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Steps to Cancel the Pure GYM Membership:-

  • Login to the member’s area
  • Choose “Your Profile”
  • Scroll down to ‘Cancel and freeze your membership’, and choose this option
  • From here, you are able to go through the cancellation procedure.

Cancel Your Pure Gym Membership

How to Get a Cheap Pure GYM Membership

Cancel Your Membership

If you’re thinking of returning to PureGym in the near future You can stop your membership, instead of canceling it.

The option to freeze the membership will lock in the cost you pay, therefore you won’t experience any cost increases each month as well as no joining fees in the event you return.

 Freeze Your Membership

If you are a Core member, it’s PS6.99 monthly to keep your membership frozen and you will not have to pay your monthly membership fees.

PureGym Plus members can store their membership for up to 3 months over the course of 12 months for free.

How to Get a Cheap Pure GYM Membership

How to Get a Cheap Pure GYM Membership

If you’re not ready to abandon the gym now, a different option could be to choose an affordable membership. Different gyms have different prices for their members based on the time you’d like to utilize the facilities.


PureGym to give an instance, offers various membership options, beginning at PS9.99 per month, which is off-peak membership. You’ll only be able to access the gym during specific times but it’s still better than their premium membership, which costs PS18.99 for a month.


You could also save up to 10% by prepaying in advance for 6-9 or 12 months.


Try to find promo codes from other members

Other chains like Better, Total Fitness, and David Lloyd also offer off-peak-time packages.


Another Way to Maintain Your Health



An alternative to strength fitness is to train for running. Running can be a total body, aerobic exercise that can help you shed weight, gain some shape, and feel fantastic at yourself.

There are many ways to run to keep or improve your shape. Here are some of the many ways to run that you can adapt:


  • Basis Running — the typical running style, jogging at around 70 to 80% maximum heart rate (zone 2.) for approximately 30 to 60 minutes
  • Interval Run –– switching between jogging in a relaxed manner and short sprints which help burn more calories and increase your cardiovascular endurance
  • Long Distance Running Running for longer distances can help you improve your cardiovascular health and improve your endurance
  • Sprints –for more intense and vigorous workout, run several rounds of sprinting racing or speedy up-hill running


There are many other ways to make running exercise.


You’re associated with the group of local hikers club and you’re part of a group, it’s an excellent way to get connected with fellow hikers.


Makes it ideal for people who would prefer a non-sweaty workout session. There is a myriad of useful yoga apps as well as online YouTube classes that will assist you in achieving the perfect posture.

Get your yoga mat out and put on some relaxing music, and increase your balance and flexibility while battling anxiety and stress while doing it.