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What are High-Risk Payment Processors?

High-risk payment processors serve businesses in sectors prone to fraud and chargebacks. Unable to secure traditional merchant accounts, they offer flexible underwriting but come with higher fees. Thoroughly reviewing contracts and provider reputations is crucial for merchants to ensure efficient payment processing and risk reduction.

Also, these processors have greater tolerance to the risk and are less rigid when it comes to their underwriting requirements, making it simpler to high risk companies to secure an account for merchants and begin processing transactions.

High Risk Merchant highriskpay.com

But high risks payment processors typically also charge more charges and come with more stringent contract conditions compared to conventional payment processors.

This is because of the greater risk they are dealing with when they process payment to high risks merchants.

It is crucial for merchants to thoroughly review the conditions and conditions in their contracts with the high danger payment processor and do a thorough investigation of the credibility of the processor and history.

It will ensure the company is in good hands with a trustworthy service who can reduce the risks and maintain their payment processing going smoothly.

What Exactly do you Think When you Refer to a High-Risk Merchant Account?

The high risk merchant account is an type of account which is specially designed for companies which operate in sectors which are more at chance of fraud, chargebacks or any other issue that could lead to more number of transactions or disputes being rejected.

Industries that are high-risk are gambling online as well as travel and entertainment for adults, and certain types of online businesses.

Banking institutions and conventional payment processors frequently think of these sectors as high risk because of the greater likelihood of fraud activities or disputes.

In the end, high-risk merchants might have difficulty getting the traditional merchant account and could require the high-risk merchant account providers rather.

Merchant accounts with high risk typically come with greater flexibility in the underwriting guidelines and are more tolerant of firms with a greater risk rating.

They also typically have higher costs and stricter contract conditions because of the higher risks taken by the service provider.

It is essential for high-risk merchants to conduct thorough research on prospective high-risk merchant accounts and take a careful look at their fees and contract conditions and the reputation of one.

This can assist in making sure that the company is competent to handle payment efficiently and take control of the risk.

What Are the Reasons You Require an High Risk Merchant Highriskpay.com Account?

High Risk Merchant highriskpay.com

High-risk merchant accounts from highriskpay.com or any other high-risk payment processor could be required for companies operating within industries which are thought to be high risk, due to the higher risk of fraud, chargebacks and other problems.

A few examples of high-risk sectors are online gambling, adult entertainment travel and some types of e-commerce companies.

The banks and the traditional payment processors could be hesitant in deciding to provide merchant accounts to high risk companies due to the higher chance in charging backs and fraud.

This can hinder high-risk businesses to accept payment from their customers. This can restrict the expansion and the success of their businesses.

High-risk merchant accounts through highriskpay.com or other higher risk payment processor can provide an answer for such companies.

They have a greater tolerance to the risk and are much more accommodating in their underwriting requirements, which makes them easier for businesses with high risk to get the merchant account and begin processing transactions.

But, it is essential for merchants who are at risk to be aware of the conditions and conditions of their agreement with a high-risk account company and investigate thoroughly the reputation of the company and history.

It will ensure the business is capable of processing transactions efficiently and reduce the risks.


Benefits of

  • High-risk payment processors cater to businesses in sectors prone to fraud and chargebacks, like online gaming and adult entertainment.
  • Conventional banks may reject merchant accounts for high-risk businesses, leading them to specialized processors with flexible underwriting but higher fees.
  • High-risk merchant accounts are crucial for businesses in sectors such as online gambling and adult entertainment, offering tolerance to risk and easier account acquisition.
  • Thoroughly reviewing contract terms, fees, and the provider’s reputation is essential for high-risk merchants to ensure smooth payment processing and risk reduction.

Types of Businesses Commonly Considered High-Risk

High Risk Merchant highriskpay.com

It is helpful to be aware prior to time if your business is thought to be high-risk, so you can make plans in a way that is safe. The most common businesses that are included in this classification include:

  • Adult industry
  • Airline travel and cruises and vacation planers
  • Furniture and electronic stores
  • Gambling
  • Online dating
  • E-commerce
  • Multilevel marketing (MLM)
  • Electronic cigarettes, cannabidiol (CBD) and vape shops
  • Subscription services and businesses offering regular payment plans
  • Collection of debt

How To Choose a High-Risk Account Service Provider

Prior to selecting the best payment processor, be sure take the time to review the contract thoroughly because every institution and payment processing system is unique and offers different terms to those merchants that they classify as high risk.

When you are looking for the best high risk merchant account service company, you should keep these things to your mind:

  • What kind of business does the vendor take on? Even account providers which specialize in merchants with high risks do not accept every business. If you’re a foreign-based firm, have bad credit or have a risky business, search at vendors who cater to your specific needs.
  • More expensive fees. Vendors tend to take on a risk to serve the needs of your company by charging more charges than the merchants who are low risk would pay.
  • Credit score is important. A business owner’s or a business’s credit score is low and may affect your chances of being approved to open the merchant account. If you’re getting denied merchant accounts then you might need to work to improve the credit scores to stand a better chance.

If you are applying for a merchant account you’ll need to provide your business and tax-related documents. When your application is approved and approved, your payment service provider will decide if you are a low-risk or high-risk merchant and modify their strategy accordingly.

High-Risk Means Higher Fees

Each credit card processing system is distinct, however high-risk merchant accounts are more expensive throughout all platforms.

In general, the processing costs on all transactions will be larger, often greater than twice that for low-risk merchant accounts.

Even though low-risk merchants are additionally paying charges for chargebacks (a cost that you pay for a dispute by a client the charges directly using the credit card they use) High-risk merchants typically pay more chargeback charges.

High-risk businesses might be required to sign contracts with longer conditions, a late cancellation fee, or even an annual or monthly fee.

The high-risk account may also be affected by the rolling reserve system, which means that the payment processor will hold a specific portion of your revenue until they can verify your transactions.

verify the transactions you made were legitimate or not at risk from chargeback.

High-Risk vs. Low-Risk Merchant Accounts

There are several general features which make a business at a low risk for an payment processor. The most common characteristics of low-risk merchants are:

  • Volume of transactions is low (less than $20,000 in a month)
  • Transactions under $500 are not considered average.
  • Operation in a country which is considered high risks (the U.S., Canada, Japan, Australia and those located in Europe)
  • One currency
  • Low or no chargebacks and an extremely low proportion of refunds
  • Industries labeled low-risk

Remember that the risk level can be altered as your business expands.

In the case of example, if your business experiences an high rate of growth, the company may begin to consider your company as high-risk.

When you grow to work in new countries or switch sectors or shift industries, an payment processor might consider it as a risk increase.

If this occurs the payment processing company will alter your status, or remove you from their client list when they don’t allow high-risk businesses and you’ll have to choose an alternative provider for processing your transactions.


For a list of vendors that are the best suitable for merchants with high risk, Forbes Advisor researched the sector and looked at a variety of vendors.

Firms operating in high-risk areas are likely to have different requirements than those in the general market. Therefore, we wanted to find companies that provide services for these businesses.

After that, we each provider according on how they performed on five different categories of feature by using a variety of metrics. were weighted so that they favor those features that small business owners who are at risk owners value when choosing a company.

Below is an overview of the different categories we employed to evaluate the companies that came out on top on the list.


A lot of consumers appreciate a clear cost arrangement.

The companies who provide the information upfront scored higher as opposed to when contacting a representative is necessary.

Businesses that provided online quotations on their prices also scored better on our rating scales. Pricing accounted for ten percent of our weighted score.


The different businesses have differing requirements. The companies who provide flexible options to satisfy the needs of their customers received better scores.

Some of the features we sought include reporting dashboard, invoice and data exports, contactless payment and chargeback tracking and rapid cash deposits.

Furthermore, having reliable and easily accessible customer support, which includes the support for offshore accounts, is vital whenever things go wrong.

Businesses that have multiple channels of communications are rated higher than companies that depend solely on a few channels. The weighting of features was 60% of the total score.

Reviews by Third Parties

We analyzed feedback and acknowledgement from clients and third-party reviewers to find out what real users’ opinions are about the services.

The companies were assessed based by the rating average and their number of reviewers.

The review websites we evaluated included Capterra, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Capterra and Trustpilot.

Review reviews from real customers who were scored high (4 out of 5) or greater) were more favorable on our list of rankings. They made up 15% of the overall score.

Expertly Analyzed

To conclude our review, we looked at a merchant with a high risk service company’s reputation and distinctive features, as reported by real customers to establish the expert’s rating that accounted for 15% of the overall score.



High Risk Merchant highriskpay.com

However, while we highly recommend each of the high-risk merchant accounts service providers listed in this article for businesses who require high-risk processing of credit cards, deciding which is best to suit your specific business depends on many elements.

This includes as well your personal and company credit history, as well as your current process history for credit card transactions (if you have any), and which high-risk industry category you are in.

While narrowing your search to find the best supplier for your needs make sure you adhere to these best methods, and they will assist you in making an educated choice — and make sure you avoid costly errors:


  • Read the payment processing tutorial for those who aren’t familiar about the fundamentals of processing credit cards.
  • Study the businesses you’re interested in prior to reaching out to representatives from the best companies to find out the benefits they can offer to.
  • Request quotations on minimum three companies prior to deciding on one.
  • Check your contract in detail prior to sign up.


  • Do not provide incorrect or false information concerning the specifics of your business, or the other aspects of your company’s history.
  • Do not blindly select the service which offers the cheapest costs without considering the contract’s conditions and the customer service.
  • Avoid entering into a lease agreement for equipment.

If you follow these tips and taking care to negotiate with your preferred provider’s sales department, you’ll have the opportunity to obtain an account that is low-risk and affordable which can pay its way over time by generating more revenues and better analytics capabilities. Have fun!


1 . PaymentCloud:

  • There is no cost to apply for or to set up an account
  • Supported Industries: Adult services, CBD, MLM, nutraceuticals.

2. National Processing :

  • There is no cost to apply for or create an account.
  • Industries supported by support: CBD, firearms, vape shops as well as financial services as well as transportation.

3. Durango Merchant Services :

  • Approval of accounts in as little less than 24hrs (typically about 4-6 business days)
  • Industry Supported: eCommerce, bail bonds, deb services Offshore businesses.

4. Host Merchant Services :

  • Account setup and application costs
  • Supported Industries: Firearms, vape shops, real estate, gambling.

5. Soar Payments :

  • Instant online quote for speedier the account approval process. It takes 3-5 business days to approve the account fully
  • Supported Industries: Repair of credit and legal services and pawnshops, CBD.

6. Easy Pay Direct :

  • The account is setup for one time at $99 and it’s a one-time charge
  • Industry sectors supported by the program: CBD, telemarketing, massage parlors and online gaming.

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