Samsung Galaxy M40 Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Settings

Samsung Galaxy M40 Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Features | How to Hide Apps in Samsung M40 Tips and Tricks | HOW TO USE CAMERA MODE IN SAMUSNG GALAXY M40 – Short Description of Topic

Samsung update whole features of new Samsung M40 because this device has Dynamic AMOLED display with ONE UI + Android 9.0 (PIE). Today we will share all new features of Samsung M40. Follow instruction below:

How to Use New Camera Features of Samsung M40:

Three Lens available in Samsung M40:

First one is ULTRA-WIDE lens: How to Use it: Open the Main Camera >> slightly top of the Capture button >> 3 Leaves icons >> Click on it >> System switch in Ultra-Wide-Lens.

Third is Depth Sense Lens: How to Use it: Open the Main Camera >> Swipe left >> Click on Live Focus >> Choose effects before according to your Needs.

How to use Live focus:  Live focus is a true quality feature of Samsung M40 because live focus is given as pictures of professional cameras. Using live focus you can adjust blur before or after capturing the photos, Waoo !!!!.

How to use it: Open the cameras on the front of your M40 >> Click on Live Focus >> After Click live focus you will see the option of blur. Adjust or lower the alignment line >> Focus only on the object, increase the haze of the background or decrease the background blur.

  • Super Slow-MO: This feature is used for ultra slow motion video making.

How to use it : Open the Camera >> Swipe left >> Click on Super Slow motion and then you enable to record slow-mo video.

How to use Full screen apps in Samsung M40:

The screen of Samsung A70 is very bigger that’s Samsung offer this amazing features because some applications are not working on full screen but I will show you one secret settings. After applying this settings your smartphone all apps working on full screen.

How to Enable it: Go to Settings >> Click on Display >> Enable the option >> Full Screen apps.

How to Increase touch Sensitivity in Samsung M40:

When we are applying Glass Guard on Smartphone screen, sometime people facing touch Quality is lost. The settings for that peoples who face that Problem in the Smartphone.

How to Enable: Go to settings >> click on Display >> Scroll Down end Enable the feature Touch Sensitivity.

How to Hide / Secure Apps in Samsung M40:

In the Modern everybody want to Hide some important Apps because some time people don’t share there important things with other that’s why some people HIDE Gallery, Some Hide Whatsapp, Some Hide viber and people use this option according to the needs.

How Hide Apps: Go to Main Apps page >> On top Right Side >> Click on Three DOT Icons >> Click on Home Page Settings >>  Click on Hide apps >> Select the App which you want to Hide >> After selection >> Click on Hide and Done.

How to UnHide Apps: Go to Main Apps page >> On top Right Side >> Click on Three DOT Icons >> Click on Home Page Settings >> Click on UnHide apps >> Select the App which you want to UnHide >> After selection >> Click on UnHide and Done.

How to Use Navigation Key and How to Change it in Samsung M40:

Samsung launch his own new interface ONE UI, that’s gives attractive user-expirence to the users.

  • If you Like: Icons, Change it into Icons
  • If you Like Gestures buttons, Change it info Gestures buttons.

How to Change Navigation Keys:

Home Button: For Switch to Home: User just ( ___ ) Press the Down Slide and Swipe that slide to UP.

For Open Recently Apps :Just Press LEFT Line Icon Button ( ___ ) to Swipe up .

How to Change Navigation keys: into OLDER SAMSUNG  keys:

Go to settings >> Display >> Click on Navigation Bar >> Change it According to your Needs >>After selection of Navigation keys >> Done.

How to Setup Fingerprint sensor in Samsung M40:

Go to Settings >> Lock Screen >> Click on Screen Lock >> Enable Fingerprint sensor >> Select alternative lock >> PIN, PATTERN, PASSWORD >> Then you complete your Fingerprint Process >> After completing 100% Process >> Click on Done.

How to Do Multi-window in Samsung M40:

That feature I like the most because I love to do Multi-Tasking on smartphone. ( Imagine: use half-window Check your e-mail and the other half for other edits).

How to enable Mulit-Window:
Open any app >> click on the button ‘Recently app’ >> Click on the Icons of the Application.

How to use Samsung Mall in M40:

Samsung Mall is a one-stop online shopping service with an intelligent Visual Search function. Click on the image of the product and find it from multiple shopping sites with one app. Learn how to use Samsung Mall.

Set up Samsung Mall: Open the camera >> On the left: click on Samsung Mall >> Capture what you want (Shoot it and store it).

How to connect your phone with LED

With Smart-view you can share your smartphone screen on a larger LED screen without using WIFI.

Swipe down in your quick context menu: after swipe down >> click on smart view >> link with your smart LED >> allow your LED remote control.

How to use Dual Messenger and Private Space in Samsung Galaxy M40:

Without using Parallel Space or OG whatsapp apk, how to use the second WhatsApp and how to use private space on your smartphone

If you have Create App Clone: Go to settings >> Advance Features >> Click on Dual Messenger option >> System now you have the list of messengers >> Suppose you need a second whatsapp >> Activate on whatsapp >> System automatic >> Secondry install messenger >> Click on enable, which messenger you want to use for two thirds.

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