Nowadays, social media management tools have become necessary. There is a sample number of social media platforms available online and you can’t neglect any social media platforms because they can prove immensely benevolent for your business. However, in the same breath, you don’t have sufficient time to invest in all social media platforms.¬† To efficiently manage all your social media accounts, you need to hire a team to manage all your social media posting, but it would cost you a lot. Alternatively, you can purchase a powerful social media management tool for maintaining all your social media postings.

However, there are numerous social media management tools available in the market. Thus, it becomes tough to choose a powerful and comprehensive social media management tool that fulfil all your social media requirements. Since we have tried a lot of social media tools and based on our experience with all these tools, we would suggest you purchase Statusbrew because of it worth your time & money.

Let’s have a look at its excellent features

What is Statusbrew?

Statusbrew is a powerful social media management tool that automates your social media scheduling. This tool promises to facilitate a unified solution to social media management. With Statusbrew, you can create, schedule, monitor and grow your audience on all social media channels.

Multiple Account Integration: Statusbrew offers you to integrate multiple social media accounts. You can add multiple Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Google+ accounts on a single platform. If you want to create and share a single post on different social media platforms no issue, just add select all those social accounts and hit the send button and your post will be shared on different social media channels.

You can also schedule your post at the specific time of the day, week or months ahead of the time.With the Statusbrew category feature, you can create a category and specify a particular time for days, weeks and month ahead to post content on different social media channels. The csv upload feature, you can schedule content on social media in bulk. This would remarkably save your time.

Grow Audience on Twitter: Twitter is an important social media channel. Hence, if you want to improve your audience on Twitter, then use the Statusbrew audience feature. With audience feature, you can manage, clean and grow your audience on Twitter.

The manage feature under audience helps you to follow, unfollow, whitelist and clean your account. To make the entire process faster, there is an optional filter, you can set filters to determine your preferences while following or unfollowing a person or account.The grow feature helps you to get connected with influencers or right kind of people on Twitter. You can find the influential people on Twitter even using keywords.

Moreover, the source is an excellent feature available in this tool. You can add your competitor as a source and monitor his/her followers, un-follower, mutual followers. You can copy the followers of your source. So this way you can scale up your audience on Twitter.

Detailed Analytics: It is extremely important to evaluate your social media efforts. With Statusbrew analytics feature, you can easily access your performance across different social media platforms. You get a full picture of how your content is performing on different platforms and likes, shares and impressions and demographics.

Teams: With this feature, you can assign different roles to your team members and work with them. You can assign them different roles in the tool. Being admin gives you right to remove or add team members. To add team members, you can send them to invite through emails.

So these are some of the excellent features of this tool which make it one of the best social media management tool. To try this tool click here.