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Samsung Galaxy A10 Hidden Features | Tips and tricks Secret functions How to hide apps in Samsung A10 Tips and tricks USE OF CAMERA MODE IN SAMUSNG GALAXY A10 – Short description of the subject

Welcome user at Samsung is launching one of the amazing smartphones in the very low price range. This is basically designed for the smartphone with the low range of the Xiaomi smartphone. Specification on the other hand, Today we come up with brilliant things, All Secret Hidden features of Samsung Galaxy A10 and tips and tricks.

How to use full screen apps in Samsung A10:

Samsung offers Notch display in A10 and some applications do not work in full screen, but I am a secret setting. After applying these settings, your smartphone will run all apps in full screen.

How to activate it: Go to Settings >> Click on Display >> Enable the option >> Full screen apps.

How to hide Apps in Samsung A10:

In the Modern, everyone needs the Hide Apps option. Basically, the application is very useful for some people, because some HIDE gallery, Some hide WhatsApp, Some Hide viber and people use this option according to needs.

How to hide apps: Go to the main apps page >> Top right >> Click on Three DOT icons >> Click on the Settings home page >> Click on Hide apps >> Select the app you want to hide >> After selection> > Click Hide and done.

How to hide apps: Go to the main apps page >> Top right >> Click on Three DOT Icons >> Click on the Settings home page >> Click on UnHide apps >> Select the app you want to see Unty >> After selection >> Click on UnHide and Done.

How to improve touch sensitivity in Samsung A10:

When we apply Glass Guard on the smartphone screen, people who come in contact with touch quality are lost. The settings for those people who face that problem in the Smartphone.

How to activate: Go to settings >> click on Advanced functions >> Slide end Activate the touch sensitivity function.

Use the navigation button and how you can change it:

Samsung Change the user interface of the new smartphone with the help UI, Now you can change your navigation keys.

  • If you like: icons, change it to Icons
  • If you like the Gestures buttons, change the Gestures Info buttons.

Change navigation keys:

Home button: for switching home: user only (___) Press the down slider and swipe it up.

For recently opened apps: just press the LEFT line icon (___) button to swipe up.

Change navigation keys: to OLDER SAMSUNG keys:

Go to the settings >> Display >> Click on the navigation bar >> Change this according to your needs >> After selection of navigation keys >> Done.


How to do Multi-Tasking:

This feature is very useful for all users because it saves you time. Suppose you are chatting with your friends while you watch videos and you can perform multiple edits on the infinite screen (Imagine: use the half-window Check your email and the other half for other edits).

How to enable Mulit-Window:

Open any app >> click on the ‘Recent app’ button >> Click on the application icons.


How to activate ultra wide angle lens:

Open your camera >> On the main screen you will see the icon of THREE LEAVES >> Click on Icons >> System Activate your ultra wide angle lens.

How to change LockScreen Two icons: Camera and Dialpad:

How to change it: Go to Settings >> Lock and Security Option >> Information and Apps shortcut >> Change the shortcut left and right according to your needs.

How to connect your phone with Smart LED

With Smart-view you can share your smartphone screen on a larger LED screen without using WIFI.

Swipe down in your quick context menu: after swiping down >> click on smart view >> link with your smart LED >> allow your LED remote control.

How to use Dual Messenger and Private Space in Samsung Galaxy A10:

Without using Parallel Space or OG whatsapp apk, how you can use the second WhatsApp and how you can use private space on your smartphone

If you have Create App Clone: ​​Go to settings >> Advance Features >> Click on Dual Messenger option >> System now you have the list of messengers >> Suppose you need a second whatsapp >> Activate on whatsapp >> Automatic system >> Secondry install messenger >> Click on enable, which messenger you want to use for two-thirds.

How to hide things in Samsung A10 with the help of Secure-Folder

Secure Folder is one of the best place to hide your important data because security of Secure Folder is too much higher than 3rd party Applications.

How to Enable Secure Folder: Go to Settings >> Search SECURE FOLDER >> Then you click on Secure Folder >> Click on Continue >> Use your Samsung Account or Create it >> After all Process your system is ready for secure your Data.

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