Tips When Planning to Move to the U.S :

The United States of America is one of the most developed countries with a highly technological developed background. As a result, a lot of people move to the country for a better career, a better education or for millions of other reasons.

It is regarded as the most flourished country in the world and many people settle in this country for an improved lifestyle.

Now, if you are planning to move to the country, there are certain guidelines that you need to follow.

Here, we have listed a few tips to help you plan your move to the U.S. Read on to know more.

  • VISA requirements

If you are traveling to the United States from another country, VISA is a must to gain entry.

You need to have a VISA to stay in America. You can register for a VISA at the United States Department of State Bureau website and then accomplish the DS-160 form, thereby paying the VISA fee to get your VISA.

You can also enter the diversity VISA program. You can join this program if you meet all their eligibility requirements. Quite a few people are granted visas through this program and it takes place every year, so you can take part in it every year.

  • U.S driving permit

You need a U.S driving permit to be able to drive a vehicle in the U.S. Using a vehicle is kind of a must in the country as public transport can only help you so much.

Every U.S state has different driving rules. You need to take a written test and a driving test to acquire a U.S driving license

Any visitor to the United States can also apply for a driving permit to travel around America.

  • Opening a bank account

Now when you move to a new country, you would like to open a bank account. The U.S banks have two types of account options, a checking account for withdrawals and a savings account for all the high interest deposits.

To open an account, you would need documents like your passport, government ID and ITIN or SSN.

However, many banks in America follow ChexSystems records, wherein they check your history for any issues. If you have negative records, you will be denied access to any kind of account.

Luckily, you can still open an account. There are many non ChexSystems banks in Florida. Visit to know more about the best non-chexsystems banks in Florida.

  • ID card is very important

ID card is a very important thing in the United States. Whenever you are out on the streets, make sure to carry your ID with you.

If you are a visitor, you should carry your passport with you at all times. Your passport serves as your identity card and you will need it when entering public places like movie theaters, bars, etc.

  • Get International Call Plans on Your Mobile

When you are moving to the United States, make sure that you always get an international calling plan on your phone.

Calling to a different country while in the U.S is extremely expensive. The expense that cuts on international calls is simply too much.

You can also use applications like Imo, Whatsapp, Skype, etc. to make the long distance calls.

Final Words

These are some of the important things that you need to know before moving to the U.S. Being informed will help you have a better idea of how it is to live in the United States.