How To See Which Google Forms I Submitted

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How To See Which Google Forms I Submitted: Google Forms provides an efficient option to gather data from your customers.

For creating a Google form it is necessary to create an account with a Google account, and also an account on Google Forms.

How To See Which Google Forms

If you would like your readers to fill out Google forms it is important to ensure that your form is simple and easy to understand.

It is also important to make sure that the data collected is valuable and useful for your users.

This article will tell you the submission date of a Google form in a short manner.

If you want to know if someone has completed a Google form it is possible to determine the name of the person who completed it on the account of that person in your Google account or through the Submissions tab on the form.

Therefore, without further delay, we’ll get going.

What are the different kinds of Google Forms?

How To See Which Google Forms

Google Forms is a tool that you can utilize to design survey forms and lead capture forms as well as contract forms. It’s a fantastic instrument for marketing professionals to collect details from their clients or leads.

There are Various Types of Google Forms, There are a Few of Them, Including:

Survey Forms: They are the most commonly used form of Google Forms and permit you to pose questions and collect feedback. These forms are simple to make use of and can be employed for many different purposes.

Lead Capture Form: This is a form created to collect contact information from those who have an interest in your business or the product.

Contract Form: This form is mostly used by companies or organizations that require an agreement between two persons or organizations.

Standard Form: This is a simple type of form, with only one query. This is the most popular kind of form and is what people imagine when they envision the term Google Form.

Customizable Form: This form can be customized to include several questions however, you just use one page for the required questions.

Multi-Page Formula: This form has an extensive set of questions that each have a page within the document.

What is the Best Way to View Submitted Google Forms

If you are the author or creator of the Google Form, you can quickly view the responses sent. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Responses tab.How To See Which Google Forms

After you’ve logged into the form, you’ll be able to see different tabs on the upper of your page. Select”Responses” “Responses” section.

  1. Check out the Summary or Individual ResponsesHow To See Which Google Forms

Summary: Here, you’ll see the general outline of the responses and graphs and figures for every question. It also gives an overview of the visual.

Individual Responses If you select the “Individual” option view every respondent’s responses separately. The user can move between different answers using clicking arrows.

  1. View the Sheets in the viewHow To See Which Google Forms

If you would like to add the answers to a spreadsheet or look at the responses in Google Sheets, click on the green button in the upper right. It will take the user to an Excel spreadsheet containing every one of the responses from the form.

  1. Get the CSV fileHow To See Which Google Forms

If you want to save the results to be able to watch them offline or do more analysis, you may choose to click on three dots (more choices) and choose “Download the responses (.csv)” to download a CSV file.

This article can help you get an understanding of how you can view Google Forms that you’ve submitted as a respondent, or to view the submitted Google Forms, if the person who wrote them.

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How Can you Receive an Email Alert After You Submit a Google Form is Submitted?

How To See Which Google Forms

There is a good chance that you have an idea of how to manually retrieve responses from Google Forms. Google Forms.

Make sure you’re logged into your Google account linked to the Google Form. Go to Google Forms and choose the form you want to check for leads.

  • Once you’re in the form, click on “Responses” on the right side to see the submissions.
  • Double-check that the form opens on the “Questions” tab before you continue.
  • If you want to download the responses as CSV files, click on the three dots (More) below the form and select it from the menu.
  • The three dots (More) are on the right side of the Google Form. Remember to write in English.

In the drop-down menu choose the option to download responses (.csv)

If you select this option, it will save the Google Form’s answers on your device in a CSV file.

Google Forms also has a built-in feature to create email notifications. The form will notify you after you submit a Google Form is submitted by taking these steps.

  • Check that you’re connected to your Google account linked to the Google Form. Go to the Google Forms. Choose the form you wish to use to look for leads.
  • Your Google Form will open in the Google Form Editor. To the left of the Google Form, click Responses to see the information that you have submitted in the field.

The Google Form will likely open in its questions tab. Check that you’ve selected responses before continuing.

  • Click the three dots (More) button beneath to reveal an option drop-down menu.
  • Click to Subscribe to email notifications of the latest responses.

If you select this button, you will be able to see a dark gray box on the left side of the screen. It will display an inscription inside, which reads email notifications are enabled.

When you get this message, it means you have enabled emails for this particular Google Form.

When you have enabled email notifications and enabled, you’ll receive notifications whenever a new lead fills in their contact information on the Google Form. This email notification will go out to the Google email that is associated with your form.

If you get this message You will be able to look over your Google Form for the lead’s response. After that, you can move forward with your sales plan.

What is the Reason You are Still Required to Go to Your Google Form After Getting the Email?

How To See Which Google Forms

However, Google Forms’ emails only notify you of an answer on the Google Form.

To view the respondent’s responses or any other information they’ve filled out, you’ll need access to the form to remove the details manually.

How can you Look Up Past Google Formulas?

There are times when you could receive an additional link after you have submitted the Google application form.

The link allows you to view the forms of other respondents and your form. This is however only available if the creator of the form is willing to allow the option, which means that it might not be available all the time.

What is the best way to verify if a form has been submitted Google Forms to verify the sender?

As the sender, you are also able to look up the responses that have been sent on Google Forms. Google forms. To view responses, follow these steps:

Alternative 1: Select the tab for responses

Step 1. Go into Google Forms and sign in and then go to the the form you designed and would like to review responses submitted from the list of forms. You can click on the form to display it.

Step 2. At the upper right of the page editor, choose the Responses tab. It will bring you to the overview of your responses.

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