From allowing us to run businesses from home to keeping us connected to the world, laptops have become an integral part of our lives. Lenovo offers some of the best and technologically-driven laptops that are currently available in the market. However, even these high-end laptops are prone to issues that may bring our entire life to a halt.
In this article, we will take a look at some of the most common issues that are reported in Lenovo laptops. If you’re facing issues any of these issues with your laptop, we suggest that you take it to a reputed Lenovo laptop repair service provider and have the problem sorted out. With that being said, let’s get started.

Keyboard Issues

From broken and popping keyboard keys to spilling water on it, a number of keyboard-related issues can arise in your laptop, making it hard to use the laptop. The fault in the keyboard may be due to issues rooted in either the software or the hardware which is why you need to have proper troubleshooting to rectify the problem. One way to determine where the fault is in the hardware or the software is by using the on-screen keyboard or the command prompt window to test the failed keys. Some people have also reported that the keyboard gets pushed inside whenever any key is pressed and in this case, we recommend you take your device to your nearest repair store and have the issue fixed.


Overheating is generally common in most laptops but you may face this more often in Lenovo laptops due to their sleek and compact design. Most laptop models from Lenovo do not incorporate fans to cool down the processor which may lead to overheating and unnecessary shutdowns. To prevent this from happening, you should regulate the temperature of the laptop by supplementing it with a cooling system and adjusting the room temperature to a nominal value. Another recommended practice is to turn off your laptop every night instead of hibernating it so that it’s health and performance does not deteriorate.

Display Problems

Some of the most frustrating issues you might face in your Lenovo laptop are related to the screen and display. After all, it is annoying when the screen blinks and flickers while you’re in the middle of something important. This may be because of outdated drivers or some hardware fault. You may also have to deal with a frozen screen as reported by many Lenovo laptop users. In any case, most display problems in Lenovo laptops can be easily fixed by updating your drivers and BIOS. Also, make sure not to have any magnetic material near your laptop as it can make the screen flicker. If the problem still persists, you can take your device to a reputed repair store to troubleshoot any fault in the hardware.

Motherboard Problems

If you are a Lenovo laptop user, you may have come across motherboard problems at least once and while many of these issues are easily repairable, some motherboard faults are more serious than others that require top-of-line expertise to rectify the issue without causing more damage to your laptop. Moreover, repair shops that do not possess the right knowledge of Lenovo laptops may wrongly suggest that motherboard replacement is the only option to fix the issues you’re facing. However, that may not be true so we suggest that you take your laptop to a reliable Lenovo repair store to get the issue sorted out at an affordable price.

Battery Problems

Battery related issues are rampant in every laptop no matter which brand and model you own. One common issue which you might face in your Lenovo laptop is the “plugged in, not charging” problem. This is generally due to a faulty battery or outdated or missing battery driver. If this happens, you should always make sure that the charging cable and AC Adapter are working fine before making your next move.

Once that is checked, try power resetting your laptop by following these steps:
• Shut down your laptop
• Unplug the charger
• Remove the battery
• Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds before releasing it
• Put the battery back
• Plug the charger and turn on the laptop
This method has worked for many people and chances are that it may work for you as well. You can also update your driver to see if it fixes the problem. In case nothing seems to work, we suggest that you take your laptop to a reputed repair store so that professionals can look into the problem and have it fixed.
Other issues that you might face in your Lenovo laptop include, but are not limited to hard disk problems, unresponsive touchpad, and system crashing. However, you don’t need to worry about buying a new laptop in any case since most of these faults can be repaired easily.