Smart Home Essentials for a Secure Home: There’s no denying that smart home technology is making its way in a lot of industries where it was previously thought impossible. One prime example of that is home security, where you now have smart devices that can significantly help with making your home a safer place to live in.

But if you were to take a look at all those smart devices that help with security, you’ll find yourself confused as to which ones you really need, and which ones are not that necessary. Therefore, we’ll try to help by talking about a couple of smart home essentials that will help you quite a bit when you’re going for a secure home.

What Are the Benefits?

Before we get into the products themselves, let’s discuss the benefits for a moment. When it comes to protecting your property, home alarms and CCTV surveillance have always been a top choice. And in this day and age, you have smart systems that are wireless and rely on encrypted radio signals to transfer data. This means that you don’t have to drill holes in your walls to route cables, and you don’t have to hire a contractor that’s going to wire up your place. Most of these systems you can find on Kitchen Home and install by yourself, which is nice.

To add to this, it’s actually pretty easy to choose the settings and set up the entire system. Just like with a lot of other things, there’s an app for that. And since all of these smart devices are connected to the internet, you can actually keep an eye on your home from just about anywhere in the world, provided you have a working internet connection, and you can also make adjustments when you think it’s necessary. This makes old-school systems that record footage and store it on a DVR obsolete, replacing them with modern solutions that allow for immediate action when it’s necessary.

One more thing you’ll learn to love is the fact that unlike those obsolete systems, the task of a modern smart home device isn’t to just do its job routinely. It’s also able to communicate with other such devices, and it creates an entire system that’s a lot bigger than just the sum of its parts. This results in automation, and consequently increased security. For example, that motion detector on the porch can turn on both the porch light and the porch surveillance camera.

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A Few Products

Arguably the most popular smart home device for security is the smart surveillance camera. While a conventional just records video and stores it on a hard drive, the smart one does so much more. To begin with, it connects to your internet and allows you to view the live feed at any point in time. With this connection, it also allows you to download any photos and videos to your smartphone, and change the settings without being physically there. The addition of motion sensors on some of the higher-end models also means that you’ll get a notification on your phone as soon as something (or someone) is moving in the camera’s field of view, giving you the chance to react quickly and appropriately, and this is overall a very smart investment.

Smart Home Essentials for a Secure Home

Next up we have the “smart” devices that control your front door. This is a combination of both a smart lock and a video doorbell, and getting both can be a significant security boost. The smart lock basically discards the key and allows you to enter with either your smartphone or a PIN code of your choosing. It also allows you to lock or unlock it remotely, so you can let someone in even if you’re away from your home. Combine this with a video doorbell, and you’ll be able to see instantly who is at your door. Those video doorbells also usually have two-way audio, which means you can also talk to them, even though you’re halfway across the world and enjoying your vacation. The motion detection sensors that some video doorbells have will send you a notification on your phone even before the person outside rings the doorbell, so you can easily catch porch pirates who are trying to steal your package in the act.

Last but not least, we have the smart motion detectors. They’re especially useful if you don’t have cameras that have them, or if you just want to have another way of knowing when someone is walking around your yard, or inside your home. They’re triggered when someone passes in front of them, and you’ll know that something happened, so you can check it out.


At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether or not you invest in smart home technology, but it’s an undeniable fact that it does add security to your home.