Samsung Smart Contact Lenses

Samsung Smart Contact Lenses With Built-In Cameras

Samsung Smart Contact Lenses With Built-In Cameras

Samsung company is working on new science project that is wearable, smart contact Lenses. Lenses are equipped with built in camera and sensor. This is smart camera lens that can be controlled by blinking your eyes. Technology work as when the user blink his eye the content is sent to your smartphone. A smart antenna is embedded into the lens that manage the content.
samsung contact lens
Samsung applies smart contact lens in 2014. At same time Google applies smart contact lens patents in US. Google has confirmed that it is working with Novartis to make a glucose-monitoring contact lens for diabetics. Google’s contact lenses are mainly intended for medical use, with sensors and flexible electronics to read tear fluid chemicals to
determine blood sugar levels. With this development, Samsung joins Google in the arena.

According to the report contact lens was the samsung’s response to Google glass that is wearable. Samsung is not sure to release the lens to consumer product. Companies frequently file patents for inventions they’re prototyping and developing that many never see the light of day.

Samsung Smart Contact Lenses With Built-In Cameras
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