#Xiaomi recently launches his new smartphone: #XiaomiMiA2. This has too much-hidden features because Xiaomi Upgrade our operating system and Android 8.0 also has too many new features. Let’s talk about Xiaomi Mi A2 Hidden feature and some tips and tricks.

1) Wifi Sharing:
Wifi Sharing is one of the interesting features inside this smartphone because you can enable your Wifi-Hotshot while using someone’s WIFI. No need for asking wifi password you just set up on the single device and share it with others. Enjoy.


2) Dual 4G SIM’S working on same time:
Most of the people facing that problem. Peoples doesn’t use two 4G networks on the same time in one smartphone because if you enable 4G mobile data on 1st SIM you 2nd SIM goes on 2G/ 3G network.

If you enable 4G mobile data on 2nd SIM your 1st SIM goes on 2G/ 3G network but in Xiaomi Mi A2 You can use Dual 4G Networks.

Do this Setting once: Go to Settings >> Connections >> Mobile Network >> Set up 1st SIM on 4G Network >> Then you will go to 2nd SIM settings >> Change it also in 4G network.


3) Screen Pinning :
This feature is new in Xiaomi Mi A2. Suppose you want to PIN any application on the Main screen. This Feature is very helpful for you.
How to Enable it: Go to settings >> Security >> Scroll Down >> You will see the Option SCREEN PINNING.
How to PIN any application: After Enabling the Screen Pinning >> Open the Recent Applications >> Select from a recent application which app you want to PIN on the main screen.

How to Disable SCREEN PINING: You will Long press on BACK AND RECENTLY APP button simultaneously.


4) How to take the screenshot :
First ways of taking the screenshot on Mi A2: Press Power Button and at same time Press Volume Down button.

Second ways for taking the screenshot: Swipe Three Finger: UP to DOWN.
How to Activate : Go to setting >> Additional Features >> Screenshot >> Enable three finger swipe option.


5) Ambient Display and Night Display :

  • Ambient display is work like Always on display, Suppose your smartphone getting one notification, the system shows you the notification on OFF-SCREEN. If you want to reply to double-tap on it and write it and send it.
    How to Enable it : Go to settings >> Display >> Advances >> Scroll down >> Enable Ambient Display.
  • Night Display is work like the Blue light filter. Reading mode feature.
    How to Enable it : Go to settings >> Display >> Night Light >> enable it.


6) How to Rotate your Home Screen:
Go to Home Main Screen >> Long Press on Main Screen >> Go to settings >> Allow Home screen rotation >> Enable it.

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7) How to Recover you are Recently delete Photos in Xiaomi mi A2:
In Mi A2 doesn’t have gallery icons, People use Google Photos inside it but if you delete some photos by mistake. Don’t worry about that.

How to Recover Photos: Open the Google Photos App >> On the top left side you will see Menu 3Dots >> Click on it >> Open the Trash folder >> You will be seen there your Delete Photos >> Restore it.

How to Delete Photos Which you want to Never Recover: Open the Google Photos App >> On top left side you will see Menu 3Dots >> Click on it >> Open the Trash folder >> You will see there your Delete Photos >> Delete again from trash folder too. That will Never recover.


8) How to Clear Your Cache File in Mi A2:
Open all apps >> Find for File Manager >> On down right side you will see the one Blue Colour icon >> click on it and clean your smartphone cache.


9) How to use the power button to End the calls:
Open the settings >> Go to Accessibility >> find for end calls >> Enable the option >> USE POWER BUTTON TO END CALLS.


10) How to Create a Private window (Guest user) in Mi A2:
We have too much private data inside the phone in that cases someone tells to give me your phone then we think about our private data. How to Secure your private data.
Go to Settings >> Open Users and Accounts >> Create your New user.

11) How to Customize Sound Effects: For Amazing Sound Experience:

Standard sound quality from xiaomi mi-phones is normal, adjust the sound according to you, adjust the bass to you. I also use MI smartphone, After adjusting the equalizer, I like the sound effects of xiaomi smartphone.
How to adjust the sound and the effects: Go to Setting >> Sound & Vibration >> Audio Setting >> Headphone Remote button >> SELECT Control Music Playback >> Set it up according to your need.


12) How to set a fingerprint on all downloaded applications:
Most people download third-party applications for SECURE OF LOCK our social media applications like (Whatsapp, facebook, snapchat and many more other apps).
How to Set up: Go to settings >> Search or Find App lock >> Click on App Lock option >> Confirm your PIN, PATTERN, PASSWORD lock >> You just TICK MARK on that application which you want to lock with your fingerprint sensor.


13) How to Enable Multi-Window :
Click on recent apps button >> Click on Long Press App Drag it on top >> After Drag app on top your smartphone screen divided into two partitions.

Camera Features of Xiaomi Mi A2 : 

1) How to 4K video recording on Xiaomi Mi A2:
Most of the people know that Xiaomi Mi A2 is FHD phone people doesn’t know that A2 has the ability to record 4k videos. How you can do it
How to Do  it: Open the Camera >> Go to Video Mode >> Go to Camera Settings >> click on Video quality >> Select the UHD 4k 30fps.

You can also record videos on FHD 60fps:
How to Do  it: Open the Camera >> Go to Video Mode >> Go to Camera Settings >> click on Video quality >> Select the FHD 60fps.


2) How to Enable Image Stabilization While Recording Videos:
Xiaomi Mi A2 doesn’t have OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) but it has EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) that is a software-based feature but it’s really very good.
How to Enable it: Open the Camera >> Go to Video Mode >> Go to settings >> Enable Image Stabilization.

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3) How to Record Slow-Motion Video:
Open the Camera >> Go to Video Mode >> Top right side: 3 Dots click on it >> Select Slow Motion >> Can your phone is ready to record slow-motion video.


4) How to Watermark on Xiaomi Mi A2 :
This Feature work like Stamp: If you enable watermark feature and you are capturing photos, the system automatically: STAMPED ON PHOTO: CAPTURE BY XIAOMI MI A2.
How to Enable it: Open the Camera >> Go to settings >> Enable Dual Camera Watermark.