Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo Hidden Features | Tricks and Tips

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Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo Hidden Features | Tricks & Tips


1) Live Focus : Live focus is really quality feature of samsung galaxy J7 Duo because live focus is gave really like perfessional camera photo. The camera lens quality of this device is amazing because you can adjust blur according to you before capture a photo, Waoo!!!!

How to use it :

Open the cameras of your J7 Duo >> Click on Live Focus >> After Click live focus you will be seen the option of blur Increase or Decrease line >> Just focus on object, increase the blur of background or Decrease the blur of background

J7 Duo has two cameras but capture only one picture that’s not fair. One more thing inside Live Focus is that Dual Capture >> Open Live Focus camera >> on the Top, will you we seen 2 box icon that is Dual capture, Just enable it >> After enable this, Go to live focus and capture a picture >> Open the picture at right down side One option is Normal Picture >> Click on it >> After enable Dual capture >> System capture two photo at same time >> One with Blur and Second with Wide angle automatically. Which one you like share it with friends.

2) Double Press the Home button for Quick Cameras:

3) How to Change User interface of Samsung by Default:

How to change it : Long Press on Main screen >> Click on Wallpaper & Themes >> Login or Sign Up your Samsung account >> After Login or Sign up >> Download Free or Paid themes >> Change By Default Samsung themes.

4) Three Time Press the Home button for One-Handed Operation :
How to Enable it : Go to Setting >> Advanced Features >> One Handed Operation >> Enable the Option Which you Want.

5) Camera New Features and Change the operations :

– For Switch the camera rear to front : Just Swipe Up to Down.
– For New Filters of Cameras : Just Swipe Right to Left .
– For Enable the camera modes : Just Swipe Left to Right.

6) Multi-Window: 

How to Enable it :

1 Method : Just Long press on Recent Apps Button >> System automatically enable multi-window.
2 Method : Just Tap on Recently Apps button >> You will be seen the Two Boxes icon >> Click on Two Boxes icon system automatically enable multi-window.

7) How to Change LockScreen Two Icons : Camera and Dialpad.
How to Change it : Go to Setting >> Lock and Security Option >> Info and Apps Shortcut >> Change the Left and Right Shortcut, According to you need.

8) Panic Button Feaures :

you can Press thwe power button 3 time continuously to trigger the panic button. your Mobile phone will send an emergency message with your location to your predetermined Emergency Contacts and will also call 112 at the same time.
How to Enable it :
– Go to Setting >> Search for Panic button >> Enter the Emergency Message Number and second Enter Emergency Contacts Number.

9) How to Customize the Icon of the Main Screen:

Go to settings >> Display >> click on Icon frames >> set it according to your needs.

10) Easy Payment with Samsung Pay Mini
Open the Samsung Pay Mini app >> Login your Samsung Account >> After all login Process >> You can Add your PayTM wallet and UPI Account.

11) How to Connect your Phone with Smart LED :

Swipe down your quick shortcut menu : After Swipe down >> Click on Smart View >> Pair with your Smart LED.

12) How to use Dual Messenger in J7 Duo

If you want to use Second whatsapp messenger, Facebook Messenger, Now you don’t have need to download Parallel Space or OG whatsapp apk. Trick to use Dual messenger in J7 Duo
How to Enable it : Go to settings >> Advance Features >> Click on Dual Messenger option >> System now you the list of messengers >> Suppose you need second whatsapp >> Enable on whatsapp >> System automatically >> Install secondry messenger >> Click on enable, which messenger do you want to use secondry.

13) How to Take Screenshot : Using Buttons 

Just Press Home Button and Press Volume Down button simultaneously , Phone automatically screenshot.

14) How to Enabling the Scroll Up to Answer option

Go to the Settings >> Select Accessibility >> Then tap Switch Access >> Then tap Switch Access >> That is the one way to change the style of answering incoming calls >> Other is to just tap the icon of your contact in top right corner. This will change your answering option from a red/green button to swipe to answer.

15) How to Activate S Secure : 

This option recently samsung gaves in new smartphone. This application is very usefull because in this application you will be locked all third party application with fingerprint sensor.

How to Lock all 3rd party download applications : First of all set your fingerprint sensor on your phone >> Go to Main menu >> Click on S Secure >> Click on Lock and Secure apps option >> System show you the list of application.

16) How to Secure your Personal Data :
Secure Folder : This feature is latest feature in Galaxy J7 Duo , In this feature user can create our secret and secure folder, In this feature user can store our secret photo, document, Apps and more other things.

How to Enable it : Open the Secure Folder >> Set your Fingerprint Sensor >> Create a new Samsung Account, If you don’t have OR login your Samsung Account >> After Login Secure Folder is Activate >> Ready for Store Secret Data.

17) S Power Planning :

S Power Planning application is design for reserved some battery and use reserved battery in emergency.

– Reserved Battery : This Application help for reserved battery for important.

– Extend Battery Life : This Application helps for extend battery life.

How it Enable it : This application has 3 levels and By Default extend battery set on Level 2.
If Customer want to increase battery life : You will be change into Level 3, In 3 Level your smartphone will be increase more than 17%. HELPFULL FEATURE.

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