Xiaomi K20 Pro Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Features

Xiaomi K20 Pro Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Features | Xiaomi K20 Tips and Tricks | Camera Operations | How to Hide your photos and apps – Short Description about the Topic.

After the brilliant success of Xiaomi Note 7 Pro, Xiaomi has launch his amazing smartphone with beautiful looks. Its xiaomi first smartphone which has pop-up camera with full view display. Specification are very powerfull with innovative new features. We will show Hidden Features and Tips and Tricks of Xiaomi K20 Pro.

How to Enable Dual Apps in Xiaomi K20 Pro or K20:

In the Modern time some folks need some clone in their smartphone, This option is very helpful for every user because There is no need to install any 3rd party application like Dual Space etc. Just follow instructions below make the apps clone in second.

Instructions: Go to Settings >> Dual apps and enable the toggle for any of the installed apps which you’d like to have two separate copies installed.

Enable the toggle on that application which you want.

Camera Operations of Xiaomi K20 Pro or K20:

There are 3 Lenes behind the Xiaomi K20 Pro and each Lens has work on different mode.

1 Lens: Ultra-wide Lens

2 Lens: Primary Main Camera

3 Lens: 2X OPTICAL zoom

Don’t worry about the Lens safety, Xiaomi add on some safety inside the device. Whenever your K20 or K20 Pro has slipped from your hand, K20Pro or K20 automatically switch off the camera and its Pop-off in a second.

WIFI and Hotshot Same Time Use in K2 Pro:

Wifi Sharing is one of the interesting features of this smartphone because you can turn on your Wi-Fi hotshot while using someone’s WIFI. There is no need to request a Wi-Fi password that you have just set on the individual device and share it with others. To enjoy.

How to Enable Quick Ball (Shortcut Key) In K20 Pro or K20:

This Feature is basically Shortcut key features. This Feature has shortcut of Home screen, Shortcut of Screen Short, Shortcut of Notifications and you will add shortcut according to you.

How to Enable Quick Ball Shortcut Feature: Go to Settings >> Click on Additional Settings >> Click on Quick Ball option and enable it.

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How to Increase Your Phone Security (Protected from Malwares):

Do this simple settings for increase your smartphone protection.
How to Enable it Go to Settings >> Click on Security >> Click on Google Play Protection >> Enable the options [ SCAN DEVICE FOR SECURITY THREATS] and [IMPROVE HARMFULL APP DETECTION].

How to hide data in Xiaomi K20 Pro or K20:

Data is very important to everyone, but sometimes we have some important things in our smartphone that are not for everyone, but do not worry. We have a secret setting for hiding your important data (images, videos and other things). Follow the instructions.

How to hide data: Open the gallery >> Press the screen long and swipe down >> System will open one secure room >> Login or register your Mi account in the login area >> Click on Add >> Your space is ready to Secure your data.

How to Write your Name on LockScreen :

Simple Settings: Go to Settings >> Click on Lock Screen >> Scroll down Click on Advanced settings >> Click on LOCK SCREEN OWNER INFOR >> Just enter your Name >> Click on OK.

How to Enable Battery Saver:

This feature is very helpful for users because battery low is big problem.
How to Enable it: Swipe Down the Toggel Notification >> Click on Battery saver.

Ambient Display and Night Display:

Ambient Display is working such as Always on display. Suppose your smartphone receives one message, the system shows you the message on OFF-SCREEN. If you want to reply, double-tap it and write it and send it.

How to activate it: Go to the settings >> View >> Progress >> Scroll down >> Enable environment view.

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How to take the screenshot in K20 Pro or K20:

First ways to take the screenshot on Xiaomi K20 and K20 Pro:

Press the power button and simultaneously press the Volume down button.

Second ways to make the screenshot: Wipe with three fingers: UP to DOWN.

How to activate: Go to set >> Additional functions >> Screenshot >> Turn off three fingers.

How to Add Custom Fonts without Root the smartphone:

Mostly peoples face that problem, peoples want to change the font from default fonts but the operating system doesn’t allow to change the font style without root the smartphone but Xiaomi smartphone allows the permission to change the fonts without rooting.

How to do:  Go to Main Screen >> Search for application >> Themes >> open the Themes app >> Click on bottom fourth [T] style icon >> choose the font which one you like.

How to activate a faster game booster for the faster Gaming Experience:
  1. Normally the game amplifier mode can be found under Security. You should therefore scroll down in the activity area until you find the security option.
  2. Tap it and it opens the options below it. Now all you have to do is select the Game Speed booster option and tap on it.
  3. This will immediately start Game Booster mode. Yes, it is that simple.
  4. If you use this function for the first time, a shortcut will be created on the screen and the setup process will be run through. All you have to do now is add the games of your choice.
  5. Now that the Game Booster is switched on, you can adjust it according to your preferences. To begin with, you can choose to clear the cache or keep the connection priority as it is.

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