No one is unaware of the fact that Instagram is gaining an increased user base with each passing day. And to be honest, Instagram is doing its best to keep the user base engaged, and one such effort was launching the Stories features. When Instagram launched the stories feature, it wasn’t unfiltered and as authentic as it has become today. As per the stats filed at the start of 2019, 500 million were using the stories on a daily basis.

Many businesses have been using the stories to portray their business ads, which have been helping them promote their products and services. It has helped them increase their sales funnel and the revenue building to multiple folds. However, this portrays that the competition is getting fierce, and one needs to apply optimized and enhanced tricks to yield required results. Many marketers and business owners are using their regular images on the stories rather than adapting to the innovative practices.

These practices are integral in creating the impactful ads. Buy Instagram Views In this article, we have covered everything essential you need to know about creating the ads. However, before you start building the different stories and advertisements, you need to keep in mind the rules regarding the ads. So, let’s see how you can achieve the optimized results!

Decide The Objectives

Before starting any advertising campaign, one needs to define the goals that tend to affect your profits and goal achievement. Your stories campaign can have multiple objectives, including the high conversion rate, brand awareness, high traffic, lead generation, video views, and the app installations.

Be Creative For Ad Development

Once you have defined the objectives, you need to create the means for achieving those objectives. You can use the captivating images and videos along with the engaging headlines to captivate the target audience and their attention. So, implement the best practices for the development of creative ads.

Implement The Dimensions

There are some standard dimensions prescribed for the content to upload on different platforms. Similarly, Instagram has some dimensional rule as well, and we have got them all rounded them in this section. For the images, you need to use a 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution with the aspect ratio of 9:16. You can only use the PNG or JPG format for the images, and the maximum file limit is 30 MBs.

For the videos, you need to use a 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution with the aspect ratio of 9:16. The expected formats for the video ads include MP4 and MOV. The screen resolution needs to be around 720p, and the maximum size limit for the video upload is 4GB.

Define The Target Audience

There are 500 million users on the Instagram, and if you are practical enough, you would know that it is impossible to gather their attention at once for the businesses. As a business, you need to define the target audience of your ads, such as location, interests, age, language, behavior, and other demographics. These definitions will help you design the ads in accordance with your target audience. You can also pay close attention to the customer relationships.

You can use the Facebook pixels to identify and define the target audience for your business. As you know that stories are only visible for 24 hours, so be efficient with the ad development and creation.

Be Careful About The Ad Placement

It is essential to identify that Facebook and Instagram has different audiences, and you need to create the ads in accordance. So, before you place the advertisements anywhere on Instagram, be sure to work out the ad creation and placement manual. Buy instagram comments You need to define the ad placement according to the platform rather than only caring about the audience.

Add A Call-to-action

Whenever you create the ads for the business marketing, you need to add a captivating call-to-action statement. Ads are designed and placed to create the conversion, and the audience is meant to come back for you. So, you need to add the statements that make them reply. You can even search for some call-to-action comments on the search engines.

Captivate During Early Times

If you are going to publish the video ads, make sure that you get to capture the audience’s attention during the first few seconds. This is because if you don’t capture the attention, the audience might never come back!