Bingo has gone through a revival in the 21st century. A game that was slowly losing popularity through the 80s and the 90s is now back at the top! We can thank the digital age and the introduction of online bingo for the popularity boost that bingo has gone through – visit

Millions of people are regular players of online bingo in the UK. It is estimated that there are 300+ active bingo halls in the UK, although the number of online operators is much higher than that and is constantly changing. Online bingo is a great source of income for gambling operators. But what regulations surround online bingo? The answer can be found below. 

The Gambling Commission 

The UK Gambling Commission is the main regulatory body for all gambling businesses in Britain. It is a centralised, government-appointed organisation that works in partnership with licensing authorities to ensure that gambling businesses are compliant. The mission of the UK Gambling Commission is to make gambling fairer and safer. 

  • It isn’t only bookmakers and casinos that are overlooked by the UKGC. Online bingo operators are also included in the category of gambling providers and therefore are regulated by the Gambling Commission. 

What Regulations Surround Online Bingo Games? 

In terms of gambling activities, bingo is considered to be a “safe” game. This means that playing bingo does not encourage mindless spending, does not create a false illusion of having control over the game outcome and the rate of spending is fairly relaxed. A game of bingo can last as little as 1 minute or as long as 20 minutes, depending on the game type and individual preference.

Due to these reasons, bingo games are not constrained by many limitations like other games are. For example, slots are considered to be high-risk and highly addictive games and therefore, are constrained by betting limits. 

  • Online bingo games have fairly relaxed rules and regulations. As a result, there is some good variety in the type of bingo games that players can take part in as well as the price of playing, which commonly falls in the range of £0.1 – £50 per ticket. 
  • Nevertheless, all online bingo games must uphold the standard licensing objectives to be compliant within the gambling industry: 
  1.     All online bingo games must be conducted in a fair way;
  2.     Online bingo games cannot be a source of crime and disorder and cannot support any criminal activity;
  3.     Online bingo games cannot affect children and vulnerable persons;
  4.     Online bingo operators are subject to rules on money-laundering and financial probity;
  5.     Online bingo games in the UK must have accessible rules and descriptions in English;
  6.     Online bingo players must be able to claim their winnings without any trouble;
  7.     Online bingo operators must be licensed and approved by regulatory bodies. 

As long as an online bingo game upholds the 7 regulations mentioned above, you can rest assured that you are playing a fair and legal game. Happy betting!