Why you need Extra Fast Internet and How to Increase it

Staring at the blank screen, waiting for a simple website to load, slightly annoyed, or totally frustrated – we have all been there. If you remember the days when you had to plug in your landline cord to your PC to ‘surf the web’ or simply needed to send that one email using a crowded cafe WiFi, you have certainly faced the detrimental effects that slow internet can have.

There are many reasons why you should be using a fast internet in 2020, but keeping your mental health unscathed might not be the first one that comes to mind. A recent study has shown that people who use the internet frequently are susceptible to having major frustrations over internet speeds.

Whether you use the internet for work or leisure, there’s no reason you should be dealing with a slow connection. We will offer some tips on how to increase your internet speed to guarantee stress-free browsing.

Why the fast internet?

You might be completely content with the speed of your internet, asking yourself why you would need a faster internet connection. Those questions are completely legitimate that many users ask themselves. In reality, committing to a high-speed internet plan costs more money. Not everyone is committed to paying more to have faster internet, not until they experience the joy of not waiting for minutes for a page to load.

Many people enjoy using the internet for time-sensitive purposes. Whether you’re utilizing the virtual conference software for your work, or spending time playing multiplayer online games with your friends, you certainly would have run into the connection issue. With slow internet, you can’t really do either of those things efficiently.

Many users need extra speedy internet access to carry out their day to day activities, whether for business or for personal enjoyment. People who utilize the web to trade on the stock market, or engage in bitcoin mining obviously need as fast internet as they can get. Others, such as online gamblers, often underestimate the importance of having a high-speed internet connection while playing in online casinos. Canadian players sure know this, because the country has one of the highest internet speeds worldwide, creating a great opportunity for the gamblers to utilize the VIP casinos Canada to the best of their ability. Whether they enjoy blackjack, spinning roulettes, or slot machines, online gamblers need speedy internet access to make sure that they are on top of the game-winning.

How do you increase your internet speed?

We have to first admit that speeding up the internet on your PC or laptop is not an easy feat because a ton of factors might be the reason why you’re suffering from a poor connection.

Getting closer to your WiFi modem seems like the most obvious option that many people often overlook. You’ll also want to make sure there are no concrete walls between you and your modem. However, not every WiFi modem is alike – some are more powerful than others, providing different strengths of connectivity across your home.

If your favorite comfortable nook in your house where you can catch up on your TV shows is far away from your modem, you should consider investing in WiFi signal boosters that ensure you have great coverage in every corner of your house.

If your PC is having slow connection issues while your phone and laptop have excellent speeds, the issue is not with the modem or cables, but with your device. You should check the apps and programs that you’re running currently to see which ones are consuming the most energy and data. Running multiple applications at once might slow down your computer and the internet speed significantly.

Decluttering your used applications can certainly boost the speed on your computer, especially if your internet speed is not the best to start with.

Additionally, if you have multiple devices connected to the same network, it might also cause a slowed-down internet connection. In a household with many people, this might prove to be difficult, but if you live alone or with a partner, you can disconnect the devices that you’re not using to help ease the tension on your router, making sure that the conference call that you prepared for so long goes smoothly.

You should always try your best to keep your internet connection speed high. As our world becomes more interconnected, there’s a greater need to have a good connection with high speed that you can rely on. Whether you’re trying to beat your friends in a multiplayer game, win some money with online slots, or meet your coworkers via video call to discuss important topics, you deserve to do all that with no interruptions, one way to make sure that is to have high-speed internet.

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