How to Fix Error 97 SMS Origination Denied : Easy Solution

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How to Fix Error 97 SMS Origination Denied: Error 97 commonly referred to by the name “SMS Origination Denied” is an error message that some users will encounter when trying to send a text message via their mobile phone.

This issue is typically due to a myriad of causes related to the network of the user and account settings or even carrier limitations.

If the error occurs and the message is not able to be sent, rendering the recipient unable to contact through text.


What are the Main Causes for Error 97 – The SMS Origination is Denied

  1. Credits or balance not enough: One of the main reasons behind error code 97 occurs when the account of the sender is not able to hold enough credit or balance to pay the costs of sending an SMS. Service providers for SMS require their customers to have sufficient credit in their accounts to send out messages. If the credit available is inadequate, the service provider could refuse the SMS authorization, which could result in an error code 97.
  2. The number of the sender is banned: Another common cause of error 97 happens when a sender’s number is blocked by a mobile operator. Mobile carriers keep lists of blacklisted phone numbers in order to prevent fraudulent and spam actions. If a number’s sender’s information is identified as spam or has been associated with suspicious activities it is possible that the carrier will prohibit the SMS originating from this specific number.
  3. Issues with technical aspects of the device used by the sender Sometimes, Error 97 may be due to technical problems on the device of the sender. The causes could include obsolete software, problems with network connectivity, or configurations that hinder the correct delivery of text messages. If the device used by the sender encounters problems with its technology it can cause being unable to accept SMS creation, leading to errors of 97.
  4. A mistake or a wrong message format: Sending SMS messages that contain characters not supported or in improper formatting could result in an error or error 97. SMS messages have to conform to certain character limits and formats set by the system of the mobile operator. If the message is not compatible with characters or is over the size limit of the characters or exceeds the character limit, the system could reject the message and cause an error code the number 97.
  5. The network is congested and there are routing problems: During peak hours or times of traffic on the network, SMS messages could suffer delays or errors in routing. If the network is flooded by traffic, SMS delivery could suffer, which could result in errors 97. In these instances, SMS service providers SMS service provider might delay the delivery of some messages until the congestion is reduced.


How To Fix Error 97: Origination of SMS denied Android error Step-by-Step

  1. Verify Network Connection
    • Make sure you’re Android device has a steady and functioning network connection via wireless data or Wi-Fi. A poor connection can cause SMS problems with the transmission.
  2. Start Your Device
    • Sometimes, a quick reboot can fix temporary issues. Switch off the power on your Android device, then wait several seconds, and switch it back on.
  3. Verify SMS Settings:
    • Install the messaging application on your Android phone.
    • The settings are accessible within the application for messaging (usually shown with three lines or dots).
    • Check for specific limitations or options for SMS and modify them as needed.
  4. Messenger App Update:
    • Check that your messaging application is current. Go to the Google Play Store, and search for messaging apps to install the latest update.
  5. Clear Cache for Messaging Apps and Data:
    • Click on “Settings” within the Android phone. Click on “Settings.
    • Click on “Apps” or “Applications Manager.”
    • Choose your messaging application in the search results and then select it.
    • Click on “Storage.”
    • Select the “Clear Cache” as well as the “Clear Data” buttons.
    • Restarting the messaging app.
  6. Remove and Re-enable Messenger App:
    • If cleaning the cache and data did not solve the problem, head back to “Apps” and/or “Applications Manager.”
    • Locate your messaging application and then select the app you want to use.
    • Press “Disable” and then confirm.
    • After a short time After a couple of seconds, press “Enable” to enable the app for messaging.
  7. Check message format:
    • Write your message using plain text that does not contain any particular characters, symbols, or other symbols.
    • Be sure that the message falls within the limit of characters determined by your service provider.
  8. Check the SIM Card number and card:
    • Make sure you have the SIM card is properly entered into the correct slot on your Android device.
    • Check that the phone number is active and valid. Call your carrier in case of need.
  9. Get in touch with your carrier:
    • If you are still having issues If the issue persists, call your mobile provider’s support department.
    • Let them know about your concern about the “Error 97: SMS Origination denied” problem and give specific information, including the number of the recipient, as well as the date, and the time of the unsuccessful SMS.
  10. Use another messaging app:
    • Try installing and using another messaging application from the Google Play Store to check whether the issue is unique to the current application.
  11. Update Android OS:
    • Click on “Settings” on the Android device. Go to Settings on your Android.
    • Scroll to the bottom and choose “System” as well as “About Phone.”
    • Select “Software Update” or “System Update.”
    • Install the latest updates available to your Android OS.

Following these step-by-step steps will help you solve and fix the “Error 97″SMS Origination denied” issue with the Android device. If you are still having issues you should obtain further help by contacting your mobile provider’s customer support.

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