How To Introduce Hybrid Work Into Your Business: A Guide For Business Owners

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The pandemic proved to the world that working from home is not only possible, but it is beneficial too. While there are arguments to be made over the longevity of remote work, it does seem as if working from home is the future of business.

This is why so many businesses are eager to introduce either full remote work or hybrid work into their company. For businesses that do not want to commit to full-time remote work, the hybrid work model provides a perfect balance.

So, how exactly do you introduce a new work model into a company? Well, you have come to the right place! In this guide, we will be showing business owners how to implement the hybrid work model effectively and efficiently.

Through providing remote tools to delegating task, this guide will give you everything you need to make hybrid work possible. Follow along to find out more.

Ensure Staff Can Access Everything They Need

While working from an office space, it is very easy for your staff to access all of the tools they need to complete daily tasks. However, when you make the shift over to remote work, this becomes a little more difficult, so it is important that you ensure all remote workers can access everything they need.

In order for hybrid work to be efficient within your business, you must utilise modern technology as this will allow everyone to stay productive while working at home.

Citrix has been a popular tool for remote workers, but there are alternatives to Citrix. TSplus Remote Access is the best alternative to Citrix as it provides remote workers with easy access to the apps they need.

Through utilising tools like this, you will be equipping your remote workers with everything they need to be productive and efficient.

Don’t Rush Into It

One of the most important things to remember when implementing hybrid work into your business is to not rush into it.

Changing over to a hybrid work model can be a big adjustment for your entire team, so you must ensure that you take things slow, so that everyone can get used to the adjustment.

It would be good to make the announcement far in advance, as this will give you the opportunity to talk with your staff about the change and what it will mean for their daily work lives.

During this time, we would recommend scheduling regular meetings with your team so that they can ask questions about the process and make any suggestions.

You may have a few team members who have experienced hybrid work before, so it would be a good idea to chat with them and see if they have any advice or recommendations on how to effectively implement this new work structure.

Delegate Work Accordingly

When it comes to introducing hybrid work into your business, one issue you may run into is deciding what work needs to be completed in the office versus what work can be completed from home.

To prevent this issue from disrupting the workday, we would recommend delegating the work ahead of time, so that by the time hybrid work is implemented, everyone knows what they are doing.

For example, if you have major team projects that require long, detailed meetings, then it would be a good idea to assign in-office time for those meetings.

That way, everyone can still meet up and discuss the project together and there will be no confusion amongst the staff.

Allow Staff To Be Involved The Process

During the process of switching to hybrid work, it would be a good idea if you allowed your staff to be involved in the process. You have to remember that implementing any form of remote work will be a massive change for staff, so it is important that you give them the opportunity to see what is going on.

Host regular meetings to discuss the changes and allow staff to give feedback. They may have some helpful suggestions about the best way to implement hybrid work, so, as a business leader, it is crucial that you actively listen to your staff.

Provide Financial Support Where Possible

Working from an office means that your staff have access to quality PC’s and laptops, but chances are this is the case once they start working from home. If possible, it would be a good idea to provide your staff with financial support to set up their home office space.

You could provide a work laptop for them to use and even give them some vouchers to buy a decent desk or a proper office chair. It is important that your staff feel comfortable when working from the office and from their home, so do what you can to ensure they are happy at all times.

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