Clash of Clans is a famous multiplayer strategy based games which has a high fan base. And why not, the game is so interesting that everyone gets addicted to this game when they play it. But it is frustrating when we need to upgrade buildings and troops to high levels. In such cases, these clash of clans popular mod servers come to rescue. They offer unlimited resources like gold, dark elixir, elixir and gems and help us build buildings faster and upgrade troops easily. In this post, I will be sharing top 5 clash of clans private mod servers in this post. So, sit back, relax and enjoy these awesome clash of clans server mods for you. Let’s get started.

Clash of Magic:

Clash of Magic offers good features in the league of Clash of Clans modded server. It is one of the famous and popular mods of clash of clans game which offers unlimited resources. As compared with the Null’s Clash and Clash of lights, it is not pure. Which means it not allow players to play clan wars and troop requirements. With unlimited resources, you can max out any type of troop and buildings in Clash of Magic private moddded server. Thus, you are at more power with Clash of Magic, which is a mod of the original and popular Clash of Clans game. To download Clash of Magic click on the below download link.

Clash of Lights:

Clash of Lights private server mod is a very useful and popular mod of clash of clans game. It offers unlimited resources like dark elixir, elixir, gold and gems. Updates are provided every weekend for this game. Features like clan chat, global chat are present in this game. It comes with updated town hall 12 and builder hall 8. It also provides faster matches and regular update cost and regular update time. So enjoy Clash of Lights with no issues. To download Clash of Lights click on the below download link.

Clash of Souls:

Clash of Souls private server mod is another private server mod available for free for all users. Along with unlimited resources and buildings, you get features like global chat, clan chat, zero cost upgrades, customized troops, clash royale troops and heroes as troops. So what’s more. Everything is provided for free in this private server mod. To download Clash of Souls click on the below download link.

Plenix Clash:

Plenix Clash is another popular server mod of clash of clans available on the Internet. It provides all the resources like gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems unlimited. You can also use heroes as troops in this mod. Builders and workers can also be used as troops in this private server mod. You get updated with Town Hall 11. Global chat and clan chat is available in this private server. Also, it is good to know that this is a fast server and updates are provided regularly in Plenix Clash modded private server of Clash of Clans. To download Plenix Clash click on the below download link.

Null’s Clash:

Null’s clash is another good Clash of Clans mod server which is free for download for all the users. It is developed by third party developers like the other modded versions of Clash of Clans. With Null’s Clash, you get unlimited resources which is a good feature in my opinion. Players can join clans and promotions like co-leader, leader are supported. Do note that preparation day before the clan war which is present in the original Clash of Clans game is not present in Null’s Clash modded server. Also, you can use global chat feature of this game. Download Null’s Clash from the below link.

Conclusion and Bottom Line:
This was the list of top 5 and best private servers of the popular Clash of Clans game. You can enjoy your favourite game from the above links by downloading and installing them. I think you will not face any problem with these games, as I have shared all the information with you. But in case, you run into a problem and stuck with it, feel free to message us and we will solve your problem as fast as possible.