Command PhaseScriptExecution Failed With a Nonzero Exit Code

If you’ve tried to create an Xcode project, then you could encounter the message “command phasescriptexecution was unsuccessful with an exit code that is not zero”. This issue can be a hassle and difficult to correct even if you’re exactly what’s behind it. In this post we’ll look at the potential causes for the error, and offer options to resolve the issue.

What’s “Command Failure of the PhaseScriptExecution With an exit code of zero”?

“Command execution of phasescript failed due to an exit code that is non-zero” can be a message of error displayed while building the process using Xcode. This indicates that a program which was run during the build process produced an exit code that was not zero and indicates that something went wrong.

The error could result from a range of reasons, which include problems with the build settings and dependencies that are not up-to-date as well as duplicate symbologies, or issues with third-party libraries.

Common Solutions to “command execution of phasescript failed due to an exit code of zero”

Here are the most popular solutions for solving this issue:

Solution 1: Clean Build Folder

Cleansing the build folder is a straightforward solution that will often resolve the issue. The build directory is where Xcode store the compiled code as well as other build-related objects. In time, this directory could become overloaded and create problems with the build process.

To clear the build directory To clean it, follow these steps:

  1. Start Xcode and navigate through”Product” in the “Product” Menu.
  2. Click the “Option” button, then choose “Clean the Build Folder”.
  3. Select “Clean” to verify.

It is important to note that removing the build directory will erase every compiled program as well as other build-related artwork. It can take a while in large projects.

Solution 2: Check Build Settings

The build settings may create problems with build settings. This can also result in the “command execution of phasescript failed due to an exit code of zero” error. For checking the build settings take these instructions:

  1. Launch Xcode and navigate through”Product. “Product” Menu.
  2. Click “Scheme” and click “Edit Schema”.
  3. Click on”Build” on the “Build” tab, then look over the options.
  4. Verify that the configurations are right to your particular project.

Solution 3: Update Dependencies

In addition, outdated dependencies may create this issue. To make sure your dependencies are updated Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Podfile of your project.
  2. Update the version numbers of those dependencies which need to be upgraded.
  3. Execute “pod install” on the terminal in order to update the dependencies.

Solution 4: Check for Duplicate Symbols

In addition, duplicate symbols may be the cause of this problem as well. For a check of duplicate symbols, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Launch Xcode and then go into”Product. “Product” Menu.
  2. Click the “Option” button and then select “Show Project Navigator”.
  3. Pick your project and then click on”Build Phases” and click on the “Build Phases” tab.
  4. Find any symbols that are duplicates and take them out.

Advanced Solutions for “command phasescriptexecution ended in failure due to an exit code”

If your standard solutions don’t work it is possible to look into more complex options. There are several solutions:

Solution 5: Update Xcode

Versions that are out of date for Xcode could cause this issue. For a way to update Xcode Follow these instructions:

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Visit”Updates”. Click on “Updates” Tab.
  3. Search for Xcode and then click “Update”.

Solution 6: Check for Third-Party Libraries Conflicts

The conflict with libraries from third parties could also trigger this error. For a quick check of conflicts you must follow the following instructions:

  1. Choose “Archive” to make an archive of the project.
  2. Select “Distribute App” and select “Ad Hoc” or “Enterprise”.
  3. Complete the steps for creating an authorization for distribution and then upload your application to the App Store or sell it within your organization.


“Command execution of phasescript failed due to an exit code that is not zero” is an error that’s common which can be encountered when building in Xcode. This error can result from various reasons, such as difficulties with setting up the build or dependencies that have been outdated as well as duplicate symbols and conflict with libraries from third parties.

With the help that we’ve offered we’ll be able fix the issue and build your application within Xcode. If you’re having difficulty trying to figure out the Xcode manual or contacting the Xcode community to get additional assistance.


  1. What exactly is a build folder within Xcode? A build folder within Xcode is the place where Xcode saves the compiled code along with other build tools for your application.
  2. What can I do to check the build settings within Xcode? You can examine the build settings within Xcode through the “Product” menu, choosing “Scheme” followed by “Edit Scheme” then clicking”Build” “Build” Tab.
  3. What are dependencies and what do they mean in Xcode? Dependencies within Xcode refer to third-party libraries, or frameworks your application utilizes to run.
  4. How do I update Xcode? You can upgrade Xcode via the App Store, clicking the “Updates” tab, then selecting Xcode and then selecting “Update”.
  5. What exactly is a distribution certificate What is a distribution certificate in Xcode? A distribution certificate within Xcode is a type of certificate which allows you to either distribute your application to an App Store App Store or even distribute internal within your business.