What should you know about Neon signs?

These days, more and more stores, restaurants, offices, houses etc. have been using neon-based signs thus making them quite popular.

The reason is that it appears interesting, amazing and are fast becoming a hot trend to consider investing.

A general misconception among people is that there exists just a single type.

The fact is the market has on offer different types of neon-based signs to match specific requirements and preferences.

They all are designed to function the same way.

However, on a close look and checking out the details will enable you to find certain differences.

If you opt for a custom-built or a standard one, you can derive numerous options to choose from.

LED Neon Flex signs

They are created from LED flex and hence have derived this name.

To get support, they are to be mounted upon something. For this reason, there is used clear or black acrylic.

Used acrylic is cut with a CNC router. Initially, router is used for cutting into shape the channel as per your preferences.

Then with the help of the router, alphabets, design, etc. desired are cut.

Once done, the flex is glued properly. During this step, tiny cuts are done in the flex enabling it to bend to make it flexible to suit the exact purpose.

Finally, flex of different pieces are placed together with the help of small cables.

Such cables are inserted in-between the flex thereby connecting them together.

But it can be a fragile task. The reason is the used cables are quite smaller in size. Make sure the flex is well supported so as to not fall off from its place.

Where to use such signs?

It will be a wise choice to use LED flex signs indoors.

It is because of its unique manufacturing style. In this particular process, several tiny cuts are made in the flex for easy bending purpose.

Once bending process gets completed, such cuts are to be sealed back.

For this purpose, there is used a manual process where silicone is used for sealing it back. The reason is that silicon is considered to be weather resistant. However, they are not advised to be mounted outdoors.

The reason is prevailing weather conditions in your area might affect silicone. You will not appreciate neon sign getting damage or coming off from its fixed place.

How to mount LED neon flex signs?

It is possible to mount such signs on acrylic. You may plan to fix or hang them on any wall or at any place desired.

But then it will require some kind of support to stay fixed and not come off or fall down. You may even consider screwing it directly to the wall.

Led neon signs are made exclusively to accommodate acrylic block lettering.

It uses thick acrylic. The latter’s backside is cut out in a manner making it possible to incorporate LEDs onto its back. Then, required design’s outline is carefully cut.

Cleaning is done after which backs are cut on required design type from the material. They are cut keeping in mind the required design. Then it is moved to another phase.

This particular phase is concerned about mounting properly the LEDs.

They are joined inside the design. After completion of the task, the backs are properly joined. Blocked-out vinyl is used for wrapping purpose. Once done, fixings get secured for putting in place letters or designs.

Where to use the signs?

These signs are being popularly used both outdoors and indoors. But before choosing one, it will be necessary to inform the manufacturer the purpose that you wish it to serve.

Do specify as to where the signs are to be placed. This piece of information will allow the manufacturer to design it accordingly.

It is necessary to understand that manufacturing style tends to differ a bit for both purposes.

But the material that goes into its creation will be resistant towards different weather elements. Thus, it will be durable and can function for a long time, thereby being useful and result-oriented.

How to mount them the right way?

You have the option to mount the signs just about at any place of your choice and in any manner desired.

They can be easily mounted upon any rigid surface or on the wall.

For mounting options, do consult your manufacturer for proper guidance. This way, you will not go wrong with your sign mounting and ensure it is at a place where it is noticed by everyone easily.


Almost every house can make use of neon-based signs as it offers an aesthetic appearance and appeal.

There is no need to depend upon the same boring conventional or traditional neon signs.

Rather, you do have the opportunity to explore the different options offered these days. Use the web to seek valuable information on the same!