How to Sell Your iPhone for Some Extra Cash?

How to Sell Your iPhone for Some Extra Cash?

Are you craving for the latest iPhone models but don’t want to spend a higher amount for buying your favorite model? Then, why not sell iPhone that you want to replace. Selling your old iPhone is one sure way to earn cash because iPhone devices are too much expensive and definitely have good resale value. So, you can sell them to get cash and invest it in the newer iPhone model you love.

However, if you don’t discard your old cell phone in a proper way, then what happens? The answer is here!
In this hi-tech era, mobile technology is moving so fast. Where smart Phone manufacturers are introducing new models frequently, millions of people are happy with the replacement and upgrading to the hottest models that are more advanced and have more features. Many of them leaving their older phones unused, often placed in a box and put them into an old drawer somewhere. With the passage of time, these older phones become useless and also have zero value for sale. Then, they are dumped into a garbage tin as a waste and lead to polluting air, soil, and water as well.
Mobile phones are made of various kinds of materials; some of them are harmful such as lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium, barium, selenium, antimony, and beryllium that need to be disposed off in a safe way, otherwise, they can damage the environment. Hence, they also have some precious materials including gold, silver, copper, and metal etc. that can be recycled. Both these solid reasons will stop you from throwing away your old unused phone and also encourage you to sell them so that green environment can be promoted in the country. Today we are guide you how to Sell Your iPhone with easy instruction.

How to Sell iPhone in an Eco-friendly Yet Lucrative Way?

Fortunately, there are specialist recycling companies that provide mobile phone recycling services. They usually buy old, unused and damaged iPhone and pay some cash for them. Then, they recycle or discard them in a secure way to lessen the environmental impact.
Nowadays, almost all specialist recycling companies have websites to serve their customers online. Therefore, you don’t need to make random calls to them or visit their places physically to sell iPhone for recycling. Simply visit one of the specialist websites and enter your model details into a search box or find the correct one from the listed products. They will give you an instant quote on how much a particular mode is worth and how much they will pay for it, depending on the model and condition of the phone. They also accept non-working, faulty, and even broken iPhone these can fetch up to 50% of working value.
However, it’s important to keep in mind that finding a right recycling website can be a tough job because a large number of websites is out there and offering different prices for a specific iPhone model. So, you should try to look for the one that can pay you the highest price for your iPhone.

So How You Can Find the Best Recycling Website?

The shortcut to find the right recycling website to sell iPhone is to visit a few phone recycling comparison websites which have listed the top-paying recycling sites. These comparison sites making iPhone selling or recycling easier than ever before. They use advanced price comparison technique that quickly and fairly compares the recent prices offered by their listed recycling websites.
By making an online comparison, you can get to see who offers what and save time as well. Because when you check recycling websites manually one by one yourself, it is very time and energy consuming. All you need to is to approach a reputable comparison website. Then, choose your iPhone from the drop-down menu or enter the phone details into the search box. With a single click, you will get some of the best quotes on the market. When you are happy with a price and select it, you will be redirected to the recycler’s site to sell your iPhone through their process.

Final Words
Don’t throw away your old iPhone. Compare mobile phone recycling to get the most cash when you decide to sell iPhone. Comparing prices offered by all the top mobile phone recycling sites using SellTheMobile (a leading UK-based comparison website) is a wise option that guarantees you to find the highest prices for your iPhone in a matter of seconds.

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