4 Medical Tech Trends That Are The Most Promising Ones In 2023

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Hospitalization is something every one of us wants to stay away from. That’s why maintaining good health makes a lot of sense. Though you might be making some extra efforts to prevent illnesses, emerging technology will help you keep up with your wellness goals. Medical technology trends are expected to make waves in the healthcare industry.

Let’s explore the most prominent ones.

  • Wearable Tech Seems To Be Unstoppable

Perhaps, you already have a fitness gadget that displays the number of steps you walk per day. In 2020, you’ll see wearable technology offer its users beyond that.

Healthcare institutions are working on varied opportunities to produce smartwatches that cannot only monitor your walking steps but also track your heart health. ECG monitors are being designed to identify atrial fibrillation. Other wearables include blood pressure monitors and biosensor patches that help track the heart rate and body temperature.

There’s something for seniors too. Smart glasses help the elderly suffering from dementia recognize their loved ones, remind them to take the pills that are prescribed by their doctor, and assist them in taking the recommended dosage.   

  • Telehealth Is Penetrating Its Presence

Gone are the days when senior citizens had no other option but to bear the hardship of traveling long distances to their healthcare practitioner for post-treatment consultation. Since an increasing number of doctors are offering telehealth services, it’s now possible for the elderly to book an on-camera appointment.

Even if you’re looking for a telephonic consultation with ENT doctors Valencia has to offer, all you should do is inquire if they’re providing telehealth services. 

Have blocked sinuses but not sure how to reach the right specialist? You can use the telehealth option to consult the Waterbury balloon sinuplasty specialist and discuss your symptoms over the phone.

Remote consultation is especially worthwhile for people residing in rural areas. Since they have limited access to a specialist, they can use telehealth services for a diagnosis as well as treatment. The overall procedure can be made easier if patients have their electronic medical records with them. Besides, they can get a medical professional’s advice if they’re able to forward their documents to them.

  • 3D Printing Will Make Medical Procedures Easier

Just like it has proven its existence in other sectors, 3D printing is making its mark in the medical industry in 2020. It contributes to the manufacturing, research, prototyping, and customization for healthcare. Besides orthodontics or dentistry, 3D printing is being used in manufacturing artificial limbs for patients who are looking for customizable prosthetic limbs within a specific budget.

Surgical tools and medical devices can also be 3D printed. Speeding up surgical procedures will now be possible as surgeons can practice surgery on 3D-printed replicas of their patient’s organs. That way, they’d be able to practice the most complicated surgeries even before performing them. This technique will also help patients minimize trauma.

  • 5G Can Be The Next Big Thing

Capacity and speed are two of the highest concerns when it comes to transferring patients’ medical reports to doctors. 5G seems to fulfill the requirement by transforming the healthcare industry with a high-speed network. Medical images with larger capacities can be transmitted promptly. This directly supports remote patients who use telehealth services as the only option to reach their respective health practitioners.

5G is also said to promote faster downloads on tablets and mobile devices. However, several consumers are confused as to which devices will support this technology.  

The Takeaway

The healthcare industry is bombarded with the emergence of new technologies. That said, medical advancements are here to stay. However, the demands for high-quality patient care are on the rise. Therefore, medical professionals should keep abreast of the rapidly changing technologies so they can benefit the most from them.

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