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Many online pdf converters make it possible for users to convert PDF files into Excel, Word, and HTML files. Every operator requires selecting PDF file converter, so to get the best online file converter, below are some online PDF converters that enable you to convert your PDF files without going through the rigorous process of downloading file converter software.

  • com: this online converter allows the user to convert PDF files, edit, unlock, and merge PDF files and also export PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and JPEG files.

The maximum file size is 100mb and you can select and convert up to 20 files at a time, but the size should not exceed 150mb. 2pdf is a free online file converter and aids the fast conversion of files.

The following file formats can be converted to PDF:


Documents: pdf, xps, oxps, ps, rtf, txt

Images: jpg, gif, png, bmp, tif, mdi, psd, webp

Word – doc, docx, docm, dot, dotx, dotm, wps

Excel – xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlsb, xlt, xltx, xltm

PowerPoint – ppt, pps, pptx, ppsx, pptm, ppsm, pot, potx, potm

Publisher – pub

Open Document: odt, ods, odp, odg, odi, odm, odc, odf

E-Book – epub, mobi, azw, azw3, azw4

Conversion from PDF to:

Word – doc, docx

Excel – xls, xlsx

PowerPoint – ppt, pptx

Open Office – odt, ods, odp

Text – rtf, txt

E-Book – epub, mobi, azw3

Images – jpg, png

  • WPS PDF to word converter: this is one of the fastest PDF file converters You can convert various kinds of PDF files using this converter. This file converter enables you to drag the file you intend to convert and paste on the page, making conversion faster and easier. It is popular and used by a large number of operators daily. All files are provided in a clear and quality format and would not lose its quality even if it is printed. The adobe pdf files can be converted to DOC/DOCX super-fast and easily, with no registration necessary for immediate. It also provides split and merge features according to your needs. Also, you can support bulk outputting and more text formats.

How to convert PDF to Word

  • Drag the choice file from your mobile phone or PC and drop on the page.
  • Click “start” to begin the conversion.


  • net: online OCR is a free online PDF conversion website. OCR means Optical character recognition; this enables the user to extract text from PDF and images and convert PDF into word, excel, and Text output formats. Online OCR supports over 40 languages, including Korean and Chinese.

To convert the files, carry out the following steps;

  • Step 1

Select file: ensure that the file is below 15mb, as files above that size cannot be uploaded on the site. If the file you intend to convert is over 15mb, you can convert it part by part to ensure that you do not have any challenges due to the size. Select the PDF file and click open.

  • Step 2

Select language: choose the required language from the catalog of languages, they over a variety of languages. So, you are allowed to select one out of all the languages.

Select format: PDF files can be converted into Microsoft (Docx), Microsoft Excel (Xlsx), and text plain (txt). So, you can select the format you intend to convert your file to.

  • step 3 CONVERT

Without installing the software on your PC, you can convert and transfer texts. Characters from PDF scanned documents, convert texts and images from your scanned PDF document into a word document without losing quality (graphics, columns, and tables). Online OCR is a free file converter that allows you to convert 15 files per hour. However, they also have paid services, which provides better conversion.

  • com: invest in tech provides fast and easy PDF file conversion. They offer free conversion of PDF to word documents and 100% online conversion with no email or registration required.

How to convert PDF to word using

  • Upload the PDF file: click on the upload PDF file, select the PDF file you wish to convert from your PC or mobile phone, and click open. The file pops up on the online converter.
  • Download the converted DOCX file: you do not have any other rigorous task to carry out as the conversion happens immediately and still retains all the words, tables, and figures from the PDF file.

Using invest in tech, you can convert any amount of PDF file you wish at a given time, and there is no limit to the number of times you can use the website in a day. The online PDF converter also converts scanned documents into word documents. It doesn’t tamper with the images and texts after the conversion of the file.

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