Best PDF to Excel Converter Online for Free

Best PDF to Excel Converter Online for Free:

What is PDF Converter? The PDF converter is utilized to make PDF files easily accessible. It is called the PDF Editor as well as the PDF reader.

The procedure involves choosing an extension option, choosing the output format then converting any document into PDF format.

The PDF converter is simple and helps save time typing and data input. Different PDF software or readers are able to open and browse PDF documents.

But, to edit the information to the PDf file, you need additional alternatives. The PDF converters generally enhance the editing process up a notch.

They allow you to alter the format of PDF files or convert them into different formats that are compatible with the most popular all-in-one software PDF tools. 

Significance Of PDF Converter 

best pdf to excel converter

PDF states “portable document format.” The format can be utilized to store files that cannot be altered but are still print-ready and easily shared.

It functions as a translator between one language to another.

Let’s say you need to transform a Microsoft Word Document into a PDf and there’s an application, dubbed PDf Library that converts the Word document into a PDf document.

WPS PDf tools can also assist you in editing pdf files, reading them, and converting the documents online in a simple manner. 

The PDF converter is the ideal program to convert the file to format PDF. They appear more appealing and are more accessible when converted to the format of PDF.

However, the majority of organizations as well as enterprises utilize this format for sharing data with other companies and third-party organizations.

It’s not a daunting job to convert files to pdf format. To do this, you need a PDf converter or could use the no-cost version of the all-in-one PDF tool online and avail services for no charge.

It does not just provide specific formats but encompasses all types of documents, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel as well as other formats. 

How Do PDF Converters Work? 

Imagine the file formats as languages. Software can read files in the language in which they speak however, they cannot understand files that are that are in different languages.

When you attempt to open the PDF file within Word or Word for instance the program will not work.

If there is any information even a little bit, it’ll look like a garbled document. The PDF converter functions as a translator.

It takes the content of PDF files and converts it to a different program by changing it digitally into a different format. 

The process of conversion may be complicated and may be different in each format however, it’s all happening at the back of the scene.

For business-related use and the speed of computers today, the majority of converts can be done extremely quickly. 

Top PDF to Excel Converters in 2024 

Best PDF to Excel Converter Online for Free

Nanonets PDF To Excel Converter 

Nanonets is an AI-powered OCR software that can extract tables and text from scanned PDFs, scanned images, and other types of documents within seconds.

Nanonets has a PDF to Excel converter that can be used for one-time use This tool is able to remove tables that have an accuracy of 98% or more! It’s totally free and straightforward to make use of. 

best pdf to excel converter

Its Pro model, Nanonets, is primarily employed to automate the manual processing of data

Thus, with Nanonets you are able to automate the extraction of datadocument processing as well as the verification of documents methods to boost effectiveness. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Free plan 
  • Modern User Interface – Simple interface 
  • No code platform 
  • More than 5000 Integrations 
  • Support 24×7 for all 
  • Exhaustive training material 
  • Professional OCR services 
  • Cloud hosting and On-premise hosting 


  • Do not export as the format of docx 
  • Pay for hosting on-premises 

How To Use Nanonets PDF to Excel Converter? 

  • Go to Nanonets PDF to Excel Tool 
  • You can upload your PDF file. Or, drag and drop the PDF file in the box. 
  • Click “Convert to Excel” to start the process of converting PDFs. 
  • Within a couple of minutes after a few seconds, after a few seconds, your Excel document will be downloaded. 

TalkHelper PDF Converter 

This PDF Converter is considered to be one of the most effective PDF conversion tools.

It converts PDF files to Excel converters that can convert data to an Excel spreadsheet by altering the basics of the features, such as formatting, fonts, colors pictures, tables, and more.

It also allows users to take specific data from PDF files and transform it into Excel format. 

best pdf to excel converter

Pros of TalkHelper PDF Converter: 

  • It comes with an in-built OCR tool. 
  • High-quality output 
  • Converts the PDF file to Excel effortlessly and swiftly 

Cons of TalkHelper PDF Converter: 

  • It is compatible with Windows only. 
  • The best feature can be expensive. 
  • Interface that is difficult to use 
  • The screen will freeze as you are copying and pasting information. 

Able2Extract Professional 

Able2Extract Professional offers a pdf-to-Excel converter that relies on AI capabilities and provides fast and precise outcomes.

Furthermore, it lets users alter and modify the documents to meet the requirements of their organization. 

best pdf to excel converter

Pros of Able2Extract Professional: 

  • It gives accurate result 
  • Allows users to modify the file. 
  • It provides OCR technology. 

Cons of Able2Extract Professional: 

  • Provides just a handful of OCR languages 
  • Could be improved in the GUI 
  • It is sometimes challenging to modify the rows that break 
  • The OCR is not compatible with certain fonts. 

Adobe Acrobat 

Adobe Acrobat PDF to Excel converter lets users convert PDF files to Excel format while retaining all options in their original formats.

Additionally, it offers the capability of working offline as well as online and is able to be saved quickly. 

best pdf to excel converter

Pros of Adobe Acrobat: 

  • Easy and use 
  • Provides top-quality output 
  • It includes the OCR feature. 
  • It is able to be controlled from any location 

Cons of Adobe Acrobat: 

  • The best feature can be quite costly 
  • It can be a lengthy process 
  • It can be difficult to locate the necessary features 
  • The UI must be improved 
  • The company should offer plans that can be customized for businesses. 
  • It can take a significant amount of time to load the documents. 

Nitro Pro 

Nitro Pro is a PDF-to-Excel conversion tool that delivers accurate results. It lets users transform PDF files into Excel formats using the initial format, which includes fonts as well as images, text tables, and so on.

Additionally, it allows users to convert several PDF files in one go. 

best pdf to excel converter

Pros of Nitro Pro: 

  • It has a similar office user interface. 
  • It provides the original format 
  • Editing PDF features is an option. 

Cons of Nitro Pro: 

  • It should provide a user-friendly layout 
  • The free version has limited features. version 
  • It ought to come with more choice of fonts 
  • Some users may encounter formatting issues during the conversion of file 
  • The system could hang when saving the data. 

Why “Free” PDF Converter Options Aren’t Ideal 

In the event of a crisis and you need to convert an urgent file to edit or modify your needs, the first thought that will come to mind is to find an affordable solution.

After all, there’s only one file.

When you look for alternatives you’ll soon find out that the majority of free software converters fail in some manner. 

Free converters can include a watermark in the document, which you are able to be able to remove only with a payment.

It is also possible to have security issues: Do you intend to upload an image with possibly sensitive information on a website that you are not familiar with in order to convert it?

The standalone software you have installed on your device is the safest, fastest, and most convenient method to take. 

Convert PDFs to Excel By Using OCR And No Email Address Needed 

best pdf to excel converter

There is no need to provide your email address or any other information about yourself. Convert documents anonymously, and without registration.

The PDF to Excel converter online is based on OCR technology.

This means that even PDF files that have been scanned is able to be transformed into an Excel spreadsheet that can be edited. Excel spreadsheet. 

The PDF to Excel Converter is Widely Available 

Convert PDF files across every operating system, whether on an electronic device or on a portable device.

It is possible to use our PDF-to-Excel converter online at no cost wherever you go. Download PDF files directly to Google Drive and Dropbox. 

Convert PDF to Fillable Feature: Easily Create Interactive PDF Forms 

Our Convert PDF into Fillable function is intended to change how you design and fill out PDF forms.

This powerful application it possible to transform every PDF file into a form with interactive elements that you can fill out electronically.

You can say goodbye to printing, scanning, and the manual entry of data. Our software makes it simple to record information and improve the process. 

Key Features: 

Simply convert PDF documents to interactive fillable forms. Customize the field fields to fit your needs.

Include checkboxes radio buttons, as well as dropdown menus that enhance interaction.

errors and validation rules for accurate data entry. time and energy by taking data from completed forms 

Potential Use Cases and Benefits: 

Make online surveys and feedback forms that allow for simple data collection. Design professional forms that include interactive fields.

Develop easy-to-use order forms for online commerce websites.

Create interactive surveys to conduct market research. Streamline HR processes with the help of online employee records that are fillable and digitally filled 

With our Convert PDF into Fillable feature, it is possible to solve the problem that is common with slow-moving PDF forms.

This tool lets you quickly convert any PDF file to an interactive form which makes it easy for employees and customers to fill in and fill in the correct information.

Reduce time, eliminate mistakes, and increase productivity with this vital tool. 


In deciding which PDF-to-Excel converter is the best one for your needs, the choice is based on the additional requirements with regard to PDF editing software.

If you’re only looking to convert PDF files into Excel-friendly formats One of the most inexpensive options offered in this guide might be the only one you require. 

But, if you deal regularly with PDF files and have to modify the files, you should use a Free PDF Reader equipped with an Excel tool for conversion would be better suited. 

If you are looking to edit your PDF files in a significant way the PDF files you have A complete PDF editor is the best alternative. 

In order to help you narrow your options, we’ve evaluated, tested, and reviewed the most effective PDF readers on Windows, the best PDF readers for Mac as well as the best PDF readers on Android as well as iOS If you just want to read PDF files without having to make adjustments. 

The cost of the software will be an important factor too.

Some software, such as Adobe offers only subscription plans instead of providing you with full control of the application.

It’s therefore important to determine the budget you’re working within, and what the software can do with that budget. 

Also, you should consider what device you’ll use with the PDF-to-Excel converter. Certain converters are fully cross-platform-compatible for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. Others only work with specific operating platforms

Other PDF converters are online PDF to Excel converters that are only available online, which implies that you’ll require a stable internet connection to transfer PDF into Excel. 


We’ve reviewed, tested, and evaluated a variety of PDF editing tools. These include the most efficient PDF merge as well as the most efficient compressing PDF tools.

They also offer the most effective alternative to Adobe Acrobat. 

In testing the top PDF to Excel conversion tools on this list, we’re comparing the user interface of each application, as well as user experience, price, availability, and the overall efficiency of conversions. 

We will also check to see the other converters provided – specifically within those of the Microsoft Office suite and other features that are included with the free or subscription program. 


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