Feeling with Art De Vivre: a Movie With a Stunning Grief Illustration

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Inquisitive minds often meet a need to learn new information from a frequently updated source that provides fresh news in various fields and presents the information fascinatingly.

If you recognize yourself in this description, the Art De Vivre magazine will probably be to your taste. For instance, have you heard about the Whale movie? Well, it has much interesting to dive into.

famous artists who paint emotions famous paintings about guilt

“The Whale” – The One to Be Found Deep Inside

The action revolves around a character who suffers from severe obesity that appeared because of psychological issues. The movie shows or alludes to the character’s previous story so we can understand clearly the reasons why mental trauma appeared. 

Other characters we can see in the piece have some different but structurally similar problems that affect their daily behavior and show up in bad habits, disorders, and other signs. 

In addition to the depressing background of the plot, we watch several more tragedies unfold. For example, the main character has a daughter who is a withdrawn teenager, and he wants to establish ties with her before he dies. The girl who already experienced the family disruption and abnormal social consequences of these circumstances is about to feel another grief of losing a family member. 

The movie is an intricate interweaving of bad personal qualities and sad life circumstances that make each other develop. Read more about the plot and the character’s issues by the link above. 

Why Reading In Artdevivre.com Is Special?

The page that contains the full review of the mentioned film belongs to the Art De Vivre magazine. It has the following advantages:

  • Variety: It covers many culture-related topics and often lightens the latest news on movies, theater, music, celebrity life, and so on. Except for this side of culture, it also offers plenty of choices for people who are far from high life: tourism and places, arts and literature, interviews with people, etc. 
  • Quality content: Besides variety, artdevivre.com also provides quality. Blog articles are never written just because “it has to be filled up” – inspired and expert writers share their opinions and experiences with a wide audience of people who appreciate these contributions. 
  • Website: On top of that, it’s hard to miss the comfort and style that the website has. It’s indeed pleasant to read the well-structured and warmly colored pages with harmonic positioning of visual contents. 

Maybe, you can find even more?

What Else Can You Find In The Magazine?

Except for the article part, you can follow the main cultural events held in Europe or beyond in the calendar that has a separate page. If you’ve found your perfect category, subscribe to the newsletters and enjoy. For people fond of arts, the magazine offers a schedule of exhibitions to visit worldwide. 

Sometimes, to learn about interesting things, you need to find a source with passionate writers and management to assist your wish for new impressions. Keep yourself updated on the latest pieces released and events taking place with Art De Vivre – a magazine that shows how to bring the taste to life.

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