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Recently Vivo launch one of the amazing smartphones in the market, The Name of the device is VIVO V9. This device has a similar look of iPhone 10 and great thing is that It comes with very affordable price range: Rs 22999. It’s vivo first smartphone which has too many hidden features and tips and tricks. Today we are showing you all new features and tips and tricks in vivo V9.

Vivo V9 Camera Feature and some Hidden Tips and Tricks:

  • Live Blur Focus: This device has Live Blur Focus in Camera, Now you adjust the focus before capturing the Picture and Adjust focus after capturing the Picture too.

How to Use it: Open the Rear Camera >> Close the Camera to object, Len automatically detects the Object and focus on it >> User just Swipe up to screen for increasing the focus OR Swipe Down the screen for Decreasing the focus.

  • AR Sticker: Now Vivo set the AR sticker in Rear and Front camera, It just works like Snapchat.
    How to Enable AR Stickers:
    Open the Camera >> Right Swipe on the Screen, You will see the different-different option >> Select the AR stickers and Capture the Pictures.
  • AR Emoji’s: Now Turning yourself into Emoji’s and share it with your friends.
    How to Create Emoji’s:
    Open the Front Camera >> Swipe the Left and select the AR Emoji’s >> Click the Selfie and system automatically convert into Emoji.


Other Camera Features of Vivo V9


  • Beauty Face Mode:
  • Group Selfie: It focuses on all persons which are in picture.


How to Use Navigation Key and How to Change it:

Vivo copying the concept of Iphone 10 because now VIVO V9 has no Home Icon, No Recently Apps open button.
How to open our recently Apps and more other things:


  • Home Button: For Switch to Home: User just ( ___ ) Press the Down Slide and Swipe that slide to UP.




  • For Open Recently Apps :


Just Press LEFT Line Icon Button ( ___ ) to Swipe up .

How to Change Navigation keys: into OLDER VIVO keys:


  • Go to settings >> Click on Navigation Keys >> Change the setting to Icon Navigation keys >> After done, your Navigation keys will be changed.



How to set face recognition:

Best way to unlock your device and it’s secure because nobody copies it. How to set your face in V7 plus.
Go to settings >> Lock screen >> First set your alternative password (Password, Pin, Pattern) >> After set this system scan your face, after 100% set up.

How to Screenshot in V9 :

Very to take screenshot in v9: Follow Instructions:
Swipe UP the 3 fingers from DOWN.

How to Enable Assistive Touch (Shortcut Icon Ball) in Vivo V9:

If you like the Assistive touch feature of Iphone, This setting is for you.
Go to Settings >> Click on Accessibility >> Enable the Assistive touch.

How to Setup Notification Snooze:

Notification Snooze: Wao! This features is very helpfull for everyone because sometime we are forget about the important notifcation reply.
How to Setup Snooze of Notification:
When you are getting any notification >> Swipe down you notification toogle >> Just Left to Right swipe the that notification >> When Swipe it, you will be seen the CLOCK >> Just CLick on Clock icon >> Your Snooze is set >> After sometime system remember you for important notification.


Gaming Mode OR Picture in Picture Mode:

This is very good feature because this feature is just like a Multi-window feature. This Feature is basically designed for Gaming lovers and Video Watching lovers.
For Example:
Suppose you are watching the movie on your phone while watching you received WhatsApp message, with the help of picture and picture feature you will be pop up your video, your video in a pinned window in a corner of the screen when navigating within or between apps. Picture-in-picture (PIP) mode lets apps run a video activity in the pinned window while another activity continues in the background. Same thing is working, While playing the games.

How to Multi-Window (Split window) in Vivo V9:

Vivo V9 has larger 6.3 inchs FHD display and user very easily can do multi-operations on bigger.
Suppose: You are chatting with your friends on Whatsapp while watching videos on Youtube, You can do this very easily. FOLLOW BELOW INSTRUCTIONS:
Step 1: Go to settings >> at last one split window option >> If the option is turn off, Enable it.
Step 2: Open your video option >> After open video option: Swipe three features UP TO DOWN >> split window automatically enabled.
But this features works on specific features like (Videos,whatsapp).

Share your Screen on Bigger Screen with the Help of Screen Sharing:

How to connected:
Go to setting >> Click on wifi-display >> enable LED screen mirroring >> after enable LED screen mirroring >> On Your LED TV, shown the V9 >> Click on LED name , On your LED getting prompt >> Allow though LED >> successfull your smartphone shows on LED screen.

Smart Wake:

It’s helpfull feature, you don’t need to press power button evertime, Just Double tap on off screen Screen is automatically enable.
Go to settings >> Click Gestures OR search (Wake up) >> Enable in the Double tap to wake up.

Still Working on VIVO V9, Very Soon we are sharing more tricks: