With technology these days, creating your own business is easier than ever. You can start businesses on almost any app, but Instagram Shops is a great tool for small businesses to sell and advertise their goods.

Here, you can post pictures to your followers’ feeds and they can buy what they see right off the app.

Many businesses have been successful through Instagram Shops, but it takes a lot of work and knowledge about the technology you’re dealing with to become as successful as bigger brands are.

Check out these tips to have more people spending their point spread betting money on your products:

Set Up Your Account

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Of course, this tip sounds easy enough, but you need to make sure you’re doing it right. To set up your Instagram Shop, you’ll need to download the app if you haven’t already.

Then you’ll be able to set up your shop, where you can post everything you sell. Once you have these listings posted, you’ll be able to tag the specific listing in your Instagram posts, so that customers can click straight from a picture to your shop.

When setting up the account, make sure to select a business account. You’ll also want to have your own business contact information to attach to this account.

You won’t want to use your own personal information, as this will fill your personal inbox with all sorts of business-related notifications. Create a business email, which can be made using any email platform.

Use this email to create your account in order to keep everything organized.

Create an Image to Reflect Your Brand and Personality

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This step is crucial. Social media is all about aesthetics. This can either be super helpful or super harmful. When creating your posts, you want to make sure that your pictures look nice when looked at on a grid.

This is how your customers will be viewing your account, and people are more inclined to buy from an Instagram shop that seems put together.

The best way to create a nice aesthetic is by choosing a few colors that look nice together that will be consistently featured in your posts.

You’ll also want to make sure that the colors are somewhat trendy. Many consumers are liking gem tones, pastels, and burnt colors, so be sure to include a few of those into your account.

Also, be sure to know what phrases are popular at any given time so that you can incorporate them into your captions, stories, and even some product names.

This will show your customers that you’re in touch with the modern age.


Use the Data

Utilizing Data Insights For Your Organization

When you set up an Instagram Business account, Instagram provides you with all sorts of useful data for free. It includes information about your customers, where your posts are going, how many people are viewing your page, and more.

It’s incredibly important to know who is buying your products, as this will better help you advertise. If you’re consistently checking this data, it can only help you.

A lot of the customer data focuses on the age, gender, and location of those who visit your page.

If you see that teenage girls are the main group that is visiting your page, you’ll start to advertise differently than you would if a group of middle-aged men were the only ones shopping from your page.

The aesthetic of your page (tip 2) should also change based on your viewers.

Feature-First Mindset

Feature-First Mindset

Instagram has tons of different features on its app, and you want to be sure that you’re using all of them. Different features bring in different audiences, so by using all of the features, you’ll have a wider range of customers.

Make sure that you’re using stories, posts, and reels, as different people spend different amounts of time on each of them, and you want to be sure that your brand will be seen regardless of where your clients spend their time.