Devcom is a leading engineering software developer with extensive experience in specialized programming for local Transportation and Logistics companies and large organizations.

Some clients need to create effective transport software to optimize business processes; these are more integrated solutions for logistics planning.

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Customized software tools for increasing the productivity of transport and logistics processes in various large business organizations

Whether you work in a large team or individually, productivity matters; if you share documents or perform routine activities, the Devcom development team can develop an effective Software development for Transportation solution for you based on many of the best modern software products and powerful IT tools that will save your company time and reduce financial costs.

Software Tools For Planning Logistics Processes in the Field of Transportation

Dramatically improve the efficiency of spatial planning, automation, remote order fulfillment, invoicing, and change management. Easily create, compare and verify any product configuration.

The software, developed by Devcom specialists, automates transport and logistics processes and allows you to create, review and visualize proposed solutions for collaboration, which can help large transport groups to compare, track and share documents efficiently, avoiding duplication and unwanted editing. Devcom has developed an innovative approach to logistics planning that includes quantifying and distributing shipments.


Development of Effective Transport Logistics Software

Once you know exactly what IT system you want, it’s time to implement it. Devcom offers a comprehensive custom software development service from scratch based on a provided, ready-made system specification.

Work at Devcom is carried out following an effective process of developing transport software, developed following the requirements set by the client and covered by a quality management system.

Close cooperation with the client throughout the process is a priority for Devcom and, simultaneously, a guarantee of project success for the client.

Depending on the client’s requirements, Devcom is ready to effectively implement the software in the form of mobile, web applications, desktop applications (running under the Windows operating system), or specialized database platforms to ensure the best logistics in the transport company that orders this software.

Devcom offers a wide range of technologies to use, including various programming languages, development platforms, and databases.

Approach to Project Implementation at Devcom

  • The scope of activities performed within the software development framework for transport and logistics companies is determined in detail in the field of a specific project. By default, Devcom performs the following steps in the software development process:
  • They advise on the scope and approach to project implementation. In the first stage, your needs are recognized, and the best concept is developed to build an effective solution. You will review the system specification and estimate the cost of implementing the software. Devcom developers will determine the method and approach to project implementation and prepare an implementation schedule so that you can benefit from the developed solutions in the shortest possible time. If you still need to get a system specification or are in the process of defining a software vision, Devcom can offer you software support in this area. Find out about the benefits that you will receive by using consulting services and analysis of professional requirements;
  • The creation of solution architecture and system design is taking place. Modern systems consist of many levels and interfaces. At Devcom, they are designed to accurately and clearly define the interactions and connections between individual system elements. A well-designed project ensures effective software implementation and thus lower implementation costs;
  • They are writing program code for the system. Devcom developers use proven components, libraries, and solutions as part of their programming work – they want to be sure that the software that will be provided to you will be of genuinely high quality. As in every step of the work, they also use effective proprietary programming solutions that allow them to fully control the workflow so that no detail of the implementation is missed;
  • The quality of the Devcom team’s work results is carefully checked. Program testing is a mandatory stage of every project – the final quality of the implemented software depends on its quality. At Devcom, they approach this project phase with the utmost care. In addition to the tests that are carried out already at the coding stage, a separate test process is carefully planned with an indication of the types of tests and their scope; test cases are created, a record of test tasks and detected errors are kept, each correction (which is a reaction to detected errors) is subject to controlled maintenance and repeated tests. Thanks to this type of activity, Devcom’s team of software testers ensures the optimality of the testing process – effective search and finding of the golden mean between the duration and effectiveness of testing all software elements;
  • Acceptance of the completed software product. Customer acceptance of a system often involves extensive testing to ensure it meets customer expectations. At Devcom, they are helped to organize and provide clear answers to any questions, any discrepancy or need for change identified by the client is implemented according to a unique change management process;
  • Realization. When the transport software is ready to run, Devcom technicians install it into the target runtime environment. However, if you don’t already have a working environment for your embedded system, Devcom can help you get one ready;
  • The implementation process is preceded by the preparation of its detailed plan to minimize the risk of disruption and prepare for possible, previously unforeseen situations. If necessary, Devcom will provide informational training to users of your system.

In the case of more complex and more responsible software, which is the development of practical solutions for transport and logistics systems, it is necessary to ensure a quick response to detected violations – especially in the first few days after the implementation of the software. In case of such a need, the management of Devcom guarantees the great readiness of the technical staff and a short time to solve the reported problems. The client receives a complete package of support after implementing the software developed at Devcom. If necessary, the client is provided with an appropriately trained team of experienced specialists to provide consulting services after implementing the software product. At the same time, the company declares its desire and readiness to develop the already developed system further. Development of transport and logistics software is a process in which Devcom has a rich experience. Therefore, trust this software development company. You will receive a solution adapted to your needs, which will improve your business exactly where it is needed; you will implement the system on time and at a reasonable cost, and you will avoid the problems of adapting ready-made software available on the market to your needs. You will not pay for the unnecessary functionality contained in it; you will get a quality solution – it is possible, thanks to internally certified quality management standards, you will be able to track costs and the progress of work on the project online, Devcom will provide you with professional support at every stage of system development and use, active consultation and favorable service conditions for the further development of your system.