Are you a lover of anime and you use 9anime for streaming your most-loved shows?

Are you experiencing an error 500 when trying to connect to the site?

This error is frustrating and prevents users from accessing the website’s content.

In this article we’ll take a close examine the reason why the 9anime error 500 is, the possible causes and solutions to solve the issue.

What Is the 9anime Error 500?

9anime Error 500

It is a common error to encounter. 9anime error 500 refers to a server side issue that is caused by an error on the server hosting the 9anime website.

If you experience this error, it’s a sign that your browser was able to connect with the server but the server experienced an unanticipated issue that stopped it from processing your request. It is referred to in the form of the Internal Server Error.

Possible Causes of the 9anime Error 500

There are a variety of reasons you may experience the error code 500 from 9anime. The most popular causes are:

1. Server Overload

9anime error 500

If the server hosting the 9anime website is overwhelmed in requests could cause the error 9anime 500. If the number of requests is too high on simultaneously the server may not be enough to handle each one, and it could result in the website to shut down.

2. Corrupted Cache or Cookies

Cached Data and Cookies from Chrome

The 9anime error 500 could be due to the corruption of a cache or a cookie. Cache is the storage space that’s temporary on your PC where your browser saves information from web pages that are frequently visited. If the cache, or cookies are damaged, it can result in the error code 9anime 500.

3. Server Maintenance

9anime Error 500

The 9anime website could be under maintenance which could cause 9anime error code 500. In the event of maintenance, the website might be offline or services may be unavailable for a short period of time.

How to Fix the 9anime Error 500

If you are experiencing the 10anime error, then there’s many ways to correct it. Here are a few possible solutions:

1. Refresh the Page

9anime error 500

Sometimes, the error 9anime 500 can be caused by an intermittent glitch. In this instance it is possible to refresh this page, and then see if problem disappears. This can be done by pressing the refresh button in your browser or pressing F5.

2. Clear Your Cache and Cookies

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If the error message 500 from 9anime results from a corrupted cookie or cache clearing, clearing your cache or cookies can help resolve the problem. It is possible to do this by accessing your browser settings and then clearing your browsing information.

3. Wait and Try Again Later

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If you find that the 9anime website is in repair, the most effective option is to hold off and then try again. The typical maintenance time is several hours after which, once the maintenance is completed it should be possible to access the site without issues.

4. Use a VPN

Try Another Network or Use A VPN

If the website 9anime is blocked in your region and you want to access it, you can use an VPN to gain access. VPNs allow you to bypass geo-restrictions and gain access to content that’s not accessible in your region.


The error code 500 for 9anime can be annoying However, it’s not unheard of. We’ve discussed what the reason for the error 500 on 9anime is, what it could be causing and ways to resolve it. If you experience this error, make use of the suggestions we’ve given and you’ll soon be in a position to log on to the 9anime website with no issues.