions

Participation in the community of Proxibid goes far beyond auctions. Discussions and forums foster an atmosphere of belonging, which allows participants to share knowledge experience, tips, and experiences.

Networking Opportunities

Proxibid is a network that offers opportunities for networking to both businesses and individuals. Connecting with Proxibid’s Proxibid community allows for alliances and collaborations.


In Summary: Exploring the World of Proxibid

Proxibid has become a pioneer in the world of auctions online, offering an online platform that is beyond the conventional limits.

Since its first day to the moment, Proxibid has continually evolved with a user-friendly design with transparent transactions and an international marketplace.

When users use the platform for buyers and sellers, they can enjoy the ease of auctions online but without losing privacy or security.

Proxibid’s successes, noteworthy auctions, as well as future trends demonstrate their commitment to staying one step ahead of the constantly changing marketplace of online commerce.

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