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Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | UI Features

Xiaomi Redmi Y1 is the best cheapest smartphone of 2017, This smartphone beat’s the other competitor smartphones. You know the all Specifications of Xiaomi Redmi Y1 and today I will you some hidden features and Tips and Tricks of Redmi Y1: Step by Step.
First of all this device have MIUI 9 Operating system, That’s why the feature of this smartphone is different from other Xiaomi smartphones.

1) How to Hide Private Messages without any App:

How to Hide Messages: Open the Messages App Folder >> You just Swipe Down from the Top >> Click on Bottom >> Add Private contact button >> Enter the Number of seperate person OR Select from contact >> After set up >> When selected person message you system not show to everyone >> Only you know how to see it.

How to See Hide Messages: Open the Messages App Folder >> You just Swipe Down from the Top >> System will show you the Details of hide messages.

How to Turn On / off Hide Message notification:
Open the Messages App Folder >> You just Swipe Down from the Top >> At the top turn off Message notifications.

2) How to Hide Private Files :

How to Hide Messages: Open the Files App >> You just Swipe Down from the Top >> System ask you for Security Question >> Enter your PIN, PATTERN, PASSWORD >> CLICK on Hide file >> System automatically open your smartphone file manager >> Select the which youu want to hide.

3) Incoming Calling new features:

Click on the Phone Icon >> Click on settings >> Click on Incoming call settings >> on the screen you will be seen some options:
1) Flip to silence Ringer: Enable it If you want to flip it over to silence ringer.
2) Quiet ringer when lifted: Enable it If you want to reduce ringer volume for an incoming call when the phone is raised.
3) Increasing Ringtone Volume: Ringtone volume will gradually grow to the level you set.
4) Flash when ringing:
5) Proximity sensor:
6) Mute first ring:

4) Xiaomi Voice Assistant: How to Enable it

Go to Settings >> Additional settings >> Buttons >> Recent >> Click on Launch Assistant.
How to launch it: Just Long press on Left side Navigation key >> It’s automatically enabled.
Now your voice Assistant is enabled.

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How to Enable Reading Mode (Blue-light filter):

This feature is very helpfull for user because when we are using smartphone in late night, The light of display is very harmfull for our eyes but blue-light filter decreasing the sharpness of display.
How to Enable it: Go to settings >> Display >> Reading Mode >> Set up it different different apps.

5) Shortcut for Turn ON FLASH LIGHT:

Just long press on Middle navigation key >> System automatically enabled flash light.

6) How to Turn ON OR OFF, RAM Memory status:

Go to setting >> Home screen & Recents >> Enable the Show Memory status >> after all processor >> System show RAM memory status.

7) How to Wake up the screen without press power button:

Go to Setting >> Click on Display >> Enable Double tap to screen wake up >> After done all process >> you just double tap on the screen for a wake up the screen. Easy to use.

8) How to enable Shortcuts Quick Ball and How to enable one-handed operation :

This feature is basically design for smartphone shortcuts. It’s work like Iphone Accesstive touch.
How to enable it: How to setting >> Additional setting >> Quick ball >> Enable it.

9) How to Enable One-Handed operation:
Go to settings >> Additional Settings >> One-handed operation >> Enable it.

10) Best Shortcut keys command of Xioami Redmi Y1 : How to Change it and set up according to our needs:

Go to settings >> Additional Settings >> Button and Gestures Shortcuts.
Default Set up : </strong >
1) Launch Camera : Set up NONE >> Click on it for customize >> Set up according to your need.
2) Screenshort : Just 3 finger swipe for easy screen shot.
How to take Long screenshot: When you take screenshot >> screenshot pic flash on right side top >> Click on it >> Click on scroll >> system automatically scroll down the page >> System automatically take long screenshot.
3) Launch Google Assistant: Long press the Home button.

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