Disney+ Canada is slowly moving up the ranks and looks poised to rival the big streaming players like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The Walt Disney owned streaming platform has quickly won the hearts of millions and is currently among the best streaming platforms.

With an ever-growing content library containing classic Disney Plus Canada films, National Geographic documentaries, Pixar shorts, Marvel’s Universe, and the Star Wars franchise. Fans have got to witness Baby Yoda as well as several other cultural idols through its legendary original TV series, The Mandalorian.

Disney+ Canada offers a variety of subscription plans and other exciting features to improve your online streaming experience. However, if you are about to get a subscription to Disney’s streaming service, you must know beforehand how to change your language on Disney Plus Canada, because a glitch in the streaming will keep changing the English language to other languages.

Whether it’s about streaming the content in IMAX Enhanced video quality, hosting virtual watch parties, or downloading shows and films for offline watching, we are going to share 10 Disney+ tips and tricks for a better streaming experience.

Watch Disney+ Canada Absolutely Free (or At a Discounted Price at least)

If we compare Disney+ Canada with its streaming rivals, it is priced quite aptly at $7.99 per month (ad-supported plan) or $10.99 per month (ad-free plan). But what if you can get it free? You are in luck if you are a Verizon customer because you can get six months of free Disney+ subscription.

Not a Verizon user? No problem. Another way to save a considerable amount on a subscription is to get a Disney Bundle plan. For an even lesser amount than Disney+ ad-free plan, you can actually subscribe to Disney+ and Hulu bundle (ad-supported) for $9.99 per month.

However, if you can afford a couple of dollars more, you can get a Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN bundle (ad-supported) for $12.99 per month. If you are currently on a monthly plan, you can change the payment plan to annual or even swap a bundle deal with a standalone plan.

Create a Watchlist

There’s no shortage of amazing content on Disney+ Canada and its library keeps getting new titles constantly. With so many options at hand, it becomes harder to remember all the titles you want to watch. But you needn’t worry! Disney+ offers a watchlist feature where you can add up all the shows or films that have got your interest.

To add any title to your personal watchlist, go to the overview page of your desired title and click on the plus (+) icon. When needed, access your watchlist conveniently from the main menu.

Download Content for Offline Watching

If you are planning to travel and want to keep enough content to watch in case you won’t have access to the internet, Disney+ Canada comes with a download option. You can save your favorite movies and TV shows on your smartphone or tablet by downloading them for offline viewing.

To download any title, locate the down arrow icon on a title and just tap it to start the download process. Once downloaded, you can access your saved content by tapping the down arrow appearing in the bottom toolbar of the main menu of the Disney+ Canada app.

You can download and watch a title as many times as you like. Make sure to log in to your Disney+ Canada account once a month at least. The downloads are saved in your app and once you decide to cancel your subscription, you will have no hold of your saved titles.

Discover Content via Curated Collections

Disney+ Canada continues to broaden its catalog by adding new content. Sometimes when you are not looking for something specific, the huge catalog coming up can be confusing.

If you ever struggle to make a decision on what to watch, make use of the Disney+ Canada collections. These are theme-based groups of shows or movies like “Halloween”, “Female Leads”, and “The Muppets”.

To discover these kinds of collections, go to Search and select All Collections. From here, you are surely going to find something to make your time worth spending.

Watch Movies in IMAX Enhanced Format

Did you know that you can watch some of the content on Disney+ Canada in the IMAX Enhanced format? IMAX is an expanded resolution at a 1.90:1 aspect ratio. Only some of the movies available on Disney+ are supported by this feature. So, when you play such titles, you should see the IMAX Enhanced version by default. But you can always switch the versions anytime through the Versions tab.

Get Behind the Scene with Bloopers, Deleted Scenes, and Other Bonus Material

Disney+ Canada offers exclusive behind the scene content, including bloopers, deleted scenes, and other extra material. If you want to add a bit more fun to your streaming experience, you can access all the exclusive content from the overview page of a TV show or film by clicking on the “Extras” button.

Customize Your Subtitles

Who watches anything now without the subtitles, right? Turning on subtitles in Disney+ Canada is very convenient, especially when you can customize their look to make them clearer or more cheerful for you. Yes, Disney+ lets you do that. Through this function, you can change the color of the subtitles, their font, opacity, size, and much more.

Throw a Watch Party Through GroupWatch  

Sometimes it is an easy task to get all your friends together to have a movie night. And that is why Disney+ Canada brings you the built-in GroupWatch function. You can gather up to 7 people in this GroupWatch, which will allow you to stream anything simultaneously on Disney+ as a group. With this function, you can pause the stream for everyone and connect via emoji reactions.

To start a GroupWatch stream, all you gotta do is open whatever you want to watch, select the GroupWatch option and get the link. Send this link to your friends, click Start Stream, and enjoy. The only thing that is necessary is everyone should have a Disney+ Canada subscription.

Request Unavailable Shows

Meanwhile, the Disney+ Canada library has plenty of content, but some of the titles may still be missing. If there is any such title that you are looking for, but you can’t find it or there isn’t any news if it is coming anytime soon, you can make a request for it to be brought on the service.

You simply have to open the Disney+ app and go to the “Help Center > Give Feedback > Request a Film or Show.” There you get to suggest at least 3 titles at one time.

Share Your Account

On one Disney+ Canada account, you can have seven separate profiles. Each profile will have its own history, watchlist, preferences, and recommendations. This feature comes in handy if you have a  family who also loves watching Disney content.

To make a new user profile, go to the main menu of your Disney+ Canada profile and select the “Add profile” option. Now add a name, choose a profile avatar, and tap on “Save.” Now, on launching the Disney+ app on any device, each user will have access to their separate profile.

Furthermore, kids’ profiles can also be created, which offers parental controls, selective content, and age restrictions.